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Decluttering is addictive

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rainbowfudgee Mon 21-May-18 05:02:39

Yesterday I cleared out 10 years' worth of work paperwork, children's wardrobes and a pile of junk in the kitchen I've been walking past for about 2 months. It feels so good to get rid of crap!

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Mon 21-May-18 05:05:43

Nice one! I am incredibly jealous. I have 3 under 5 and the clutter is just endless. I just want to get my bookshelf tidied. I did the top of half of it today. Now DT2 won’t nap so there goes my plan of doing more. 😭

rainbowfudgee Mon 21-May-18 05:09:48

My kids are primary age and happy to goggle TV for a couple of hours on the weekend... eldest actually helped me clear out folders and I let her have an old folder to play schools with- she was delighted to faff about with plastic pockets and file dividers while I cracked on! With 3 under 5 I wouldn't have a hope.

citychick Mon 21-May-18 05:34:29

A good clean out is very satisfying.
3 years ago we cleared out our home of 12 years to move abroad for a while.
It took for ever to wade through what we had stuffed in the house over time.

In the end stuff was tipped into black bags and taken to charity shops. Endless trips to the tip and more charity shops.

We did it, though. Very cathartic.

Now it's almost time to think about going home and I'm getting ready for another clear out.

DH is slightly scared...😁

Highly recommended.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Mon 21-May-18 08:10:17

I love it- every year I try and get a skip, my OH has to reign me in from throwing everything out.

SocksRock Mon 21-May-18 08:29:28

I spent 4.5 hours this weekend mucking our our spare room/shit heap. I put all the pictures up on the walls, trip to the tip, trip to the charity shop and it looks amazing now. I can have someone over to sleep at short notice and be cool with it.

Now, as for the rest of the house...

ThisIsTheFirstStep Mon 21-May-18 08:31:34

We do it about 4 times a year. We’re whittling our junk down to nothing. It’s lovely. I can’t stand clutter.

rainbowfudgee Mon 21-May-18 09:57:42

Today I'm tackling the mountain of art and craft stuff in the utility room. It's out of sight most of the time but whenever I use the washing machine my heart sinks at the pile of paper, paints, pens etc shoved in the (dry) sink. Need to get started!

sausagedogsmakechipolatas Mon 21-May-18 10:02:03

We’ve decluttered whilst selling our house and it’s so nice to be able to find things easily without wading through years of detritus. I do a monthly sweep of the house now for anything that isn’t useful or beautiful.

tradervictoria Mon 21-May-18 10:10:40

Is it addictive??

I keep trying but have failed to get hooked on every level because its massively boring. How can I get myself addicted, please?

ThisIsTheFirstStep Mon 21-May-18 10:53:18

trader I just love the feeling of having no piles of crap around. Just do it bit by bit if it's boring eg one kitchen cupboard or box of papers per day.

IDefinitelyWould Mon 21-May-18 15:54:19

As a military family we move regularly so I'm always trying to declutter as I'm always thinking about the next move! It is addictive, I love looking at an area after it has been cleared. Unfortunately with my dc and dh, stuff doesn't stay clear long. I do little and often and have at least 10 minutes a day (often more) wandering around with a carrier bag throwing things away. We have a charity bag on the go constantly and when it is full it gets dropped off at the shop. Very cathartic!

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