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Me and a four year old for a day in London, ideas please

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LardLizard Tue 24-Apr-18 14:43:49

Have tickets for shreks London adventure
Just need to make a plan for the rest of the day
Was thinking maybe a duck tour ?
Maybe a ride around on an bus
And some lunch somewhere special

SchnitzelVonKrumm Tue 24-Apr-18 14:49:20

Science museum - lots of interactive fun. Diana playground (nearby) if it's a nice day.

WindDoesNotBreakTheBendyTree Tue 24-Apr-18 14:55:35

Thames boat trip - absolute winner, see all the sights without all the schlep.

Sky Garden?

Diana memorial gardens - really is an ace park

keely79 Tue 24-Apr-18 15:01:14

Science Museum and/or Natural History Museum. There are quite a few good Italian options nearby for lunch as well - e.g. Rocca or Franco Manca.

South bank if it's a nice day - check their events calendar, they often have free events with music, etc going on. Can also watch the skateboarding, go up onto the roof garden, ride the carousel, etc. Plenty of choice for restaurants as well, or eat at the street market if a nice day and take your meal to eat beside the river.

Chortlesauraus Tue 24-Apr-18 15:01:36

Boat down to Greenwich, wander around the Cutty Sark, nip into the Maritime Museum-free of charge, fantastic kids play area, and the map room is tremendous fun
If the weather permits then there's a brilliant adventure playground in Greenwich Park-perfect for a 4 year old

Otherwise if the weather is good then you cannot go wrong with Battersea Children's Zoo-it is fab

tidiot Tue 24-Apr-18 15:04:44

I'm also taking my 4yr old in the next few weeks. We'll be doing the Natural History Museum and maybe the Science Museum (right next to each other). His dad has took him before, they did Madame Tussauds, general sight seeing and the M&M store/Lego shop at Leicester Square.

I will be looking into the Shrek Adventure too, so thank you!

LardLizard Tue 24-Apr-18 15:10:05

Wow thanks for all the fab ideas
Will easily be able to fill a day with these
We both live Chinese so I think I’m going to try n book hakkasan as I want to take him somewhere really special
We have down natural history museum
So might go in there for a bit but don’t want to end up saying in there all day again this trip
Which is easy to do as it is fab in there

Really interested in the sky gardens as never been to anything like that before
Tbh he would be happy riding around on the bus really
But it’s good to have a bit of a plan so thanks flowers

Marcellus Tue 24-Apr-18 15:12:04

The London Transport Museum is great for that age.

flissfloss65 Tue 24-Apr-18 15:12:46

Trip on the river, stop just by Shrek. Get off in the City and go to Sky Gardens. Free but must book few weeks prior. Food available there.

Or walk to Horse Guards and see horses. Walk through to St James’s Park for a run around. Nice cafe there and ice cream. Walk along to see Buck Palace.

keely79 Tue 24-Apr-18 16:18:44

I you like Chinese and Hakkasan not available/a bit starchy for a four year old, you could try somewhere like Royal China on Queensway (just by Diana memorial park which is lovely) or head to Chinatown - Leong Legend is good.

LardLizard Tue 24-Apr-18 16:21:40

Oh thanks for those recommendations I will check them out
He did like kainin Mayfair but fancy somewhere different this time

Did also consider the emirates skyline cable cars
But does that simply go over the river n back again

LardLizard Tue 24-Apr-18 16:23:16

Sorry that should say Kai in Mayfair

Pompom42 Tue 24-Apr-18 16:25:12

I took my 3 year old on emirates skyline. It's fab she enjoyed it. Parked at Canning Town and went across to O2 and had a bite to eat

bawbles Tue 24-Apr-18 16:25:29

Another vote for boat trip, the thames clippers board right next to london eye and you can travel right down to O2. Really easy and much nicer way to travel/sightsee.

Sky garden nice but at that age my DC more impressed with museums. They loved Shrek/Sealife/Eye but got bored quickly in Madame Tussards. Loved all museums we have tried (Nat Hist, Science, Foundling and oddly adored National Gallery)

notheretoargue Tue 24-Apr-18 16:26:30

All great ideas. Would definitely do a boat trip rather than duck boat tour. We did the latter and it was a bit boring for my 4 year old. Most of it is on the road with only a tiny bit on the water. Boat trips are much more fun and really fast! (And much much cheaper!)

bawbles Tue 24-Apr-18 16:27:21

We still haven't tried Emirates airline but again the clippers dock by the stop so on the same route - my pet hate is spending the day traveling across town, I like to plan activities in a cluster/route so we aren't losing loads of time getting between attractions

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