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Is my banana smoothie healthy?

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BubblesInMyTea Mon 21-May-18 08:32:53

I have food issues and I'm overweight.

This morning I made a banana smoothie and really enjoyed it.

Two bananas
1 dessert spoon of
2 capfuls of vanilla extract
Semi skimmed milk
2 dessert spoons of porridge oats

Is that healthy?

wowfudge Mon 21-May-18 08:35:35

1 dessert spoon of what? Honey? If so, quite high in sugar but there are worse things you could eat.

BubblesInMyTea Mon 21-May-18 08:36:21

Whoops yes honey!

athingthateveryoneneeds Mon 21-May-18 08:39:12

I personally would skip the honey and vanilla, and change the milk to full fat; this would keep me fuller for longer.

Byebyebye Mon 21-May-18 08:39:18

If your trying to lose weight I wouldn’t say that’s the best thing you could have made.

You basically made a banana milkshake rather than a healthy smoothie.

When you blitz up fruit you basically turn it to sugar and destroy the fibre.

If you want a healthy smoothie you need 2 veggies for every 1 fruit.

Teacuphiccup Mon 21-May-18 08:39:19

Hmmm that’s a lot of sugar for breakfast.

Could you ditch the honey and only have one banana and use sweet freedom chocolate syrup as flavour.
I’d also add some spinach, you won’t be able to tastes it much and it’s a good way to add vitamins.

Plexie Mon 21-May-18 08:40:53

Someone will probably say bananas are high in sugar and two in one day is a lot. Add the honey and it's a lot of sugar.

Wolfiefan Mon 21-May-18 08:41:06

Better to have just the banana. That was very sugary.

SilverHairedCat Mon 21-May-18 08:42:49

Your be better off eating a bowl of porridge with one banana on top rather than all that. Blitzing into a milkshake has removed the fibre benefits and turned it into little more than a big glass of sugar.

squadronleader87 Mon 21-May-18 08:43:07

Do you have MyFitnessPal? If so try putting the ingredients in and it will give you a breakdown of protein, carbs etc.

I’d reduce down to a teaspoon of honey and maybe only one banana. There’s a lot of sugar in both. Smoothies are about ratio - this website is helpful:

IncyWincyGrownUp Mon 21-May-18 08:43:35

Why not just have a bowl of porridge with a banana? That way you actually have to chew and properly digest the food.

Smoothies are rarely healthy.

ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Mon 21-May-18 08:44:22

Your breakfast was basically sugar.

To lose weight cut out sugar and carbs. Eat plenty of fat and protein.

Google low carb high fat. It's the way forward.

littlemisscomper Mon 21-May-18 08:46:41

Sounds yummy for a treat, and less unhealthy than some things, but not health kick food. A dessert spoon of honey is a lot of sugar!! Bananas are naturally sweet anyway. I mash them into porridge as a healthier way of sweetening it and that's enough for me - and I am a massive, massive sweet-tooth!

timeisnotaline Mon 21-May-18 08:49:48

2 bananas is a lot. I’d do 1 banana, and a pear or handful of frozen berries instead of the honey. Full cream milk and a dollop of yoghurt.
To add healthy things- a teaspoon or two of ground flaxseed or hemp, and ditto of ground almonds. A pinch of cinnamon.
If it’s a proper blender I put ice cubes in too.

lemonsandlimes123 Mon 21-May-18 08:51:36

Well its somewhere between 350 and 400 calories and mainly sugar/carbs so no it is not a healthy breakfast and not really going to help you lose weight if that is your aim

maxthemartian Mon 21-May-18 08:53:16

Agree just have porridge with banana!
Banana is very sweet anyway, you don't need honey as well.
And use full fat dairy.

Furano Mon 21-May-18 08:54:09

No, it’s high cal and high sugar.

theredjellybean Mon 21-May-18 08:54:26

I think it depends.. Do you want healthy or do you want to lose weight?
It's not that unhealthy tbh.. Oats, milk, banana all OK but it adds up to about 450 calories which is a lot for breakfast if you want to lose weight.
More importantly though OP, were you hungry? I mean really Truely hungry? Was it what you really wanted to have breakfast?
If yes to above, then yep OK... But if not then no, you ate calories you didn't need.
I think it's called mindful eating now, but basically it's an excellent way of losing weight, keeping it off and developing better eating habits.
I lost five stone when I did this and seven yrs later not gained any of it

MikeWyzowski Mon 21-May-18 08:55:52

I would have made it with chopped frozen banana (for the ice cream effect), cocoa powder (1 teasp), a spoon of peanut butter, oats and water (but I don't drink milk). It's yummy and very filling. The banana is the only sweet you need.

ThisIsTheFirstStep Mon 21-May-18 08:56:54

It really depends where you’re starting from. If you used to just eat frosties or a bar of chocolate, it’s ok.

I am not a fan of trying to change everything at once or extremely. Just try to improve step by step.

People go on about low carb high fat but it’s not for me. I never feel full, no matter how much I eat. Long term, it destroys muscle too.

If you’re slowly trying to change habits, why not have that for a few weeks, then cut out the honey, then the vanilla, then move onto just porridge with a banana?

My husband and I were hooked on takeout for a bit. Rather than say ‘no more takeout ever, we cut down to twice a week, then once a week and now it’s twice a month. Bit by bit is the easiest way to change a habit.

serenmoon Mon 21-May-18 08:57:15

Why not just do porridge with one sliced banana in it or banana and full fat plain joghurt with handful of oats mixed in.

ThisIsTheFirstStep Mon 21-May-18 08:57:23

Also, tofu in smoothies is amazing and filling and healthy. I love it.

banivani Mon 21-May-18 08:58:35

These threads on Mumsnet always end up with people denouncing bananas as the devil's food, the equivalent of injecting pure sugar into your veins. grin

My take is, that if this is you trying to get into eating breakfast from never eating breakfast or just eating a bowl of rice crispies - it's a good start! Go you! Is it very dense in nutrition? Not very. But if this is your first step to regular, healthy habits - yay! Keep it up! Food is good for the body! Smoothies are a bit of a cheaty way to "eat", but they have their place, esp for people who have trouble eating in the morning. Keep up your good habit, and try adding some more stuff. Play around. Add a fistful of leafy spinach. Use no milk, and a fruit juice instead. Spoonful of peanut butter for added protein. If you're not afraid of salmonella add an egg. Etc. You're probably starting out with a quite sweet smoothie to make it palatable, as time goes on you'll stop adding extra sweetener I'd say. and then maybe you'll be able to eat solid food in the morning instead, maybe an oat porridge and a pure vegetable/fruit smoothie. Enjoy your breakfasts! :D

TeddyIsaHe Mon 21-May-18 08:58:47

Skip the honey/vanilla, add in a spoon of almond butter, a teaspoon of chia seeds and use full fat milk or almond milk. Basically my breakfast every day. I use half a banana though to keep the sugar as low as possible.

Raven88 Mon 21-May-18 08:59:02

That is about 450 calories. Are you working out after this? Is that a meal replacement or does it accompany a meal? It sounds more like a milkshake.

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