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Potty training and nursery

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evergreen7 Sun 20-May-18 16:54:44

Not sure how to proceed.

DS is 3 and this past week has only just started using the potty. I've left him bottomless around the house since its been warm and he takes himself to the potty in the room and then tells me. He struggles pulling his own bottoms down as he tries to do it with his legs spread out (we're working on it) so we've had a couple of accidents and he also realises he needs to go about 10 seconds before having a wee so e.g. Today we had an accident when we were out for lunch as he said he needed the potty but about 5secs after DP whisked him off towards the toilets he peed his pants.

We're taking it all in its stride and are really relaxed and reassuring with him. He still sleeps in a nappy but is in pants through the day.

My question is about nursery, he goes 1.5 days a week, do we start sending him in in pants now? I know we'd have to provide change of clothes etc but is it ok to do that considering he's still letting you know quite late that he needs to go and that he can't take himself i.e. Pull his bottoms down?

What would a nursery expect?

Caterina99 Mon 21-May-18 04:49:18

Nursery should work with you. Ours suggested pull ups until they were confident that DS was capable. I was happy to comply with that as we used pull-ups out of the house for the first few weeks anyway. I think they’d have been ok if I insisted on pants though, they said they were happy to support whatever method we chose.

I’d just send him in with a couple of changes of trousers and pants if you want to stick with pants. Presumably they do have some experience in this and so will remind him a lot and help him with his clothes. Also my DSs nursery makes all the kids go to the toilet or have a nappy change at set times (and I assume any additional time they ask to as well) so they are going in advance of being desperate.

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