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Would you eat this cake?

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ToastyFingers Tue 24-Apr-18 17:56:43

DD wants a birthday party for her 5th birthday which is in a couple of months, just a whole class village hall type thing, which is what 90% of the other class parties have been.

I bake, and I'm pretty good at it (and my kitchen is hygienic to the point of being sterile lol). I'd like to do a couple of cakes to offer the parents, along with the standard tea and coffee, I was thinking maybe a Victoria sponge, a chocolate fudge cake and a carrot cake, so something for everyone?

Is this too try hard? Would you have a slice? I could put up a list of ingredients and potential allergens if that would be an issue.

Plenty of parents have done some home-made stuff for the kids which has gone down well so I assume people aren't too fussy in that respect, I'd like to make some mum/dad friends and I don't want to do anything to make them think I'm odd so I'd love some opinions.

AsAProfessionalFekko Tue 24-Apr-18 17:57:43

I'll have one of each please. I love a good home made cake.

ToastyFingers Tue 24-Apr-18 17:58:44

Yay! It's good too I promise you!

Heismyopendoor Tue 24-Apr-18 17:58:58

Of course I would eat it smile

nocake Tue 24-Apr-18 17:59:26

You're over thinking this. You don't need a list of ingredients. Just serve up some cake and I'm sure everyone will be happy.

Plumsofwrath Tue 24-Apr-18 18:00:35

Why can’t the parents have some of the birthday cake? I’m assuming you’re making that - just make it bigger?

concretesieve Tue 24-Apr-18 18:00:35

<queues up holding plate>

Ickyockycocky Tue 24-Apr-18 18:00:36

Can I come please?

yellowmellw Tue 24-Apr-18 18:01:30

I wouldn't eat a homemade cake unless I knew who the person was personally or if it was baked by an actual bakery. Unfortunately everyone probably thinks they are hygienic when baking at home but you can't be sure if they are or not.

AlbertaSimmons Tue 24-Apr-18 18:01:33

Carrot please.

DairyisClosed Tue 24-Apr-18 18:02:14

Cake might be a bit fussy. Possibly briwnies/biscuits instead?

SoyDora Tue 24-Apr-18 18:02:16

Yes, of course I would. I love homemade cake.

M5tothesouthwest Tue 24-Apr-18 18:02:37

Agree as before. I'd always have a slice of cake with a cuppa if offered and always prefer homemade to shop-bought.

No need for a list of ingredients - if someone is likely to be affected, they'll ask what's in it or politely decline just in case.

Outlookmainlyfair Tue 24-Apr-18 18:02:41

Def overthinking! I am not sure what the issue is.

extinctspecies Tue 24-Apr-18 18:04:06

When my DC were that age I always did home-made food for the kids and also laid on some food for the parents if they needed to stay at the party - I usually did smoked salmon sandwiches.

I think cake is a very nice idea OP and not too try-hard at all. I don't think you need worry about allergens as if it's an issue adults can ask you.

But it might be confusing having all those yummy cakes as well as a birthday cake - which I'm assuming you'll also be making?

AsAProfessionalFekko Tue 24-Apr-18 18:04:15

I always make a chocolate fudge, a Normandy apple cake, and an orange polenta cake. I do make food cakes (blows own trumpet a but there) but I was taught by my mum who was an baking cook (and grandma who was a cook).

37KAT Tue 24-Apr-18 18:04:17

Yep, I'd eat it, yum. What about some scones, jam & cream ... just saying smile

extinctspecies Tue 24-Apr-18 18:05:39

I would always much prefer a home-made cake to one from a shop, and I really never worry about the hygiene aspects.

Shop cake is full of revolting additives.

GreatDuckCookery Tue 24-Apr-18 18:06:17

Sounds fab OP. I'm sure the parents would be love it.

Luckingfovely Tue 24-Apr-18 18:07:08

Yup, waaaay overthinking. Just make the goddamn birthday cake. I do a lot of baking and a lot of parties and always just make one giant cake for everyone. No complaints yet!

But if you really want to do something different for the parents, go ahead. But one more, not three. Three extra cakes looks completely psycho/obsessive/try hard and they'll think you're weird and showing off.

SoyDora Tue 24-Apr-18 18:09:14

The only reason I wouldn’t just do one birthday cake for everyone is we always tend to do the candles and cut the cake towards the end of the party, and the parents would probably want a bit of cake before that.
I’d probably just do one extra cake for the adults OP. I usually put on a cheese board with crackers/grapes and some bowls of posh crisps for the parents.

MrsHathaway Tue 24-Apr-18 18:09:42

The best parent food I have ever encountered at a children's party was fresh scones split with jam and cream. Hint hint.

So long as you know what the ingredients are in case anyone asks (I think it very unlikely, though they might ask for confirmation that something is X cake rather than Y cake) I don't think you need to do a list.

How would you feel if the parents put adult cake on the children's plates? This (and vice versa) happens when there's separate offerings. I'd concentrate on the children's food as adults don't expect anything special for themselves.

It could be seen as a bit try hard, yes. A tray bake style would be less intimidating and could be same flavours - easier to take a small piece and not be wanting a fork. And maybe a box of biscuits e.g. Fox's or M&S for those who want a little less.

Joinourclub Tue 24-Apr-18 18:10:05

I'm always secretly disappointed when the kids tuck into cake at parties, and the adults get none!

ToastyFingers Tue 24-Apr-18 18:11:21

I don't know if it varies regionally, but round these parts birthday cake is cut up and sent out in party bags, not eaten at the actual party, so although I'd be happy for them to take a piece, usually parents don't get a piece.

I won't do an ingredients list then, I did think about doing a gluten free option, but I haven't done that before and it might end up horrible.
Thanks for all the lovely replies smile

happypotamus Tue 24-Apr-18 18:12:52

Yes, I would. I love cake, and it wouldn't cross my mind to think that the level of hygiene in your kitchen might be a problem (my kitchen isn't always perfect and I cook from scratch a lot and haven't poisoned us yet).

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