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Random "Fact about yourself" thread

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flubdub Wed 25-Apr-18 22:33:23

Tell us a little known fact about yourself.

I am in my mid 30's, overweight, and spectacularly unfit, but can still get my foot behind my head 😂

I can touch my nose with my tongue. Eww

DoubleNegativePanda Wed 25-Apr-18 22:35:51

I am addicted to yarn and knitting. DD says she's going to stage an intervention.

I just go bifocal glasses and IDGAF if they make me look old.

I am so excited to go home tonight and watch my recorded first episode of the second season of Westworld!!

Teapiggy Wed 25-Apr-18 22:42:32

My dd can stick her tongue up her nose it's disgusting.

I have been offered a job but can't tell anyone yet as I currently work for family members.

I watch more cartoons than anything else.

I am so out of touch with the world I didn't know Kate was even pregnant.

Aprilmightbemynewname Wed 25-Apr-18 22:45:39

I have 8 ds's!!

Ancientmummyofwooooos Wed 25-Apr-18 23:08:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gibraltaryousay Wed 25-Apr-18 23:12:30

@Ancientmummyofwooooos I'm sure you're not an awful person. Be kind to yourself thanks

FastWindow Wed 25-Apr-18 23:17:04

ancientmummy break the surface of the water. Ask your DP to tell your friend that you are also not well, if you can't find the strength.
Maybe after you come clean, you could help each other. I know it's hard to move. Small steps.

Ancientmummyofwooooos Wed 25-Apr-18 23:26:58

I tried to change my name for my post, and it didnt- i am so sorry, thank you for kind words- friend i have let down knows my username here, so will probably see it. Im not sure if she will be cross at my not telling her or not. ❤

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Wed 25-Apr-18 23:29:22

@DoubleNegativePanda - I am a yarnaholic too - and if your dd does stage an intervention, I will have your back!

My random fact - I met my dh in the queue for the Last Night of the Proms - we slept out in the queue for two nights and three days.

FastWindow Wed 25-Apr-18 23:29:38

ancient No one who knows the black dog blames anyone else. Your friend will understand.

FastWindow Wed 25-Apr-18 23:32:58

Hmm my random and uninteresting fact is that I can remember how to spell your name, however complicated.

OdileDeCaray Wed 25-Apr-18 23:35:07

I'm also addicted to yarn but Crochet.

I have so much yarn that I probably won't live to use it all!

I wear sunglasses all year round.

I could not leave the house without wearing make up with the exception of being rushed into hospital.

Equally I have to wear earrings and would be very agitated if put and realised I had forgot to put a pair on, to the extent that I'd have to return home to get a pair of look for somewhere to immediately buy a pair.

FourFriedChickensDryWhiteToast Wed 25-Apr-18 23:36:55

I am 53 and have lost one tooth and had one filling.

Maverick66 Wed 25-Apr-18 23:41:54

I'm 51 spent last 25 years rearing my family
Need to go out to work now but I haven't got the confidence.
Although other people would think I'm brimmimg with confidence.

starsandstuff Wed 25-Apr-18 23:44:16

I'm 41. Never had a filling. Won a modelling competition (just for hair) and only told 4 people (DP and family) because I was worried people would think I thought I was pretty or something. I have a photographic memory for song lyrics and I'm really good at recognising actors from that other thing they've been in no matter how briefly or long ago. None of these things are useful in any way.

@DoubleNegativePanda I am so excited to go home tonight and watch my recorded first episode of the second season of Westworld!!
Omg it's SO GOOD!!

PomBearWithAnOFRS Wed 25-Apr-18 23:46:32

I almost got the sued for $700K over the Piper Alpha disaster when I was 17. (true fact!)

YesItsMeIDontCare Wed 25-Apr-18 23:47:29

I walk my cat.

Ski40 Wed 25-Apr-18 23:48:00

I used to be a Goth in my early twenties.
I had eating disorders and used to self harm when I was a lot younger. I was a pretty angsty teenager 😮
I had my own radio program for 2 years.
I can sing- but I'm too shy to show anyone!
I have written a novel based on a real life trauma of mine. Again, too shy and insecure to try to publish it.
I can paint.
I have developed a bizarre crush on Randy from Say yes to the dress 😂 and I might or might not shout at the tv when I see him pawing the brides!! 🤣🤣

kittenpawss Wed 25-Apr-18 23:51:29

I love these threads! They're amazing 😂😂 @YesItsMeIDontCare I also walk my cat (high five)

NotUmbongoUnchained Wed 25-Apr-18 23:53:55

I have different coloured eyes

I have a tattoo on my ass cheek

I once beat 8 grown men in a Krispie Kreme eating competition

Jozxyqk Wed 25-Apr-18 23:58:18

I have a freckle in my left eye. And they're hazel but go green as grass whenever they get bloodshot; I assume it's a blood vessel thing.

Gammeldragz Wed 25-Apr-18 23:59:17

I mostly grew up living in caravans with no mod cons.
I can also put my foot behind my head...
Now Googling Piper Alpha.

hopefullhelpful Thu 26-Apr-18 09:54:31

People think I'm very conservative and straight laced but I grew up in a theatrical family- my grandad used to slice me in half as part of his magic act every Sat evening during the summer season... (he'd broken the box and so my Nan couldn't fit in any more, hence him using his 9 yo granddaughter.)
No one else in the family thought this was weird.

mimibunz Thu 26-Apr-18 10:02:22

I had sex on Neil Young’s fishing boat in the 90s.
I drove across America twice on my own.
I still read Nancy Drew mystery novels

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Thu 26-Apr-18 10:17:49

"I have so much yarn that I probably won't live to use it all!"

Me too, @OdileDeCaray - StaBLE - Stash Beyond Life Expectancy. I crochet too - I make dh a knitted or crocheted animal for Christmas each year, and my favourites were a hippo and an elephant (Happypotamus and Loxodonta, from Ravelry) - well, I say favourite - the end product, and dh's reactions to them were my favourite, but constructing them from the crochet hexagons, pentagons and octagons was a nightmare each time.

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