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What minor things does your dh/dp do that bewilder and/or infuriate you?

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iwanttorunawayagain Thu 17-May-18 00:13:28

Two cartons of milk in the fridge, one nearly empty, one unopened. Why when he makes a brew does he open the new one leaving the nearly empty one in the fridge?


UpstartCrow Thu 17-May-18 00:15:40

So how would you feel about two toothpaste being opened? Because apparently I'm being unreasonable.

AgentProvocateur Thu 17-May-18 00:17:49

Mine stores the cardboard boxes that his gadgets come in “in case he needs to send them back”. He’s never had to send anything back. I have a cupboard full of iPhone boxes.

Hidingtonothing Thu 17-May-18 00:21:11

Recycling left on the side when he has to walk past the recycling bin to put it there!! Fortunately he has enough good points to massively outweigh the bad but......why???!

UpstartCrow Thu 17-May-18 00:26:10

Hidingtonothing They're like frogs, they cant see it unless its moving.

Hidingtonothing Thu 17-May-18 00:27:07

Ha, I have a matching cupboard Agent, also a loft full of appliance boxes dating back at least five years blush We're patently not alone, was watching an old episode of Dinnerladies the other day where Stan was bemoaning the way the Christmas tree lights had been stored, he sorrowfully said 'I've yet to meet a woman who can be persuaded to keep the original packaging', really made me laugh grin

TitZillas Thu 17-May-18 00:27:25

Snores like a pregnant walrus angry

UpstartCrow Thu 17-May-18 00:28:55

Oh yes they keep the boxes but do they read the instructions? You know they dont, because they dont know thats where the warranty is hidden.

Pressuredrip Thu 17-May-18 00:31:19

Several words he pronounces weirdly. Makes me clench my teeth, and he just doesn't hear the difference when I point it out.

Has to immediately go out to the shops if he notices we are low on something. Milk, bog roll, light bulbs, electric/gas. Whereas I wait until I'm actually planning on going to the shops but he thinks that's lazy.

I'm way more annoying to be fair with my procrastination and not putting stuff away.

villainousbroodmare Thu 17-May-18 00:36:40

Leaving every cupboard door open. Using four knives to make one sandwich every morning. Washing clothes excessively e.g. brand new pair of jeans worn for two hours... and so all of his clothes look knackered so fast. But he is otherwise brilliant. grin

Laurel543 Thu 17-May-18 00:37:03

Ha ha AgentProvocateur my DP is the same!
There is a small logic to it though as there is a market for Apple product packaging (look on EBay)

People buy the boxes etc so they can increase the resale value of Apple products, which are worth a lot more if sold ‘complete with original packaging’

You could be sitting on a goldmine there, a goldmine I tell you!!

Bexter801 Thu 17-May-18 00:44:32

Calls everyone mate,at restaurants,pubs,on the Errrr,stop it!!!!

BrutusMcDogface Thu 17-May-18 00:52:28

My dp opens new bottles of milk/ketchup/shampoo etc before finishing the last of the old. WHY??!! Are the old dregs just not good enough for you?! confusedgrin

Bloodybridget Thu 17-May-18 02:16:23

I always race to hang up washing as DP just doesn't seem to realise the importance of maximum exposure to air - so e.g. towels almost doubled over the line instead of pegged at the top. Also, she puts socks in the laundry basket with one balled up inside its pair, so they often get washed like that. She is pretty wonderful in every way that matters.

citychick Thu 17-May-18 02:25:19

DH still after 15 years of happy married life cannot cook, cannot do any DIY or housework to any reasonable standard.

The other week I left cold pasta and rice salads in the fridge for dinner. No cooking required. Came home after work to the most awful burnt smell. He'd burnt the lot in the frying pan. Thankfully he'd left the green salad alone.

I just can't understand why.
From now on there will have to be post-it notes on everything.

Chatchat44 Thu 17-May-18 02:51:19

Leaves his breakfast bowl on the side/in the sink rather then open the dishwasher door and put it in the blimming dishwasher!!!!! Arhhh

Also is unable to remember where he left anything... keys, wallet, phone... toddler!!! Arhhhh

TinyPawz Thu 17-May-18 03:01:21

Uses a soup spoon to spread anything on bread. Mayo/butter/jam. I don't know why and in the grand scheme of things it's no big deal but makes me stabby. Soup spoons should only be used for soup. They live in another part of the drawer fgs, he has to bypass the knives and even normal desert spoons to get to them 🤯

CAAKE Thu 17-May-18 03:14:45

Enters kitchen. Takes beer from fridge. Walks past bin to other end of kitchen. Flings beer lid on counter next to sink. Walks back past bin, past fridge to exit the kitchen. Why? Just WHY?

Mamaryllis Thu 17-May-18 03:31:49

reloads the dishwasher if anyone else has had the temerity to put stuff in it. Because obv we are all imbeciles who couldn’t possibly be trusted to get the plates in the right place.
Titzilla already mentioned the snoring. Tbf I just walk off and let him load the fucking dishwasher, but apparently I’m not allowed to put a pillow on his smug ‘lying on his back with his arms behind his head’ face to muffle the noise. Now that dd1 is largely at university I do occasionally flee to the peace and quiet of her bed if it all gets too much.

preggersteach Thu 17-May-18 04:07:36

Leaves glasses on the work top rather than put them in the dish washer that it below where he puts them! He says he leaves it to go back and re use rather than use another one but then why at the end of the day are there about 5 glasses not been put in the dishwasher rather just the one?!?

preggersteach Thu 17-May-18 04:09:18

Also if I ask him to do anything in the house, he'll always say he'll do it tomorrow so the majority of the time I end up doing it myself out of shear frustration (this may be his plan!)

preggersteach Thu 17-May-18 04:11:14

Last one I promise! Rather than walk the extra 5 steps into the kitchen to be near the bin every night walks into the house and empties the contents of his pockets onto the dining table, so change and crumpled up receipts are just left there. The table is not a bin!

DereksGotATail Thu 17-May-18 04:18:32

Waits until we are stood beside the car before deciding to locate the keys and unlock the doors. The number of times we stand flicking up the door handles whilst he saunters up then stands checking his pockets for the keys angry

FelicitationsFacilitations Thu 17-May-18 05:06:50

Leaves less than a portion of things in jars/bottles/packets and puts back in cupboards. Claims not to want to waste but will then studiously avoid original jar and open new. Its ALWAYS me that has to clear them out. Argued over it numerous times, never changes.

HappyEverIftar Thu 17-May-18 05:18:39

chatchat same thing here with dishes! Why why why do they do that?! I don't do that confused I keep on top of emptying it, so why are they left on the side by the sink..

See also: making his side of the bed up but leaving mine.

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