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Does anybody have a Tesla?

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NotUmbongoUnchained Tue 22-May-18 15:34:59

Does anybody have one? I e just seen one and fallen a little bit in love with it! I do a lot of miles for work, are they worth it?
Would be nice to do my bit for the environment (I currently have a Range Rover blush )

Xiaoxiong Tue 22-May-18 17:11:52

I don't currently have one but know lots that do, and I work in the field. Everyone loves theirs. Universally. They have good range and there are a surprising number of fast chargers around, in every services on motorways, hotels, garages etc. You can check your area on Zap-Map. That said, the people I know who have one mostly have garages or drives where they have a home charger - they just get home every night and plug in to top up. One person I know who has a 10 mile commute just parks on the street and charges once a week at a public charger.

You should have a think about range and charging - you say you do a lot of driving, can you describe the pattern? Commuting, or lots of short trips, doesn't need such a large range as if you live in the middle of nowhere and are regularly driving to lands end and back.

NotUmbongoUnchained Tue 22-May-18 17:16:22

I drive quite far depending on where my clients are. Sometimes trips to London from Devon, etc.

cloudtree Tue 22-May-18 17:17:51

Aren't they phenomenally expensive?

cloudtree Tue 22-May-18 17:19:09

Ah yes, a mere 77k

ILikeMyChickenFried Tue 22-May-18 17:19:51

My DH is desperate for one, I'm not so fussedby cars but admit they are very nice looking.

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Tue 22-May-18 17:21:42

I really want one, but can't justify the cost, so I think I will end up buying a BMW i3 or a Nissan Leaf instead, plus a larger petrol car for long journeys. We need to have two cars anyway, and at the moment both are diesel so if one of them is electric for all the shorter/town trips it'll be better than we are now.

caoraich Tue 22-May-18 17:21:54

I don't but a few colleagues do. We work around 30 miles from the city most of us live in and they're really positive about their Teslas. All have home chargers but there are apparently good maps of where all the fast chargers are, and seldom any waits.
My neighbours have a nissan leaf that is apparently almost free to run as they have solar panels on their house and a heat pump so generally sell energy back to the grid anyway.

Aragog Tue 22-May-18 17:23:29

A friend of ours has just taken receipt of a new Tesla X. To me it didn't look much from the outside; certainly not enough to justify its massive price tag. For me anyway. Apparently inside it is great according to dh. I've not seen in it. Friend is loving so far though only had it a couple of weeks.

NotUmbongoUnchained Tue 22-May-18 17:24:37

It was one of these that drove past me today. Looks like a normal car but they’re enormous! I don’t usually get my head turned by cars but this one did.

Aragog Tue 22-May-18 17:25:44

I do, however, fancy an electric car myself next year when I trade in my current car. It won't be that price tag though! I want a small city type car but running on electric. Mini are apparently launching one next year so I will see that but assume it'll be dear for what it is. Fiat 500 have one in the USA but not in the U.K. not sure of the current small ones I actually like though.

cloudtree Tue 22-May-18 17:29:38

Nissan leaf is a fraction of that price at circa 25k

MrsMozart Tue 22-May-18 17:29:40

A friend has one. Loves it. Does a lot of miles. He's quite geeky as well as commercially minded, so if he waxes lyrical it must be good.

Lanaa Tue 22-May-18 17:34:30

I really really want one. DP was given one to drive for a month last year and it was great. We didn't have the charger but just plugged it in to the numerous fast chargers around the city. I think when the time comes to replace our current cars we will get one and a smaller run around

widgetbeana Tue 22-May-18 17:41:00

My husband really loves these, but we opcouldnt afford it so got a hyundai ioniq instead. The range isn't as far (110 miles on a full charge) but it is a wonderful car to drive, so many modcons and because it is electric it has no gears. It's not automatic, they just change gears automatically, it has no gears, just think big golf buggy!

BlackAmericanoNoSugar Tue 22-May-18 17:43:08

Actually, now that I'm looking around the Hyundai Ioniq looks pretty good. They have a hybrid, an all electric and a plug in hybrid in the range. If I had the plug in version then I could do electric around town and still have a petrol backup for longer trips.

Babybearsporij Tue 22-May-18 18:21:01

No way I saw one like that too, about the same time. Are you in the East Midlands OP?

Kursk Tue 22-May-18 18:26:12

They look ok but unfortunately a electric car isn’t practical for us, we need a pickup that can tow a trailer.

SoxonFeet Tue 22-May-18 18:28:29

We test drove a model S, and it was an extremely lovely car from the drivers POV. We would upgrade to one if we could but the price tag was a bit steep. If price wasn’t an issue I’d buy one immediately.

MeganChips Tue 22-May-18 18:28:50

Is that the Model X? That’s what I want. Good range and 0-60 in 2.9 seconds!

Unfortunately I can’t justify the cost of one and don’t have off street parking.

Shiftymake Tue 22-May-18 18:33:27

My uncle has one, he is using it for commuting to work and day to day use. He seems more then happy with it, very pretty, good mileage (better then many others) and comfortable.

Theresnotimelikethepresent Tue 22-May-18 18:35:56

I have a Tesla Model S and absolutely love it. It's a great car to drive, as there's no gears and the acceleration is instant when you press the pedal. It's been brilliant for the family (2 kids aged 2 and 4 at the moment) as its spacious and very practical in the role of family car. Yes it's expensive to buy (ours was around £65k), but we've gone from a £2000 annual diesel bill to about £200 on electricity, so you get some of it back in running costs. For longer journeys Tesla provide free charging at motorway services, so you can stop every 200 miles and top up. In our experience it's your bladder that makes you need a break more often than the car does! When you do stop you can simply plug the car in and it's ready to go again very quickly. Would thoroughly recommend.

Theresnotimelikethepresent Tue 22-May-18 18:46:48

If anyone is genuinely interested in getting one then I have a referral code that you can use on the Model S or X, giving you free unlimited charging for the life of the car.

Xiaoxiong Tue 22-May-18 19:01:07

OP so you might go London to Exeter - that's about 200 miles? The model S with the 100kWh battery has a max range of 335 miles, the X with that battery claims 295 miles. So if you set off fully charged you could probably get there easily on a single charge. All the services along the M4 and M5 have multiple chargers so if you pull over for a coffee and a wee in Bristol you could easily recharge in that time. Then a recharge somewhere near your client and home again. I know people who regularly drive down to Cornwall and back and pull over at Gordano services on the M5 - there are 8 superchargers there.

I'm assuming you know the price of a Tesla and are ok with it since you already have a RR grin

Xiaoxiong Tue 22-May-18 19:01:56

And def get that referral code from theresnotime!!

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