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What shall we watch on Netflix?

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CDAlady Sat 26-May-18 20:35:12

Can you recommend anything for DH and I to watch with DD 18 revising for A levels ?

retainertrainer Sat 26-May-18 20:51:08

Detectorists is absolutely lovely. Possibly not what you’re after but it’s heart warming, funny, soothing. I’ve binge watched it over the last 2 days. It’s won a bafta.

ToucanPlayAtThatGame Sat 26-May-18 21:11:31

I LOVED Dirk Gentlys No.1 Holistic Detective Agency! A great bit of escapism from study/exam stress.

Clayhead Sat 26-May-18 21:12:12

The Good Place
Friday Night Dinner
The Detectorists

GodlessDomestic1 Sat 26-May-18 21:13:31

I’ve just started Timekeepers.. only 1 episode in but it’s ok (so far).

I never get tired of recommending Ru Paul’s Drag Race but it is definitely an acquired taste grin

GodlessDomestic1 Sat 26-May-18 21:14:11

Oh, and a second for The Good Place.. it’s forking brilliant

VelvetSpoon Sat 26-May-18 21:17:08

Def yes to Dirk Gently. It's just brilliant. The right combination of sci fi, suspense and comedy.

The Good Place is v v funny.

I've just watched the 2nd series of 13 Reasons Why. Which is excellent but pretty much the opposite of light hearted escapism sad

TammySwansonTwo Sat 26-May-18 21:17:22

Comedy, documentary or drama?

Sons of Anarchy is still on there, and very addictive. Shorter series that are good are Mindhunter, Seven Seconds, Safe wasn’t bad. Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul also brilliant.

Comedy wise, Arrested Development is amazing if you haven’t seen it.

Documentaries - some great ones at the moment. Evil Genius, Flint Town, Making A Murderer.

GodlessDomestic1 Sat 26-May-18 21:30:41

*Timeless - not Timekeepers.

IckleWicklePumperNickle Sat 26-May-18 21:43:09

Money Heist.

Clayhead Sat 26-May-18 22:00:39

I second Money Heist - ours teens loved it.

mummmyj Sat 26-May-18 22:01:55

Watch safe it is bloody awesome and also the sinner just started watching bit savage but interesting xx

mummmyj Sat 26-May-18 22:02:40

Also Whitechapel was really good as well xx

TammySwansonTwo Sun 27-May-18 08:06:59

Not sure I’d have wanted to watch The Sinner with parents when I was 18 ;)

Squeegle Sun 27-May-18 08:43:21

The Crown is amazing if you haven’t seen it yet.

Caaarrrl Sun 27-May-18 08:49:05

The Rain and The mist. Bit of a meteorological theme going on with these!

NotMyFirstRodeo Sun 27-May-18 09:27:52

Another one for Money thing I saw this year. Highly addictive though!

WatermelonGlitter Sun 27-May-18 09:57:50

Hannibal is fantastic if that's not too dark for you.

CDAlady Tue 29-May-18 08:42:57

Thanks for the recommendations. The Crown would be perfect, but we 've watched it all. I'll have a look at the others. Money Heist sounds good.

Ohsuchaperfectday Tue 29-May-18 09:22:57

Strange things without a doubt.. Grest characters, 80s nostalgia the little boys communicate via walkie talkie... A bit of all 80s brilliant films rolled into one, wininoa rider is great. I think its genius.

eosmum Tue 29-May-18 09:27:28

I've watched
The good place
Frankie and Grace
Anne with an e

Cakemadeoffruit Tue 29-May-18 09:29:54

I'm currently enjoying unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Very materialist and light-hearted but the theme tune will get stuck in your head!

argumentativefeminist Tue 29-May-18 09:34:02

The Thick of It and Peep Show (think it's still on Netflix) are practically required reading for any 18 year old! If you have IPlayer also, cannot recommend This Country enough - so so funny and lighthearted and you don't really need to concentrate.

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