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How much?

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IForgetMy Wed 25-Apr-18 07:45:55

DS is going to his first birthday party on the weekend, and I was just wondering how much we should give the birthday boy?

It’s his best friend at school, DS has never had a birthday party but when it was his birthday the same child gifted him the largest box of Lego, I am not familiar with mum I’ve only seen her a few times, however I do have her business card but I have never had the intension to call her, I can’t just now pop up out of the blue and ask her what DS would like for his birthday. I was thinking maybe we should get him a lovely card and just put £100 inside it, but money does tend to get forgotten about.

KTD27 Wed 25-Apr-18 07:46:56

£100?! Man alive. How old is your son? What is he into? Has he any ideas about what his friend would like?

SoupDragon Wed 25-Apr-18 07:47:22

maybe we should get him a lovely card and just put £100 inside it


Praisebe Wed 25-Apr-18 07:47:58

Ask your son what he and his friends are into at the moment and get them that. Pokemon most likely or Minecraft things

00100001 Wed 25-Apr-18 07:48:04



IForgetMy Wed 25-Apr-18 07:48:18

My son is 6, his friend is going to be 7. I’ve asked DS what toys he likes and he said “All of them”

Praisebe Wed 25-Apr-18 07:48:33

Your acting like £100 is a lot hmm peasants

DidNotThinkItWouldHappenHere Wed 25-Apr-18 07:49:08

£100? Holy cow. I'll be your sons friend!

Standard when my kids were small was a fiver, and as they got to upper primary it increased to a tenner.

00100001 Wed 25-Apr-18 07:50:03

Most kids would be more than happy to get something along the lines of a book or a transformer/model or small lego set or small water pistol or polemic cards etc

Jeepers no need to spend any more than £10.

cafune7 Wed 25-Apr-18 07:50:28

When I first read your post I thought £20 would be so damn generous...😆

00100001 Wed 25-Apr-18 07:51:07

If you spend £100 on your friends kids. How much do you spend on your own kids for their birthday? shock

GrannyGrissle Wed 25-Apr-18 07:52:37

If you want to be known for ever more as Old Tightwad then put £100 in. £500 is nearer the mark round here.

RebootYourEngine Wed 25-Apr-18 07:52:48

Surely thats a typo and you meant £10.

QueenOfMyWorld Wed 25-Apr-18 07:54:10

Just go for a cool £1000 anything else would be below par

IForgetMy Wed 25-Apr-18 07:54:31

It’s just that when I was younger I never used to get any gifts or cards from my friends (I never used to have birthday parties) neither did any of my friends. I was always given a substantial amount by family members and so is DS, I don’t want to offend anyone here but we don’t see £100 as very much but it would be enough to buy any toy of his choice.

SoyDora Wed 25-Apr-18 07:54:34

£100 is insane. £20 absolute max (and that’s only for a best friend). £5-£10 for less close friends.

IMissGin Wed 25-Apr-18 07:54:45

My daughters best friend had her birthday last week. We spent £20 in a lovely gift. Normally I spend around £7 per child plus card & wrap

KirstenRaymonde Wed 25-Apr-18 07:54:52

You can’t really mean £100? Did he give your son the Millenium Falcon Lego or something? Children to children is usually a £10 limit, maybe a bit more if you can afford it but don’t start setting insane standards like spending £100 at this stage l.

KirstenRaymonde Wed 25-Apr-18 07:55:49

You don’t see £100 as very much? If you goes to every child in the classes birthdays over the next year will you give them each £100?

tomhazard Wed 25-Apr-18 07:56:08

Buy the child lego or some kind of craft kit. You must know you are being ridiculous to suggest £100

SoyDora Wed 25-Apr-18 07:56:23

I don’t want to offend anyone here but we don’t see £100 as very much

Why would it offend anyone?
We are comfortably off. £100 is still a ridiculous amount for a friend’s birthday. It’s not about how much you can afford, it’s about how much is the ‘norm’ for friend’s birthdays. Deviating from the norm does tend to make people feel a bit awkward.

IForgetMy Wed 25-Apr-18 07:57:04

100100001 we do not have a set amount on how much we spend on DS.

dementedpixie Wed 25-Apr-18 07:58:16

£100 is an insane amount for a 7 year old. I give £20 to my nieces/nephews and less to school friends

RJnomore1 Wed 25-Apr-18 07:58:25

It's not about how much you can afford for school friends TBH standard will be £5-10 for a classmate and maybe £20 for a close friend.

SoyDora Wed 25-Apr-18 07:58:35

DD1 has been to 7 parties since Christmas. 11 this academic year. £100 per child would soon get expensive.

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