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30 year old man evicted by parents!!

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PyongyangKipperbang Thu 24-May-18 03:49:27

Sympathy is totally with the parents, seems like they did him a favour and he got way too comfy. And any future wife will easily find out what a cock lodger she would be setting herself up with.

PyongyangKipperbang Thu 24-May-18 03:50:40

Grasslands Thu 24-May-18 04:40:50

You definitely get the impression he abused their hospitality.

fuzzywuzzy Thu 24-May-18 04:53:24

His poor parents took pity on him and let him move in when he lost his job aged 22.

The man does not contribute towards the house in any way, does not do chores or contribute money.

He was given $1,100 to move out by his parents and he spent it (but didn’t mean to confused ).

I’m wondering if the parents were on MN. I’ve read so many threads saying 20year olds are kids and the parents home is theirs and they shouldn’t be made to do chores or contribute towards their upkeep.

This bloke wants to appeal the courts decision.

I seriously hope no woman opens her home up to the loser.

EssentialHummus Thu 24-May-18 04:54:06

There’s an interesting short story about this sort of situation in the new Lionel Shriver collection. I want more info on the family/what the 30 year old has done with himself so far. It seems like such an extreme situation.

TryingToForgeAnewLife Thu 24-May-18 06:23:49

How utterly bizarre! His parents are desperate to get him out. Would love to hear their side!

ijustwannadance Thu 24-May-18 06:40:08

He does no chores. They don't speak to each other at home. I bet the mother is still doing his washing and cooking for him though. Lazy arsehole.

I'd bin bag him and change the locks.

PyongyangKipperbang Thu 24-May-18 17:22:21

Well even without hearing his parents side, I think is clear what has gone one, he didnt do himself any favours with the "Why couldnt they give me 6 months?". He has had 8 fucking years and done nothing, what difference would 6 months have made?! He comes across as a whiny lazy scrounger.

PyongyangKipperbang Thu 24-May-18 17:25:13

sorry for typos, my new phone doesnt understand me!

Dingdongdigeridoo Thu 24-May-18 17:26:48

The story is insane. I was reading more into it yesterday and apparently he’s trying to get custody of his child. He won’t get a job because he then wouldn’t get legal aid, and is no doubt avoiding employment to dodge child support.

There was also a row because he was stopping his parents from seeing said child. God knows what’s going on in their house!

BumpowderSneezeonAndSnot Thu 24-May-18 17:28:14

I feel so sorry for the parents who must be feeling so utterly wetched that they produced this awful example of a human being. I wonder what their other child has to say about it all

3333hh44 Thu 24-May-18 17:28:24

Why did the court have to be involved in the first place? Surely it's anyone's right to evict their own kids?
don't let my kids see this story. Teen ds is already saying he's never moving out

PyongyangKipperbang Thu 24-May-18 17:33:56

3333 because he flatly refused to leave.

IJustHadToNameChange Thu 24-May-18 17:34:54

His name is Michael Rotondo.

He had a car crash television interview.

He looks like this.

Just in case some poor woman has to Google him

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