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What do you do in the evenings that isn't mumsnet?

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PersonAtHome Fri 25-May-18 18:01:13

I'm looking for inspiration. I'm bored and lonely and getting a bit mumsnet addicted.

I'd like to get off my computer but not sure what to do with myself. I'm in a bad habit of spending every night on MN and browsing the internet.

I can't go out as need to be here for kids but they're busy doing other things and only need me to feed them ever so often!

NSEA Fri 25-May-18 18:02:50

Read. Watch films or tv shows. Draw/paint. Listen to music.

mercurymaze Fri 25-May-18 18:03:55

Listen to radio

Katescurios Fri 25-May-18 18:04:26

Tidy up,read, watch a film, knit, crochet or sew

CurlyWurlyTwirly Fri 25-May-18 18:04:40

I’m like you OP.
Or there’s boring stuff like housework...

ImAGoofyGoober Fri 25-May-18 18:04:46

I love a good jigsaw with an audiobook in the background

mylurcheristhebest Fri 25-May-18 18:04:50

Not away from the computer, but I study with the OU. It fills some hours and I feel like I'm doing something for me.

whifflesqueak Fri 25-May-18 18:05:07


OnTopOfSpaghetti Fri 25-May-18 18:05:07

Crochet and watch TV. Play candy crushgrin

mustbemad17 Fri 25-May-18 18:07:22

Crochet with music on in the background. If DP is home we usually watch a film together

Undies1990 Fri 25-May-18 18:11:17

Household admin
Brushing the cat
Online shopping
Helping kids with revision
Tiding up the household mess
Listening to music
Getting everything and everyone ready for the next day
Wishing it was bedtime because I'm exhausted

PersonAtHome Fri 25-May-18 18:27:01

That's a tiring looking list Undies! I do some of that type of thing too. So it's the evenings when nobody needs a taxi / help with revision / nothing needs tidying (or I'm ignoring it) that I struggle with.

Thanks for other ideas, keep them coming. I've now got music on while I make dinner and it's really cheering me up!

LiveLifeWithPassion Fri 25-May-18 18:28:57

I’ve mostly been the same. I’m trying to read more and have just bought myself a painting by numbers picture.

vampirethriller Fri 25-May-18 18:32:09

Cross stitch or crochet
Decoupage if the mood takes me but I don't like tidying it up
Usually have a film or box set on in the background.

HyacinthsBucket70 Fri 25-May-18 18:32:57

We've been doing some lovely walks in the evenings...... we're lucky enough to live near the Malvern Hills and it's fab to walk and watch the sunset. Makes you feel revitalised at the end of the day.

I love taking photos so often take my camera too. I also read, browse online especially recipes. Listen to Spotify - dig out some old albums, that's a great way to spend time.

AJstylesHair Fri 25-May-18 18:33:43

Crochet or read

Thirtyrock39 Fri 25-May-18 18:34:09

Watch mad men
But also need to spend less time on here !

Racecardriver Fri 25-May-18 18:34:55

Reading books, writing books, cooking elaborate meals, very occasionally doing exercise or painting etc. If you fancied it you could take up knitting (used to do this, very relaxing) or learn a language.

DickensianHysteric Fri 25-May-18 18:36:09

Cross stitch, read, go out for a walk if it's nice.

CD890 Fri 25-May-18 18:37:23

Always have music on when doing anything in the kitchen, that room can be my favourite and worst place to be depending why I'm in there so music always helps get things done. (a glass of whiskey also helps)
I also just recently downloaded the amazon kindle app and have found loads of books to read on there that I never would have read normally because I don't like buying books in case I don't enjoy them, the kindle app is (mainly) free books if you have amazon prime, which I do.
In between that it's the usual tidying up everyone's mess!

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