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90s lunchbox nostalgia

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Thisnamechanger Wed 16-May-18 10:16:22

Chatting about lunches this morning with my colleagues who are five years my junior roughly my age.

We discovered a collective affection for:
Midget Gems
Wagon Wheels
Random small cheese oblongs wrapped in plastic
Tiny cheese sandwiches

Must be served in some kind of Disney character box with a handle that scrapes your knuckles

Neither of them remembers the lunchboxes shaped like a treasure chest where the drink bottle slotted onto the end though.

What childhood lunchtime snacks do you miss??

FuckingBUTTERbeans Wed 16-May-18 11:40:21

Some of this may have been late 80s for me:

Munch Bunch yoghurts
Club biscuits
Luncheon meat in the shape of animals/faces in sandwiches
Dairylea lunchables, the ones with the crackers

Could go for some Lunchables now, actually!

Stephisaur Wed 16-May-18 11:42:51

Club biscuit bars
Dairylea lunchables (ok, sometimes I still buy these as a snack!)
Um Bongo (man, I loved Um Bongo!)

flamingofridays Wed 16-May-18 11:44:38

yep, club biscuits, billy bear ham (prob not actually ham!)

and the cling film that turned a colour when you screwed it up

and those coloured bags with stickers on...

I also ate many a crisp sandwich in the 90's (and actually am having one today too!)

Littlelondoner Wed 16-May-18 12:07:22

The yoghurts shaped like a space ship with a little toy in the middle

Monster munch that turned your tounge a funny colour

Panda pops

Those plastic "juices" with a plastic key at top you snapped off

The matching flasks to the lunchboxes with squash in. Usually kia ora or umbongo.

Pogs in crisps.

B&m biscuits with the faces on in their own little smiley face plastic tubs.

Pringles in the little pringle shaped plastic tubs.

Callypso cup drinks in the plastic cups.

Salt and linekar, cheese and owen, smokey beckham etc crisps

Lunch boxes carebears, barbie, forever friends, spice girls or disney for the girls

Biker mice from mars, power rangers, jurassic park or action man for the boys.

Littlelondoner Wed 16-May-18 12:12:34

Ice gems,

choc dip pots,

Fruit winders,

Rice crispy squares,

Chcolate coco pops bars and frosties ones too

In hind sight I realise I ate so so so so much rubbish as a kid. How I have a good set of teeth and always been skinny is beyond me!!

BevBrook Wed 16-May-18 12:14:03

Luncheon meat sandwiches. Luncheon meat! Is that even a thing now? If you were really lucky it would be luncheon meat with a perfectly circular egg in the middle.

Sandwich spread (bleugh) or meat paste. My sister liked liver sausage (bleugh bleugh).

BevBrook Wed 16-May-18 12:15:31

Actually, that was 80s though!

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Wed 16-May-18 12:19:18

A bag of crisps with a Tazo in.

My mum was quite strict so we weren't allowed most of the cool snacks that my friends had. Wholemeal bread sandwiches and carrot sticks sad though we were allowed the occasional Penguin bar.

givemushypeasachance Wed 16-May-18 13:03:42

Little cartons of Ribena, there was a peach one that was my fave. Or Um Bongo which was of course the most fun option. Frozen in summer to help keep the rest of the lunch cool.

I mostly had plain cheese sandwiches as I was fussy...

Munch bunch yogurts for sure!

Popular chocolate biscuit options were a one finger Twix, a Trio, a shiny green Viscount, Penguin, two fingered KitKat, Wagon Wheels.

I longed for these little biscuit things with designs on them and think it was a chocolate cream filling - maybe called Cartoon Biscuits or Toons or something?

Bluesheep8 Wed 16-May-18 13:14:39

Sandwich spread! Oh I loved that...think you can still get It, must have a look...

OhCheersForThat Wed 16-May-18 13:20:10

I was at primary school in the 80s and loved:

Midget Gems
Breakaways/Penguins/Clubs/Viscounts/other shitty chocolate biscuits of the era
Mighty white bread for sandwiches (favourite fillings included marmite and - I cant believe I ever ate it true BUT - Matteson's liver pate <vom>)
Panda Pops, Um Bongo or Moonshine as a treat on school trips, rather than the standard carton of Just Juice
Token pieces of fruit were eaten at break - a golden delicious apple or a PROPER Satsuma around Christmas (none of this easy peeler nonsense).

I was a teen in the 90s so it was all about spending your lunch money on chip shop chips or going halves on a 10 packet of fags grin. We were classy kids!

andantecantabile Wed 16-May-18 13:21:19

I loved the Trio bars, especially the little puzzles on the inside of the paper covering

ComtesseDeSpair Wed 16-May-18 13:21:30

Space Invaders corn crisps. Viscounts, Trios, Clubs, Caramacs. Sandwiches made with ham which came pre-packed in slices cut to look like teddy bears :S Virtually everyone I went to primary school with had some variation on the above, usually with a banana. Sophisticated humous and crudités, wraps and fancy fruit lunch was not.

wendz86 Wed 16-May-18 13:25:39

Gold bars, penguins, wagon wheels, kitkats, trio. Usually a token apple or something.

LooseyInTheSky Wed 16-May-18 13:29:57

Plastic Pringles boxes shaped like the crisps!

FoofFighter Wed 16-May-18 13:35:16

@givemushypeasachance cartoonies

If you have a b&m they something extremely similar with pandas or cats on

FoofFighter Wed 16-May-18 13:36:03

Hello panda that's what they are called now smile

givemushypeasachance Wed 16-May-18 13:44:48

Ha thanks @FoofFighter yes I remember first seeing them in Japanese etc import type shops in chocolate and strawberry flavours, and was super excited, I'm glad they're available in cheaper places now too I have a couple of boxes in my cupboard! grin

SallySynonym Wed 16-May-18 13:49:51

Also mid-late 80s, I remember Fiendish Feet yoghurts, Gold Bar biscuits, Fox's Classic biscuits, Crisps were either Nik Naks (nice 'n' spicy or rib'n'saucy), Wheat Crunchies, Salt'n'Shake, or their much more exciting cousin Flavour'n'Shake, Discos, Roysters (T-Bone Steak flavour) or Hedgehog crisps which nobody seems to remember but me!

I think I was considered posh (or at least something akin to a "foodie" before the word was in common usage) because I always had pita bread instead of sliced white loaf sandwiches. My pita would usually be filled with chopped up pepperami and diced cheese. I often took a little tupperware pot of cubed melon too.

In the winter, I would have a flask of chicken noodle soup - made from an asda packet mix, plus a whole pepperami and the usual biscuit, yoghurt and crisps.

Looking at that salt content, it's no wonder I've ended up with high blood pressure in later life!

MrsPear Wed 16-May-18 14:17:12

Sandwich paste - envy
Club biscuits
Corn beef and pickle
Monster yogurt with the feet - they should bring those pots back
The plastic pots with the foil lid which you jabbed the straw through - treat day then!

Child of the 80s

FishFingerInjury Wed 16-May-18 14:20:39

If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our club.

The purple ones were my fave.

Also, Gold bars became a bit of a thing in my school for a while.

Thisnamechanger Wed 16-May-18 14:21:29

God we ate a lot of crap grin

A bag of crisps with a Tazo in Oh the JOY!

PinkHeart5914 Wed 16-May-18 14:22:32

Panda pop or flavoured water
Strawberry ribean ( can you still buy the strawberry one???)
Meat paste ( why was this ever a thing and who just who is still buying it)
Gold bar/penguin/ wagon wheel
Dairylea Lunchables

MrsMoggy Wed 16-May-18 14:25:17

Munch bunch yoghurts
Sandwiches cut Into random shapes with cookie cutters. Mostly cheese or marmite for me
Philaldephia dunkers
Up bongo/panda pops/ Ribena
Sunny delight
All those crisps you could get for 10p in the shop- tangy toms, American footballers, space raiders
Crisps with tazos in
Penguins/breakaways/clubs/blue riband
Wonka bars
Yoghurts with a toy in middle by Onken

Can’t believe I’d forgotten the Pringles in Pringle shaped tin, used to love those

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