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Exit poll showing landslide for Yes vote!

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VetOnCall Fri 25-May-18 22:23:15

Exit poll is projecting an incredible result, absolutely fabulous news. I've been on tenterhooks all day.

StealthPolarBear Fri 25-May-18 22:23:46

Fantastic. Hope its accurate.

VetOnCall Fri 25-May-18 22:24:20

With working link, sorry.

SanFranBear Fri 25-May-18 22:24:29

Oh, I bloody hope it is accurate!

ReluctantCamper Fri 25-May-18 22:25:42

oh I do hope this is right. thinking of women in the republic of ireland this evening.

MipMipMip Fri 25-May-18 22:26:13

Fingers crossed.

donutsdearest Fri 25-May-18 22:26:52

Brilliant news

CopONNotLinkedIn Fri 25-May-18 22:27:08


VetOnCall Fri 25-May-18 22:27:29

It says there's margin of error of +/-1.5% so looks pretty certain that Yes has prevailed.

KennDodd Fri 25-May-18 22:28:13

I really hope it's true. A decision like this needs to be a landslide (one way or the other) it's too divisive an issue to be decided on a tiny majority.

Mrsmadevans Fri 25-May-18 22:28:15

OP l do hope this comes to pass , wonderful news if true!

cistersofterfy Fri 25-May-18 22:28:45

Hope so.

AdeliciousRex Fri 25-May-18 22:30:12

God I hope so.

AlfredDaButtler Fri 25-May-18 22:32:57

Fingers crossed!! 🤞🤞🤞

PyongyangKipperbang Fri 25-May-18 22:33:27

Just read this on the BBC news site, very much hoping it comes to be smile

TERFragetteCity Fri 25-May-18 22:34:03

That would be fantastic.

IRememberSoIDo Fri 25-May-18 22:37:54

Please let this be accurate!

FedUpWithBriiiiiick Fri 25-May-18 22:38:43

Hope it's accurate. I've been bitten already with Brexit and Trump. Don't want to get my hopes up again 😭

Imchlibob Fri 25-May-18 22:40:53


ConstantlyCold Fri 25-May-18 22:40:56

fedup I know, I swore I’d never trust an exit poll again.

68% making me feel very confident though.

Foslady Sat 26-May-18 00:19:42

Hoping so much for this - does anyone know when they plan to announce? Will we have to wait for a government session or will it just be declared?

Foslady Sat 26-May-18 00:20:47

Sorry - just read the link blush

ScreamingValenta Sat 26-May-18 00:22:42

Beeb saying a landslide - hope this is correct!

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 26-May-18 00:25:29

Is that a better majority than equal marriage was?

AlisonCHaynes Sat 26-May-18 01:13:49

Excellent news for all Irish women!

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