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Anyone had an iPhone that just died?

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Bejazzled Tue 22-May-18 18:41:29

I was using it 20 minutes ago. Now it's dead as a dodo. Plenty of charge in it and I've tried taking out the sim and reseating it.

Any ideas?

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Tue 22-May-18 18:42:24

I’ve had that and panicked majorly.

I reset it which totally worked. Was fine after that and never happened again.

Bejazzled Tue 22-May-18 18:47:52

How didn't you reset it? I've tried holding down the buttons but still no life,

Bejazzled Tue 22-May-18 18:48:23

how did you reset it tut

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Wed 23-May-18 14:32:05

WHAt phone is it? It’s different for different versions.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Wed 23-May-18 14:34:12

Have you tried plugging it in to power? My old 5s did this but putting it on charge meant it came back on straight away.

MistyMeena Wed 23-May-18 14:44:36

Yep, I've had that. Dead as a dodo, no response when plugging in to power or PC. After a few days I plugged it in and it sprang back to life. Kept happening though which was maddening. Changed batteries and still did it so who knows. Luckily contract ran out so have another one but I never got to the bottom of it. The repair centre was useless and no Apple store for miles around.

niknac1 Wed 23-May-18 14:47:12

I have a 6S that did this, there was a free battery change for mine through Apple, you need to check the serial no on iPhone 6 S on Apple to see if a free battery is allowed.

Bejazzled Wed 23-May-18 15:25:16

Thanks for the answers everyone. I took it to the apple shop on my way to work and they reset it (holding both buttons down together for 10 seconds)
A simple solution in the end.

MissionItsPossible Wed 23-May-18 16:58:18

This happened to me before. I was convinced my phone had died because I looked up how to reset an iphone 7 and know it worked before and was in a right mood. Someone asked me if I had tried resetting it and I snapped "Yes, I'm not stupid, thank you".

I don't have an iphone 7. I have an iphone 6 and was following the wrong instructions. blush

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