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If you had to dedicate a song to your dh or dp what would you pick ?

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LardLizard Sat 26-May-18 14:18:50


TossDaily Sat 26-May-18 14:20:42

If I Should Fall Behind by Bruce Springsteen.

Or The Lucky One by Beth Nielsen Chapman (I think).

PotteringAlong Sat 26-May-18 14:21:58

Song for whoever by beautiful south, just for the first line.

We met at school grin

PuppyMonkey Sat 26-May-18 14:23:31

Me and DP only really have silly songs that are in-jokes between us. So it would have to be between

Hazard by Richard Marx.
All I wanna do is make love to you by Heart
Wired for Sound by Cliff.


ScreamingValenta Sat 26-May-18 14:25:17

I am a cider drinker, by the Wurzels.

yakari Sat 26-May-18 14:28:16

Sharon Jones, incredible voice and great lyrics in All over again
Were the last people you'd expect to 'renew vows' but we joke that if we did this would be our song

EastMidsGPs Sat 26-May-18 14:35:17

To DH: In My Life

This is my first thought I am sure I'll be back with more!

notacooldad Sat 26-May-18 14:39:59

Thank you. By led Zeppelin

gillybeanz Sat 26-May-18 14:44:27

Till there was You - from The Music Man

The Way You Look Tonight.

DuchessAnnogovia Sat 26-May-18 14:46:53

Who Would've thought - Rancid
Underneath This Lampost Light - King Blues

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sat 26-May-18 14:53:19

I didn't know I was looking for love.

Maverick66 Sat 26-May-18 15:00:42

Days - Kirsty McColl
The voyage - Christy Moore.

Summersnake Sat 26-May-18 15:02:03

Fairytale of new York. Poges

Lolly49 Sat 26-May-18 15:04:15

The boy does nothing Alesha Dixon

Babdoc Sat 26-May-18 15:07:47

The song by Bread: “I would give everything I own, just to have you back again”.
DH died 26 years ago.

FrannySalinger Sat 26-May-18 15:21:23

At the moment Can't Stand You Now by the Libertines but we have been stuck on the sodding motorway for four hours and tempers are frayed.

CocoLoco87 Sat 26-May-18 15:36:37

Sex bomb grin

Moussemoose Sat 26-May-18 15:41:12

@TossDaily 'If I should fall behind' is beautiful. It sums up what a relationship should be, not perfect but struggling to do your best for each other.

I also love Kingdom of Days by Springsteen - another grown up love song.

"We laugh beneath the covers and count the wrinkles and they greys'

iklboo Sat 26-May-18 15:45:45

Detectorists theme by Johnny Flynn.

ProzacAndWine Sat 26-May-18 15:52:48

"You And Me" and "Break The Cycle" by You+Me, I think

MidLifeCrisis2017 Sat 26-May-18 15:53:11

I Will Survive!

tararabumdeay Sat 26-May-18 15:53:30

Cocklodger by the B52s

TossDaily Sat 26-May-18 15:55:42

tararara grin

You've ruined that song forever for me now!

TossDaily Sat 26-May-18 15:56:13


Bruce can certainly write a 'real' love song.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Sat 26-May-18 15:59:27

Prettiest Eyes by the Beautiful South

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