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Liverpool areas to live

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Lj8893 Tue 24-Apr-18 20:20:42

So we are 99% certain we shall be moving to the Liverpool area soon due to work.

We would be renting at first, what areas should we consider or more importantly should we absolutley completely avoid??

I've looked (online) at the renovated houses in the welsh streets, which look beautiful, but they are in the Toxteth area which obviously has a poor reputation, is it really that bad?

Howmanysleepstilchristmas Tue 24-Apr-18 20:26:35

What’s your budget, and how many bedrooms do you need?

Lj8893 Tue 24-Apr-18 20:28:42

Should have said we need to be close (walking distance ideally) to good schools and have public transport.

Also, ideally south Liverpool as we are moving from the south west of England so don't want to add on any more travelling time for family to visit/us to visit them than necessary!

Lj8893 Tue 24-Apr-18 20:29:30

Budget probably max £800 a month and need 3 bedrooms. I've looked on rightmove and can easily get the type of house we need in our budget but I am clueless to what the areas are like!

goforkyourself Tue 24-Apr-18 20:31:16

If you want to live in the South end of the city, avoid L8 (Toxteth) and head for Aigburth (L17) or Allerton/Rose Lane (L18) North end Waterloo/Crosby/Blundellsands L22/23 also very nice.

Howmanysleepstilchristmas Tue 24-Apr-18 20:33:02

Try broadgreen, Allerton, Aigburth, Mossley Hill. Booker, Broadgreen and St Michael in the Hamlet are good primary schools.

Lj8893 Tue 24-Apr-18 20:34:14

So the renovated Welsh streets are a no go area then?

Will look at houses in the other areas you mentioned, thankyou!

Lj8893 Tue 24-Apr-18 20:42:48

These roads?

Howmanysleepstilchristmas Tue 24-Apr-18 21:29:25

I’d say they were a no go, sorry!

topcat2014 Tue 24-Apr-18 21:32:43

L17/L18 for me!

Dontbuymesocks Tue 24-Apr-18 21:36:31

Look a Childwall (L16), Mossley Hill (L18) and Wooltom/Gateacre (L25) first. They are by far the best areas in south Liverpool and have lots of good schools. Very close to the motorway too. Aigburth will be a little cheaper but is also fine. Where you’re looking (on the map) is absolutely not what you’re looking for from your description.

LARLARLAND Tue 24-Apr-18 21:39:21

I don't think that living in North Liverpool would add too much time to your journey to see relatives. Liverpool is a relatively small city.

Lj8893 Tue 24-Apr-18 21:39:28

Yes I think I got swept away by the beautiful houses, I know deep down it's not the right area.

Seems to be a resounding recommendation on the best areas though, it's given me a very good starting point. Thanks!

LockingJay Tue 24-Apr-18 21:41:25

I’m afraid it would definitely be a no from me as well.

MyDcAreMarvel Tue 24-Apr-18 21:42:39

Childwall, Allerton, some parts of Aigburth, outskirts of Speke, Long lane End of Garston , Mossley Hill and Chessington are all good areas of South Liverpool .

MyDcAreMarvel Tue 24-Apr-18 21:43:28

North Liverpool is not great, unless you leave Liverpool all together for Crosby/Blundellsands.

MyDcAreMarvel Tue 24-Apr-18 21:43:57

Sorry forgot Woolton/Gateacre.

Owletterocks Tue 24-Apr-18 21:47:37

West derby is nice and central too so travelling time not an issue. I think aintree in the north is also ok but not sure I would live in any other north liverpool area.

rcheyes Tue 24-Apr-18 21:48:50

Agree with previous posters. Also some areas of L19 are very nice with good schools. It's a great city, we've moved away for my husband's job and I really miss it!

LARLARLAND Tue 24-Apr-18 21:52:54

I would also look at the city centre if you OK living in a flat. There are some nice places around Mann Island and I would also check out the Waterloo warehouse.

Thequeenisdeadboys Tue 24-Apr-18 21:53:42

Bit further but Southport is lovely. Lived there for a few years.

Cosmo2908 Tue 24-Apr-18 21:53:55

I'd also consider the Wirral. Its quick into Liverpool on the train & some really lovely areas.
I'm from Liverpool but moved over to the Wirral 11 years ago to be closer to Chester for work & I honestly wouldn't move back. Within a very short drive you can be at a beach or in the countryside & 25 minutes on the train into Liverpool.

Flaskfan Tue 24-Apr-18 21:54:17

How about the Wirral? Only a hop from Liverpool and you get beaches too.

Flaskfan Tue 24-Apr-18 21:54:33

X post!

differentkindofpenguin Tue 24-Apr-18 21:56:34

Join Facebook group called Liverpool bumps, babies and little tiddlers. You will get lots of good info there and might make some friends too!

And as a "mystery house"- have you looked at the Wirral? Not that far from Liverpool ( I have commuted for years and it takes no longer than some parts of Liverpool), some gorgeous properties, nice schools, and generally cheaper. smile

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