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If you live alone

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Redtartanshoes Sat 26-May-18 08:03:12

Whereabouts in the bed do you sleep?

Random I know.

I always had a “side” when with ex. And it would be the same side if I was in a hotel. Been divorced 5 years... suddenly occurred to me as I’m lying in bed with a cup of tea that I sleep in the middle now. Surrounded by pillows.

When dp stays a couple of nights a week I migrate back to my side.

God that sounds dull typed out. Was just a general musing. Sorry grin

thugmansion Sat 26-May-18 08:23:52

Been widowed many years. Still sleep on my side. Other side has my book, phone, other random bits.

CaveDivingbelle Sat 26-May-18 08:49:17

Starfish! All over my king size bed and I love it!

Cwenthryth Sat 26-May-18 08:55:51

Kinda diagonally and curves, making a bit of a nest of duvet and pillows in the middle of the bed, dog and cats nestled in various crooks surrounding me as well. Usually have books/phone/laptop strewn about. When DP stays over we have sides, the cats abstain in protest, but my dog loves him traitor and she defects to his side and sleeps by his feet.

ElizabethinherGermanGarden Sat 26-May-18 08:57:28

I still have a side (although I've swapped sides from when I was married so I can put my tea down on the right bedside table) but I seem to end up L-shaped.

Babdoc Sat 26-May-18 08:58:27

Been widowed 26 years. Still sleep on my own side of the bed. The cat sleeps on DH’s old side, down towards the foot end on her own cosy folded blanket.

confusedandemployed Sat 26-May-18 08:59:12

I sleep on my side of the bed, Ddog sleeps on his 😁

CaoNiMa Sat 26-May-18 09:34:06

Wherever the cat lets me!

melodybirds Sat 26-May-18 09:39:19

On the right nearest the door to go to the toilet. I wake up too much to pee! Also furthest from the window and light coming through.

Akire Sat 26-May-18 09:40:26

Middle but that’s because it’s best place to watch tv from and it’s where the dip now natural is!

vampirethriller Sat 26-May-18 09:42:10

Start on the right then move to whichever bit is coolest through the night.

matchingpjs Sat 26-May-18 09:43:32

I sleep squeezed right up to the edge, Ddog is small but seems to spread herself around

cosytoaster Sat 26-May-18 09:46:44

In the middle, love sleeping on my own smile

TopBitchoftheWitches Sat 26-May-18 09:51:46

I sleep on the left hand side, my dog and my cats occasionally sleep on the other side.

Fromage Sat 26-May-18 10:18:31

Due to decorating my bedroom, I'm currently in the spare bedroom in a single bed.

I quite like it. blush

YoucancallmeVal Sat 26-May-18 11:21:43

On the left. It was always my side and it just doesn't heel right to sleep elsewhere. Plus I'm very elaborate in bed and always need so much stuff - tissues, water, books, lamp, tablets, nail file....can't reach if I'm in the middle.

Zaphodsotherhead Sat 26-May-18 11:54:35

Left hand side. Was always 'my side' (nearest the door when the children were small and needed me in the night) and now habit dictates that where I sleep. I wriggle around a bit in the night, but mostly keep to 'my side'.

Onesmallstepforaman Sat 26-May-18 11:57:24

Slightly left of centre. Suits me.

EmpressOfSpartacus Sat 26-May-18 11:57:46

Middle here too. Or sometimes diagonally.

BettyBaggins Sat 26-May-18 11:58:21

I have a side but only because I like all my bits and bibs in easy reach. I love sleeping alone so much!

Ezzie29 Sat 26-May-18 11:59:33

I sleep in the middle, but my bed isn’t huge, if I had a big bed I would sleep on the left. When I first got a double bed years ago it seemed huge so I always slept on the left, now I’m used to it and am more in the middle.

Gilead Sat 26-May-18 12:11:54

I sleep on one edge, right on the edge. I don't move in the night and the other side always looks as though nobody has slept in it. I take up about a quarter of a kingsize bed. I'm aiming to change this when I get a new bed. Seems silly, but I was kind of 'trained' to be like this. I have been on my own for 18 months now and can't seem to move over!

elastamum Sat 26-May-18 12:12:33

When DP is away I sleep on my side. The dog snuggles up on his!

ChickenVindaloo2 Sat 26-May-18 13:12:38

I have a single bed because I curl up like a foetus and don't move. I like to feel secure - I'd feel vulnerable spread out like a starfish. Also I like having a bedside table on each side within easy reach.

Cat lies on my feet. Or on top of me.

Kernowgal Sat 26-May-18 13:26:35

I start off on the left but by morning I've starfished and am diagonal. I pity anyone who shares with me. grin

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