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Do these nails look tacky?

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Blackbinsack Wed 23-May-18 20:04:42

Had acrylic forms done today instead of gel can’t decide if there nice or look tacky

Blackbinsack Wed 23-May-18 20:05:50

Really can’t decide the colour was much lighter in the salon

QuoadUltra Wed 23-May-18 20:06:38

Was it ok getting your white evoque at the spa? Plenty prosecco?

delilabell Wed 23-May-18 20:07:23

I think it's lovely! Besides doesn't matter what others think as long as you like it

BeesAndMist Wed 23-May-18 20:08:38

I think all acrylics look pretty bad tbh. But those ones look quite well done. The colour is very wag though.

Yoyooo Wed 23-May-18 20:11:14

I think they look lovely

RitaSpanner Wed 23-May-18 20:12:55

I find them a bit tacky - sorry OP!

WhyNotDuckie Wed 23-May-18 20:14:07

I think they're lovely.

AnneProtheroe Wed 23-May-18 20:15:08

If you like them why worry about other people's opinion? I suspect you don't like them though, as you wouldn't ask the question otherwise.

It's a shame, as getting your nails done is a treat, and if you're not happy with them, it's gutting.

FrancisUnderwood Wed 23-May-18 20:15:18

I really like them.

HeyDolly Wed 23-May-18 20:16:06

They don’t all seem the same shape? The thumb and forefinger look square whereas the little finger and ring finger seem to have been filed into more of an oval shape.

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha Wed 23-May-18 20:18:41

If you were presiding over an inquest they might seem tacky.

But for a hot sunny bank holiday weekend, I think they are great.

FriendlyOcelot Wed 23-May-18 20:20:09

As someone who finds anything more than pale pink or clear nail varnish on natural nails tacky, yes I do. However, objectively speaking, they look better than most of the false nails I’ve seen. So if you’re into that look, they are nicer than most, IMO. The colour is VERY pretty.

grin at white Evoque!

FenellaMaxwellsPony Wed 23-May-18 20:20:12

They aren’t really to my taste - sorry!

ZibbidooZibbidooZibbidoo Wed 23-May-18 20:20:47

Yep. Tacky. Sorry.

DoubleNegativePanda Wed 23-May-18 20:21:55

Goodness. Those are quite tame for where I live. I frequently see things like this:

cookiesfortheunicorn Wed 23-May-18 20:22:18

I think they look great!

Phosphorus Wed 23-May-18 20:22:46

They look very big and a bit uncomfortable somehow.

They do look a bit tacky, but fake nails generally do.

JesusTapdancingChrist Wed 23-May-18 20:23:52

Very unnatural and tacky looking imo.

But your nails, your opinion is the only one that counts in the end!

BettyPitts Wed 23-May-18 20:26:06

Is that you, Katie Price?

corcaithecat Wed 23-May-18 20:27:33

They look very pretty. Ignore the snooty types. grin

goingtotown Wed 23-May-18 20:27:34

They look tacky, sorry but you did ask.

DuchessofManchester Wed 23-May-18 20:29:06

I don't like them sorry... prefer gels every time x

SheGotBetteDavisEyes Wed 23-May-18 20:30:18

they look better than most of the false nails I’ve seen. So if you’re into that look, they are nicer than most, IMO. The colour is VERY pretty

This is probably my opinion as well. I think natural nails with a decent light polish look 100% better, to be honest; but for false nails, the colour looks better than many.

They do look large for your fingers though. Is that the look/normal? I genuinely don't know!

ChardonnaysPrettySister Wed 23-May-18 20:40:58

Not my taste, but then again not my nails. If you like them, wear them.

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