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What’s Inside??

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DailyMailFail101 Tue 24-Apr-18 20:03:17

Currently renovating the house, pulled up the carpet in the lounge to find a block of wood and hidden underneath was husbands desperate to find out what’s inside

DollyLlama Tue 24-Apr-18 20:04:04

Ooh... don't mind me, just settling in 🍿

sillyoldowl Tue 24-Apr-18 20:04:58

Hell yes... wine

dudsville Tue 24-Apr-18 20:05:24

I'm imaging someone was away from home. Perhaps travelling. Perhaps ill in hospital. And they found themselves on their deathbed, unable to speak, thinking "fuck I never gave anyone that combination to the safe".

Minniemarshmallows Tue 24-Apr-18 20:08:39

Hurry up....
not curious

LEMtheoriginal Tue 24-Apr-18 20:09:09

No idea....
Place marked grin

LEMtheoriginal Tue 24-Apr-18 20:10:08

Nuclear bunker? might come in handy

Sparklingbrook Tue 24-Apr-18 20:10:09

This needs to be concluded swiftly. I think the last safe opening thread was a long drawn out major anti climax. sad

BrieAndChilli Tue 24-Apr-18 20:12:10

Please do not post a safe thread u less you are certain you will be able to open within a timeframe satisfactory to the invested thread watchers!!

cheeseslovesme Tue 24-Apr-18 20:12:20

I would love to that found that, how exciting. Hope you can get it open to see what is in it ASAP.

EasterRobin Tue 24-Apr-18 20:13:30

Don't you dare start this thread then disappear off Mumsnet for the rest of your life! <grabs popcorn and comfy chair>

DailyMailFail101 Tue 24-Apr-18 20:14:15

Yes going to get a lock smith out tomorrow, my four year old thinks it will be a golden Thomas The Tank Engine...

snozzlemaid Tue 24-Apr-18 20:14:42

Oh no.
We're going to need a mystery safe topic soon with all these safe threads.
Wonder if this will be the one with something exciting in it.

lardass88 Tue 24-Apr-18 20:14:52

Ooh!! 👀

RulaLenskasHair Tue 24-Apr-18 20:15:04

Safeeeeey time!

NotDrunk Tue 24-Apr-18 20:15:27

Place marked wink

MarcellaBackland Tue 24-Apr-18 20:17:00

I’m expecting a guy living under there who is stuck in the 70s and has to enter a code every 84 minutes.

EasterRobin Tue 24-Apr-18 20:17:02

I'm going for ill-gotten gains. Is any of the Hatton Garden loot still missing?

BigStripeyBastard Tue 24-Apr-18 20:19:07

I bet there is gold inside. Much gold!
Or nothing.
Either way, you better bloody come back tommorow and update this! I remember the last mystery safe thread and I'm still sodding bitter about it!

theunsureone Tue 24-Apr-18 20:19:12

Looks like a safe, hopefully it will have money or jewellery or something of value and not a dead body (although it looks quite small for a dead body)

OdileDeCaray Tue 24-Apr-18 20:20:50

It doesn't look Victorian! grin

I think inside there will be a large envelope containing photos of The Krankies in the nude in all manner of downright salacious poses involving a tartan riding crop, whipped cream and an inflatable Haggis.

They were used to Blackmail this lovely couple which is why they didn't ever become the International stars they no doubt would have been if they hadn't been blackmailed into semi retiring.

Sparklingbrook Tue 24-Apr-18 20:22:13

I am hoping that in there will be the reason that Lorraine Kelly is still on the TV. grin

bannanapeppers Tue 24-Apr-18 20:24:12

i completely aggree with OdileDeCaray that seems to be the only logical thing to be in this safe...

Tentomidnight Tue 24-Apr-18 20:24:58

Do you live within striking distance of the Great Train Robbery? That safe looks old school!

JennyOnAPlate Tue 24-Apr-18 20:25:10

I have no idea but for the love of god get this thread deleted now if you don't intend to get it open.

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