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How are you?

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MarthaArthur Wed 23-May-18 21:43:01

Just that really. How are you? How was your day.

Sometimes its the little things. Sometimes you can be going through hell or numb or happy or bored and we always respond to how are you? With "fine thanks". Obviously its different here. So how are you?

Comeonmommy Wed 23-May-18 22:11:24

Mine was rubbish sadI have a daughter that hates her stepmom but due to my ill health she is having to live with her dad during the week sad feeling shit ;(

sunshinesoup Wed 23-May-18 22:15:36

Shit! Incredibly shit, jealous, worried, frightened and sad

DrunkUnicorn Wed 23-May-18 22:18:00

Depressing as Hell ! Did half a day of a KIT day before I go back to work next week and realised just how terribly I will miss DS ... even though I moaned and complained through all of my mat leave. He is the darlingest little thing in the world and I love him so very much. I am in tears at the mere thought of being away from him all day. So yeah it's been a shit day..

I hope yours was better OP!

mycatplotsdeath Wed 23-May-18 22:23:57

Today was a good day.
Got my hair done and joined a gym, to help shift the 3 stones of flab I'm carrying.

hamburgers Wed 23-May-18 22:25:24

Today was a good day. DH made some money so it's has helped pay down some of our huge debts.

AgentCooper Wed 23-May-18 22:29:45

Not that bad, thanks.

I am tired, though. Tired of being the one who always makes 7 month old DS cry because I'm the one who gets him into his clothes, puts his eczema ointment all over the body, wrestles him into the pram on hot days, has to put him down alone so I can go to the toilet, tries to get him to sleep when he's fighting it.

He is a lovely wee boy and admittedly DH works long hours and is tired from work but I am knackered with 24/7 baby duty and no time for myself, ever.

RickOShay Wed 23-May-18 22:32:40

Thanks for asking grin
not too bad
highlight of the day was walking the dog and managing to actually moisturise
low point was doing homework with dc3 and feeling more old and knackered than usual grin
How are you op?

doodlejump1980 Wed 23-May-18 22:38:47

Feeling low to be honest. My diet’s gone to shit, and just have no motivation. House is getting on top of me, but is manageable, and my 3YO twins aren’t sleeping well due to night terrors.
I suspect with some sleep and some willpower I can get back on track. I hope so. But “fine” thanks. You?

LastOneDancing Wed 23-May-18 22:40:12

I'm worried I'm losing it a bit.
I just don't feel present. Like I'm living in my head.
Sometimes I turn to look at my beautiful boys and it's as if I jerk awake, I was a million miles away & forgot they were there sad
And I make the most ridiculous mistakes while driving at the minute. I went straight trough a red light on Monday. I have always been fairly competent.
It's like I cannot stay focused.

I'm not sure what's wrong & I'm a bit scared.

Thank you for asking OP x

AirandMungBeans Wed 23-May-18 22:40:25

Thank you for asking. I am tired, happy and a little sad. It's my youngest DS's birthday and I feel very proud of him, but a little sad that he's growing up so fast. I spent my day with twelve two year olds, then we had a birthday tea for DS. I'm prepping for his party on Saturday and feeling a little stressed about the lack of time to get the food sorted.

How are you?

MarthaArthur Wed 23-May-18 22:53:07

Im sorry to hear some of you are having a bad day. Do you want to chat about it? No judgements here.

Mine was ok. I have hearing problems and need to find a gp to register with as i cant hear at all.
In work i am about to be fired. My hours have been cut to one day a week and i cant afford to pay my dm rent but shes waived it so im not in an awful position.

Apart from that i cant complain. Mental health wise i have been quiet happy today.

PomBearWithoutHerOFRS Wed 23-May-18 22:58:22

About as shit as it gets actually.

MarthaArthur Wed 23-May-18 23:01:23

Do you want to talk about it? X

SickofPeterRabbit Wed 23-May-18 23:04:43

Having withdrawals from my mess that have run out far earlier than they should (slow release patches), whilst still having to function as a single Mum to a 3 year old. Also trying to decide whether to let my daughter's Dad back into her life after he disappeared off for 2.5 years with his girlfriend and cut contact until they split. I have no friends. No supportive family. Overweight. Broke and depressed!

SickofPeterRabbit Wed 23-May-18 23:04:51


BillywigSting Wed 23-May-18 23:06:38

Today has been a real mixed bag.

The morning was lovely, playing and snuggles with 4yo ds in the sunshine in the garden. The afternoon was pleasant, bumped into a neighbour I'm friendly with and we went for impromptu lunch which was a lovely surprise.

On the other hand, I have nasty painful itchy pompholyx eczema all over my hands (it's like little blisters and it burns and it stings) which has been bothering me a lot. Heat makes it worse and I was on the verge of tears cooking dinner.

Dinner was nice and everyone cleared their plates, no one had a tantrum and dp played with ds while I had a brew and tended to my hands

But then after that, ds was up and down like a yo-yo at bedtime and dp has had to go out and have a very strained conversation with an estranged family member (cousin) regarding inheritances (and the two of them playing referee between his knob head mother and his knob head aunt). He's only just got in and the poor man looks completely exhausted

RickOShay Wed 23-May-18 23:06:43

I hope you find a good gp.
And a new job!
Glad that you are ok, but it doesn’t sound so easy for youflowers

MarthaArthur Wed 23-May-18 23:09:11

comeon sorey to hear that. Do you have her at weekends?

sunshinesoup sorry you are feeling so down, are you ok? What are you frightened of? X

drunkunicorn oh no! That must be tough going back to work. Hopefully ds settles into a routine for you both.

mycat and hamburgers glad your days have been good. Oh i wish i came into more money lol need it right now.

agentcooper sounds exhausting! Well done for remembering it all because i would struggle with that on my own.
rickoshay what type of dog? Need details grin

doodle you are doing great. Lack of sleep is an absolute bitch so i really feel for you. Hopefully its a short phase.

lastone sorry to hear your having a rough time. Whats going on? Do you want to talk about it?
air happy birthday to ds. I feel that way when i realise how old my neices are getting must be so much harder with your own kids.

MarthaArthur Wed 23-May-18 23:12:12

sickofpeterrabbit are you able to get emergency meds or is that not possible? Thats not easy really. 2.5 years he has left you to do it alone and you have managed. I would advise you to do whats right for you and your lo and not what he wants. X

JoyceDivision Wed 23-May-18 23:14:38

Was ok til got in car to go to swimming and DC told me how X has cracked them at school (10yr olds). Long term.issue I thought was under control, DC is so pleasant and guiet and this is causing them to become more insular at school when I know they are a much chattier sociable person usually.

Really fed up as this person will always be in the education system with DC and it's not fair.

RickOShay Wed 23-May-18 23:15:18

Martha he is the best dog ever obviously grin
a black labrador.

Andromeida59 Wed 23-May-18 23:17:43

Thank you for asking. Bit all over the place. I've made the decision to go back to Uni to do an MA. Due to changes in funding, I can get a student loan so that's good. DP funding application turned down and had migraine from hell caused by concussion.

Andromeida59 Wed 23-May-18 23:19:06

Also just had an email from work that I'm to see an OH Doctor in Edinburgh. I live in Manchester.....

Yvest Wed 23-May-18 23:22:52

Mine was actually pretty good. DH has advanced cancer and we found out last week that the latest treatment isn’t working so we will be confirming new treatment tomorrow. So that’s a bit rubbish.

However I was travelling for work and had a great team meeting and a long chat with a colleague who has had her own challenges who helped confirm to me that whatever happens me and the children will be ok

I had some lovely texts from friends telling me how amazingly I’m working through this rubbishy time and actually, as much as this has absolutely hit me on the head with a hammer I’m enjoying the times we do have and making sure we live life to the full.

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