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How long can you keep a new closed box of cereal before it gets weevils?

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hellokittymania Sun 27-May-18 01:48:22

Just that really? I think I have had Weetabix since the beginning of March. It has not been opened. I am on able to see if there is something in it or not, and bugs really freaked me out. Should it still be OK?

SneakyGremlins Sun 27-May-18 01:56:10

Yes? It's Weetabix. It could last thousands of years. slight exaggeration

hellokittymania Sun 27-May-18 01:59:16

OK, thank you sneaky. I didn't even know about weevils until I read something on here, and ever since, I have been kind of freaked out about keeping rice or pasta or cereal for a long time. Or flour. Anything longer than two months, I buy a new one.

ScreamingValenta Sun 27-May-18 02:01:19

I've got some bran flakes from last September in my cupboard, and they seem OK - March is short-term as far as cereal storage is concerned.

SneakyGremlins Sun 27-May-18 02:03:36

What did you read? Honestly, the chance of weevils is minimal. I promise you.

hellokittymania Sun 27-May-18 02:09:34

I read about them going into rice on here, and when I asked somebody else, they said yes they are in cereal too. And pasta. I didn't even know what they were. I don't really understand how long those type of foods keep before they get weevils. I will eat the cereal though, since I'm hungry now.

And just to explain before someone comes on here and tells me just to look, I am visually impaired and cannot see if there is something there.

ScreamingValenta Sun 27-May-18 02:17:38

In the highly unlikely event your food contains weevils, they are harmless if consumed. Any cereals would be stale long before weevils would move in, so your sense of taste will be trustworthy here, even if your vision is limited.

hellokittymania Sun 27-May-18 02:33:05

OK, thank you screaming. That's really reassuring, because I always thought after I read about them that once you had open the food, or if you had it for a few months, they would be in the food. The poster at the time had written that she didn't want to buy bulk packs of rice because it would get weevils. I sometimes have rice and pasta for a few months.

SneakyGremlins Sun 27-May-18 02:34:30

If it helps OP I have pasta - unopened - that's a couple of years old. I've used one of the packs with no issues whatsoever smile

hellokittymania Sun 27-May-18 02:37:34

Sneaky, yes, thank you. Do they usually come around if it's wet, hot, some particular climate?

SneakyGremlins Sun 27-May-18 02:43:13

I'm not sure! But when I've stored rice/cereal/pasta in a cool, dry cupboard - I've NEVER had an issue with it smile

ScreamingValenta Sun 27-May-18 02:52:04

I've never heard of anyone getting them in the UK in the 20th or 21st century, OP. I associate them with hungry sailors tapping them out of their ship's biscuit in the 18th century.

Oddbutnotodd Sun 27-May-18 02:56:25

I’ve only ever had weevils in flour but that was at least 10 years ago. Any old Weetabix left open? Never.

tracymars Sun 27-May-18 03:08:23

I had a weevil invasion a few years ago. Had to get rid of so much stuff that they might be in. Now if I buy anything that's prone to weevils I keep it in an airtight container to prevent them getting in/ spreading to other food if they are already in there.
To check for them I shake the packet of whatever I'm checking and you can see them moving at the sides.

Silvercatowner Sun 27-May-18 06:29:02

We had weevils - fairly sure they came from a bag of flour we bought from a windmill. Tried everything to get rid of them but nothing worked until we had a new kitchen. sad

ProjectInsanity Sun 27-May-18 06:49:09

We had them once from a rogue bag of flour that wasn't out of date. So from that, I dont think how long you've had it makes any difference, only whether or not the eggs(?) got in the flour by chance. And it was obvious as soon as I opened the packet. I've had opened packets of weetabix in the cupboard for months and we the kids still ate them without issue. Looked totally normal too.

nooka Sun 27-May-18 06:53:35

If it really makes you anxious then the best thing to do is to put your packets into airtight containers (thicker plastic boxes, glass jars or metal tins). Also weevils are apparently attracted to moisture and don't like the cold. Bay leaves and peppercorns can be deterrents and freezing will kill eggs/larvae. Not sure you'd want to keep your breakfast cereal in the freezer, but I saw one site that suggesting putting your bag of (eg) new rice in the freezer for a few days after you buy it and before you store it in your cupboard.

TheClaws Sun 27-May-18 07:10:43

If you feed the birds in your garden - or have a pet bird - and keep seeds inside, these also attract weevils. Other things they like are sultanas, raisins (any dried fruit really), puddings that are hung for months to dry, cheeses - the list is endless really. My advice is the same as nooka’s - get plenty of airtight storage containers and use them religiously!

TheClaws Sun 27-May-18 07:12:47

Another thing - dry pet food. Cat biscuits, dog kibble etc.

Can you tell I’ve learned the hard way? grin

Ohb0llocks Sun 27-May-18 07:17:26

googles weevils

envy (sick not envy!)

EasterRobin Sun 27-May-18 07:24:57

If it's unopened it should be fine. I never worry about closed cereals. (Once opened I use an airtight clip to seal it and keep imaginary bugs out).

MountainPeakGeek Sun 27-May-18 07:29:20

Weevils will not be able to get into a sealed product unless they already entered it in the factory

ErrolTheDragon Sun 27-May-18 07:32:31

Weevils don't spontaneously generate. Foods bought for human consumption from normal outlets simply shouldn't ever have any.

I had some once, from 'pick and mix' dog biscuit. It's things like animal foods or 'flour from windmill' which are liable to introduce the little buggers into your house.

candlefloozy Sun 27-May-18 07:33:41

I've seen some in flour before but blimey that bad boy had been open for months and months and months and months at work.

Pfftlife Sun 27-May-18 07:46:30

What the hell is weevils! 😱 actually don't tell me, I'd rather remain blissfully unaware 😦

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