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If you have a cleaner, would this irritate you?

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Tansytaylor Mon 21-May-18 08:00:33

I've had my new cleaner for 4 weeks now. Well, this week is the 4th clean. Just two hours once a week.

Monday was our agreed day as it was the only one she said she had available. Fine by me.

However today is the second times she has messaged asking if she can come another day this week. The week before last it was expecting an urgent delivery and today it's an unwell child

So twice in 4 visits. Would this bother you?

Kattymanners Mon 21-May-18 08:01:52


Probably I would be irritated

But I wouldn’t have said anything grin

Juanitajune Mon 21-May-18 08:02:22

Yes it would.

AntiHop Mon 21-May-18 08:03:51

No. She is trying to balance her work and personal commitments, like all working parents.

KatnissMellark Mon 21-May-18 08:04:10

No, wouldn't care at all.

seven201 Mon 21-May-18 08:08:32

The ill child one wouldn't annoy me

EssentialHummus Mon 21-May-18 08:09:49

Depends on whether it actually affects you practically. If it does, I’d agree but tell her now that you can only do X day, and if she can’t make it she’ll need to cancel.

Tansytaylor Mon 21-May-18 08:10:45

I can't work out whether it matters or not!

And to the poster who said about balancing work and personal life commitments - so... it's a job yes? Her job? In your job do you get to turn up when you fancy?

The sick child doesn't bother me one bit. What concerns me a little is that it's 4 cleans in and two of those she hasn't been able to do in the time she told me she had to do them

redjeansarecool Mon 21-May-18 08:11:34

Some jobs are more flexible than others and cleaning tends to be fairly flexible.

FleurDelacoeur Mon 21-May-18 08:12:44

Moving days two times in four weeks would ring HUGE alarm bells with me.

I had a cleaner who was like this and she was a total pain in the arse. Never knew when she was coming, how long she was staying, what family crisis would come up that particular week. She was very unreliable. When you're paying someone to do a job they should be there to do that job. Your cleaner does not sound like she's taking the work seriously at all.

My new cleaner is totally different - 100% reliable and always is here every week come hell or high water. She takes her work seriously and is an absolute superstar.

BellyBean Mon 21-May-18 08:13:19

Yes irritating. I'd have put boxes of toys off the floor, picked up all the bath toys for once and planned my day with my baby about being out the house for the clean.

I've had a cleaner for nearly 3 years. She's cancelled due to sickness twice, rearranged due to hospital appointments twice and snow once. That's it.

SD1978 Mon 21-May-18 08:13:23

Would depend on a few things. Is she popular, has a lot of work. Is she reasonably priced, does she do a good job, is the rearranged day suitable, or does it affect my life, does it then mean a lot longer in between cleans. If she’s fantastic and a reasonable price, I’d probably give it a bit longer before I got annoyed. If they job isn’t great, and the rearranging screws me up, I’d be miffed.

FleurDelacoeur Mon 21-May-18 08:15:03

cleaning tends to be fairly flexible.

Only by negotiation. If you are new to a job and wanting to make a good impression you don't ditch a new client to wait in for a delivery.

I'm more than flexible with my cleaner - I'm happy for her to bring her school age child during the holidays, for example. But cleaning is a job like any other and if you take the piss, don't expect to be getting lots of work.

BillywilliamV Mon 21-May-18 08:16:17

If you cant work out whether it matters, then it doesn't surely? Good cleaners are like gold dust and it is too early to see if this is a precedent. Give it a few more months.

MrsCrabbyTree Mon 21-May-18 08:18:46

At this early stage I wouldn't say anything. If the postponing continued then I would.

It would irritate me if the cleaning day changed into Friday - you want your house cleaned weekly and those few days will make a difference, particularly kitchens, bathrooms and high traffic areas. And then the following Monday will your home really require the 2 hours after only 2 days since the previous clean.

The Tuesday would be OK but as long as the day change was not a regular thing.

Tansytaylor Mon 21-May-18 08:18:51

I mean I can't work out if it matters because cleaning does have a degree of flexibility I suppose doesn't it? It puts me out a bit yes. I work from home but today I'd made plans to be out for the two hours so they didn't have to 'clean round me'

MollyCule Mon 21-May-18 08:19:14

My cleaner does this a lot. I don't mind because she is an excellent cleaner. Also it means we don't feel too bad if we occasionally ask her to change her day. The only time I find it a bit annoying is if we've spent ages tidying up and then she tells us last minute she's not coming.

Tansytaylor Mon 21-May-18 08:19:47

Crabby, yes that's what it is right now . A next day swap

isthismylifenow Mon 21-May-18 08:21:27

Are you waiting in for her at those particular times, are you at home anyway so that the changing of times doesn't really matter too much? If you are changing your schedule to fit in to hers, then yes, I would be annoyed.

And how much notice is she giving you that she will not be coming as per arranged time?

isthismylifenow Mon 21-May-18 08:23:07

I see we cross posted.

I would be a bit annoyed, yes.

I would see if it continues as a pattern.

Tansytaylor Mon 21-May-18 08:23:40

She's given two hours notice today

And yes I have to slightly arrange things but not too bad

I'm just a little ...miffed. Not too bad . Wondered if this was usual

Dvg Mon 21-May-18 08:27:17

i wouldnt be happy, it shows unreliability as twice in 4 visits is a bit much.

MilkTrayLimeBarrel Mon 21-May-18 08:40:33

It would have annoyed me, particularly as I may have arranged my day around her! If she does a good job though, I would hold on to her for a while longer and see if she proves more reliable. Mine is hopeless, but I haven't the guts to sack her!! Any tips?

ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Mon 21-May-18 08:46:25

Yep this would really piss me off. I spend hours tidying and sorting shit out before my cleaner comes on her specified day.

Loonoon Mon 21-May-18 08:46:53

A few years ago out cleaner got into the habit of doing this. One day we had visitors coming on the day she was due so I had to clean myself (the hardship!) so I texted her back and told her not to worry about coming that week,I'd see her next week. She rang to ask why and I explained because I had already cleaned the house myself I didn't need her that week. She understood but funnily enough, since then she very rarely asks to switch a day.

Of course we all have emergencies (last month she switched from Wednesday to Saturday to fit in a doctor's appointment) but two out of four weeks would irritate me.

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