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I can't believe I just drank that...

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TheSecondOfHerName Sun 27-May-18 20:40:55

A glass of DH's homemade kefir, the one he has been growing in a jar on the top of the fridge.

It tasted a bit fuzzy in a slightly fermented way.

Now I'm feeling slightly queasy and my stomach is rumbling nearly as loudly as last night's thunder.


TheSecondOfHerName Sun 27-May-18 20:41:28


Thankfully, it didn't taste fuzzy.

Sparklingbrook Sun 27-May-18 20:41:49


Explain the growing bit. Like a petrie dish type thing?

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 27-May-18 20:43:47

He has a jam jar full of white lumpy cultures.

SneakyGremlins Sun 27-May-18 20:44:31


ZibbidooZibbidooZibbidoo Sun 27-May-18 20:44:57

Why would you drink that?? Bleugh!!

condepetie Sun 27-May-18 20:45:44

Kefir's nice! Like yoghurt. My mum makes it.

x2boys Sun 27-May-18 20:46:08

my friend swears kefir not quite sure how it works but if you leave a bit in a glass does it carry on growing? I tried some I wasn't blown away by it tbh.

TheVanguardSix Sun 27-May-18 20:47:14

Ooooh you’re brave.
Fizzy dairy sounds scary. You may be paying homage to the porcelain god later. I hope not!
Good luck with that! wink

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 27-May-18 20:47:16

Gremlins he strains the liquid through a sieve and saves the lumpy cultures to put back in the jam jar so they can replicate.

Sparklingbrook Sun 27-May-18 20:48:16

Sounds disgusting. I will stick to my Muller Corner I think.

NoWordForFluffy Sun 27-May-18 20:48:59

That sounds minging, sorry!

SneakyGremlins Sun 27-May-18 20:49:02

Oh blush I thought you swigged the whole thing, Lumps and all!

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 27-May-18 20:49:45

I've been a bit ...erm... gassy recently, and DH swears that this stuff helps. I thought it couldn't hurt, but now my insides are feeling a bit churny.

I've tried shop-bought kefir before; it definitely wasn't fizzy.

JellySlice Sun 27-May-18 20:51:03

I lurve kefir. Been thinking of trying to grow my own. Apparently you can make mildly fizzy kefir water, but I've never had fizzy milk kefir.

GreenItWas Sun 27-May-18 20:57:46

I have kefir every day. I bought the initial culture from Ebay and I genuinely think it has helped me in many ways but especially my skin.
It's meant to be slightly fizzy and bitter. I grow it in goat milk and I change the milk every day. When you first start drinking it, it does make you bloat and fart a bit but that is a stage you go through only. I am a big fan of kefir.

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 27-May-18 20:59:02

x2boys yes I think it keeps growing and replicating until it runs out of sugar molecules.

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 27-May-18 20:59:57

Thank you GreenItWas
Hopefully that stage will be short-lived.

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 27-May-18 21:01:04

Also relieved to find out that it's supposed to be fizzy.

UpstartCrow Sun 27-May-18 21:02:56

I always imagine a mad dash for google on some threads.

ChevalierTialys Sun 27-May-18 21:04:45

I have a friend who grows kefir and credits it with keeping her from being ill for the last 20 years

ChevalierTialys Sun 27-May-18 21:06:05

*disclaimer- I haven't known her 20 years so cannot verify this claim

mplINsTA Sun 27-May-18 21:06:19

I've got a husband who grows kefir too, OP. It's supposed to be fizzy, and some people say it does help with gut stuff.

I refuse to drink it ever since he found maggots in it, but he perseveres.

WatermelonGlitter Sun 27-May-18 21:08:36

Maggots! I couldn't. Just No.

TheSecondOfHerName Sun 27-May-18 21:22:47

mplINsTA shock

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