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Pregnant Meghan

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Wellthisisawkwardnow Mon 21-May-18 04:57:36

Have it on good authority!

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 21-May-18 04:58:34

Do you know Harry?

Wellthisisawkwardnow Mon 21-May-18 05:01:02

I know someone who is very close to them

Wellthisisawkwardnow Mon 21-May-18 05:01:28

And she wasn’t drinking at evening reception

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 21-May-18 05:09:28

No drinking isn’t relevant. She was making a speech and had to be sober.

We shall see!

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Mon 21-May-18 05:11:08

I can imagine they would want to have a baby as soon as possible. Still, I thought they’d go for the cleb style twin boy and girl straight up.

Predictable though. As soon as they’re married the rumours start swirling. All paparazzi cameras will be focused on her belly until it’s confirmed. Anything loose she wears will be deemed her hiding a bump, and anything tight will be scrutinised with the slightest bulge thought of as proof. Ah well, at least Jennifer Anniston will get a break for a while.

OdileDeCaray Mon 21-May-18 05:17:37

Please get your friend to pass on her info here

TeisanLap Mon 21-May-18 05:21:32


GandalfsWrinklyHat Mon 21-May-18 05:23:34

Oh do fuck off Odile

None of your business
She was a beautifull bride and I hope if and when she is pregnant she gets to choose to share it with the world AS SHE WOULD WANT TO, just like you would want and expect for yourself

daisychain01 Mon 21-May-18 05:24:58

I'd got my stopwatch out, timing the thread speculating about Meghan being pregnant.

Look you've got 2 chances of your prediction being true, either she is, or she isn't.

It's a bit like claiming to know for certain Boy or Girl. Two chances of that, too.

Great to know your source of information has been told such intimate information by the newly weds. If she is, she'll only be gone by a few weeks, so your source must have been there holding the Royal stick while she peed on it.

Oh does Harry know yet, or hasn't he been told?

flumpybear Mon 21-May-18 05:30:57

Good for them!

For you biscuit

Jenny70 Mon 21-May-18 05:33:13

I would think more likely she is planning to TTC and is eliminating alcohol from her diet in order to be in good health, maximise her chances of falling pregnant. She probably is taking pregnancy vitamins already, which probably starts some rumours.

She'd be one brave woman to be TTC before such a high profile wedding. She wouldn't know if she'd be ill with morning sickness, bloated, or god forbid have a miscarriage - she'd need to confide tell the dressmaker, and probably loads of other people involved in the planning - it would never stay secret. Plus if she was several months gone, explaining the early delivery might be awkward in a family that seems quite conservative.

At the end of the day she is like every other woman - when she's ready to tell everyone, she will... don't ask, if she wants it to be known, she will tell people.

RunMummyRun68 Mon 21-May-18 05:44:02

Well a few of us did wonder when they exchanged a look at the mention of children during wedding sermon

I wish them well if so!

Colabottle10 Mon 21-May-18 05:44:29

If your 'friend' really is close to them, they won't be for much longer. Leaking stories like this, whether true or not, is a sure fire way to be ousted from their inner circle. And I do know them, and was there.

Shame on them.

slashlover Mon 21-May-18 05:58:05

Either you're making this up or your friend is a terrible person for blabbing to you about this and you're making it worse by spreading it more.

Silvercatowner Mon 21-May-18 05:59:33

Shame on them

And shame on you, OP. Gutter trash, lower even than the DM.

Weebo Mon 21-May-18 05:59:38

I know someone very close to them

As is you know someone who has a son whose girlfriend saw a woman who looked JUST LIKE Meghan in Tesco last week?

Because no one who is actually close enough to know this would tell anyone.

StealthPolarBear Mon 21-May-18 06:01:31

I wondered if pippa might be pregnant, she was standing with her hand on her tummy

flippyfloppyflower Mon 21-May-18 06:01:31

And you wanted to post it why? Absolutely none of our business at this time and to post it here smacks of self-righteousness. If she is I am happy for them both and if she isn't still happy they had a lovely wedding and wish them well for the future (just as I would for any other couple on the planet)

StealthPolarBear Mon 21-May-18 06:02:57

Oh just Googled and she is, it's no secret. This is why I'm not a journalist grin

lostinsunshine Mon 21-May-18 06:10:36

When I was trying to conceive I stopped alcohol for a year before. Maybe, y'know, she doesn't drink. Mind your own business. Good luck to them.

PlumsGalore Mon 21-May-18 06:17:26

I reckon if I was marrying into the royal family I wouldn't drink at the wedding either. One glass leads to another and I'd be shit faced before I knew it and show myself up.

So I just wouldn't have one.

ItsNiceItsDifferentItsUnusual Mon 21-May-18 06:17:58

I would honestly be very surprised if they TTC before the wedding.

Can't even imagine what degree of separation you might have to have this news on good authority confused

Thishatisnotmine Mon 21-May-18 06:24:11

Stealth grin

bevelino Mon 21-May-18 06:27:02

OP did your source tell you to announce the news to the world on mumsnet? I thought not.

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