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If your turning 50 this year/have just turned 50 how do you feel about it?

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kissmelittleass Sun 27-May-18 16:37:03

As the title says.. I'm turning 50 in July and not sure how I feel about it! I'll admit I it scares me who wouldn't want to be younger! This is the age my parents are in my head and I can't believe how quick life has gone.
I think I have to embrace it because I can't change it and there's many people who never got to my age and so that makes me feel selfish to worry about something like age. It's just how did it happen? Like how? I was 20 not long ago!! I have a fear with the time flying quick and nearly in July I'm in my last weeks of being in my forties and Very soon I'll be waking up to my first day of being 50!
Now I know I sound nuts pull myself together and all that! But it's how I feel so tell me how it feels for you approaching your 50th or having turned 50.

RoseyOldCrow Sun 27-May-18 16:39:03

I'm 51. It's not so bad.
I think people get too hung up on numbers.
Relax & just get on with living, OP flowers

Floralnomad Sun 27-May-18 16:41:11

It’s no different to being 30/35/40/45 and I expect to still think that when I’m 60 . It is just a number , it means very little in the great scheme of things .

fussychica Sun 27-May-18 16:47:51

I'm over 60 and honestly most of the time I still feel 20 years younger. Sometimes I read stuff and suddenly realise it doesn't apply to me anymore which is weird.
You'll be fine. If you have your health age is just a number most of the time.

Grasias Sun 27-May-18 16:52:41

What fussychica says is true. It's all about your health.
At 40 I had a new baby. At 50 I was enjoying life with older DC. From 55 my health started going downhill and at 60 I have some long term health issues. In my head I'm still 25 though.

hmcAsWas Sun 27-May-18 16:53:03

I didn't like turning 40 - I had left my 30's behind and was no longer young. Turned 50 earlier this month and I didn't care - I was already middle aged, now I am just a little bit more middle aged

Costacoffeeplease Sun 27-May-18 16:56:44

I’m 52, it’s great. Although I still feel the same as when I was younger, I also finally feel like a grown up. We’re financially secure, no mortgage plus savings and investments, and I no longer give a fuck about lots of things that used to bother/worry me smile

ivykaty44 Sun 27-May-18 16:58:25

50 great 👍🏻

TroysMammy Sun 27-May-18 17:03:21

I was 50 in January. I don't feel any different but for me, now being financially secure, it was a great reason to splash out and treat myself to a greenhouse.

Getting older is a privilege.

abigamarone Sun 27-May-18 17:05:42

I found turning 30 hard, 40 much less so and was absolutely thrilled to turn 50.
I've found the older I get the more self confidence I have.

kissmelittleass Sun 27-May-18 17:07:47

I love all your answers you're making me smile!

tobee Sun 27-May-18 17:13:50

I turned 50 in March. I found turning 40 hard. All my friends, my Dh and dsis has turned 40 some years before. So the angst of turning 40 - everyone else was over it!

But 50 was absolutely fine! I was completely happy and thought I'm younger than you lot, I'm still alive, and I just don't care what other people think so much. It's great and I treated myself to a few things that I'd always wanted, just for me!

HolyMountain Sun 27-May-18 17:33:56

I’ve just turned 50.

Yes it’s only a number but I felt apprehension and was a bit gloomy about it all.

Anyway the day came and went and I feel terrificsmile.

BackforGood Sun 27-May-18 17:36:19

I'm over 50.
REally enjoyed turning 50 - had lots of different celebrations.
As others said, too many sadly don't make it this far. Just embrace who you are.
Everyone feels younger inside than they are on the outside.

Nellyphants Sun 27-May-18 17:41:43

I turned 50 at Christmas, the only thing it brought home to
Me is that I have definitely lived more years than I have left to live. So whatever I want to do start doing it. I had 3 years bad health in my 40s, now I’m fitter than ever.

Live your life

scurryfunge Sun 27-May-18 17:46:56

51 is great. No mortgage anymore. Semi retired from stressful job and enjoying a life with no silly commutes. I'm about 30 in my head.

recklessruby Sun 27-May-18 17:47:46

Turned 50 in January just weeks before DS turned 30 so that made me feel old coz I actually look stupidly young and always have.
I'm about 35 in my head but 50 is fine.
I m more patient and chilled now.
However turning 40 left me in tears and I just felt like a middle aged boring parent.

annandale Sun 27-May-18 17:52:00

50 soon. I am looking forward to the celebrations which are going to involve me spending a lot of money and having good times. But my husband died at 52 so part of that 'spend [some of] it now' urge comes from the feeling that time is not infinite any more. And also how incredibly precious are my family, and friendships of the last 45 years who have supported me through this and how nice it is spending time with them.

Chrysanthemum5 Sun 27-May-18 19:29:53

I'm also 50 in July - obviously July 1968 was a great time grin

People keep asking what I'm planning and I felt under pressure to do something amazing / have a huge party etc but that's not me. For my 40th I had a family lunch, and several afternoon teas with different groups of friends. I've decided to do the same for my 50th. I've decided I'm old enough to do what makes me happy without caring about what I 'should' do and it feels great!

Also my mother died when she was 53 so coming up to that age has made me think about how good my life is, and how it's getting better so I have a lot to look forward to.

I'm also thinking of getting a greenhouse (like a PP) so maybe that's what the cool kids like us are doing starstar

Enjoy it, it's your last chance anyway - as Monty Python would say

kissmelittleass Sun 27-May-18 19:45:14

Loving all your thoughts but 'more years behind us than we have left to live '!! Omg now that's scary.
My youngest dd is nearly 9 and she keeps me young and fit! She had me bouncing on the bed this afternoon!!
It feels such a major and daunting 'event ' for me at the moment and I know it's silly.
Kylie is 50 tomorrow I think and Jason Donovan a few days after so I will console myself that I'm in good company!
God knows how I will feel come July probably will have a meltdown!!

AnnabelleLecter Sun 27-May-18 19:58:28

I'm 50 in the summer too, DD is 18 the same month. Looking forward to all of that.

On the whole having a blast, we go out loads, keep fit, financially sound, have achieved a lot, yet still have lots of plans.

Downsides: health issues (nothing major so far) are popping up and dp's very old now.

RunMummyRun68 Sun 27-May-18 20:22:42

I'm 50 this year too

I also ran London marathon this year.... and hopefully next year too

I work a demanding physical job

It's fine. I'm happier than I've ever been and I'm welcoming my fifties. Agree life has so far whizzed by though!

Grimtimes Sun 27-May-18 21:25:43

50 in 4 days!!!! I have so much planned over the next 4 months I'm really not thinking about the number at all. Still wished I was 2 stone lighter but could be worse. Financially secure, fabulous DH and friends. DD off to uni this year and the only thing I'm worried about is being a bit lonely without her.
My mum always told me that she may have an older body but her mind was always 21! It's true. I am as daft as you like, party as hard as I can (does take me a while to recover though) and still have tons to do before I pop my clogs!

lljkk Sun 27-May-18 21:32:45

I disliked turning 20. All the rest have been fine. 50 last year.

thefishwhocouldwish Sun 27-May-18 21:51:02

When I turned 40 I was in a miserable marriage and had little hope for the future.

I turned 50 a few weeks ago. In the last ten years I've got divorced, met now DH, got married (second anniversary next weekend), got promoted four times, run three half marathons, including the Great North Run last September, moved to a beautiful home, raised DD to be a hard-working, polite, pleasant and thoroughly decent young adult and in a few months DH and I are moving overseas for work as DD goes off to her Russell Group university. Life has turned out far better than I though it could ten years ago.

Am I ok with being 50 though? Am I hell!!

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