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There's a random car parked on my driveway

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sayhellotothelittlefella Sat 26-May-18 15:52:27

Just looked out my window and noticed an extra car on my drive. Usually there are 2 cars but DH is out for the day so I was a bit confused. There is no possible way to confuse it for anything other than a private driveway ( surrounded by large hedges) I do not recognise the car, what do I do - anyone own a white VW polo?

MarklahMarklah Sat 26-May-18 15:53:27

Knock at neighbours?

ZibbidooZibbidooZibbidoo Sat 26-May-18 15:53:29

Block it in. You’ll soon find out who owns it.

And draw us a diagram grin

Thingywhatsit Sat 26-May-18 15:53:30

Oooh - so what's your plan????

WineAndTiramisu Sat 26-May-18 15:53:34

Can you easily block it in...? grin

lollypop13 Sat 26-May-18 15:53:37

Knock on neighbours to see if it's theirs? If no luck I'd call the police.

bastardkitty Sat 26-May-18 15:53:55

Get someone to park behind it and put a sign up saying it's private property and the charge for parking there is 200 quid.

Flyingpompom Sat 26-May-18 15:55:56

Who is your DH out with? Could it be a friend of his?
My dad was once perplexed by a car on their drive while mum was out...turned out her friend had come over and they'd gone in mum's car.

fairypuff Sat 26-May-18 15:57:11

Ooh I love a CF parking thread!

kissthealderman Sat 26-May-18 16:00:11


YetAnotherUser Sat 26-May-18 16:02:02

Let the air out of the tyres.

FogCutter Sat 26-May-18 16:03:16

Check with your DH that he hasn't told any friends they can park on your drive smile

IggyAce Sat 26-May-18 16:03:23

Settles in with popcorn, I do like a parking thread.

TryingToForgeAnewLife Sat 26-May-18 16:03:38

Am sure it's to do with DH. Contact him first to check.

sayhellotothelittlefella Sat 26-May-18 16:05:35

DH is out with youngest DS so not out with any friends, just messaged him and he doesn’t know anything about it. My plan so far is tidy like mad just in case it’s a random family member who’s come to visit but has popped to the shop first.

VanessaShanessaJenkins Sat 26-May-18 16:06:20

Oh this has brightened my day. I'm working all day and very bored.

Diagram wins you bonus points and for the love of God do not let that car out of your sight. If you update telling us it disappeared when you weren't watching I'll park my own car on your drive!
P.s toilet breaks are allowed as long as a stand in watcher can be sourced.
P.p.s penguin bollards!

crumble9 Sat 26-May-18 16:06:31

Oh I agree, would totally block them in!
Is your DP someone who would let someone else park on your drive?

sayhellotothelittlefella Sat 26-May-18 16:06:49

I will try to do a diagram but am totally illiterate with technology

shakeyourcaboose Sat 26-May-18 16:07:42

Hoping DC now has a long nap so can keep up here!

EmmaC78 Sat 26-May-18 16:08:06

I agree, block them in and keep us updated!

sayhellotothelittlefella Sat 26-May-18 16:08:26

It has golf clubs and a riding hat on the back seat

sayhellotothelittlefella Sat 26-May-18 16:09:17

DS has set up a chair behind the car and settled in with a good book

ladybee28 Sat 26-May-18 16:10:24

I LOVE these threads on MN!

Kettle on, popcorn out... grin

ZibbidooZibbidooZibbidoo Sat 26-May-18 16:10:49


Do you have gates? Or even a rope you could sling across the drive with a sign showing your daily parking rates?

Mummyoflittledragon Sat 26-May-18 16:10:53

How exciting. You need to install a penguin bollard and a padlocked fence now. And where’s the diagram? I hope you’re drawing it now. Just take a photo of it and post.

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