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nursery or child minder?!?

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marshmy Mon 23-Apr-18 18:15:42

going back to work soon after having DD1(8 months) and i'm really struggling to decide between using a nursery or a childminder, which do you prefer and why? or are they just the same? are there any price differences? is there any difference in the care they provide? i'm completely clueless and so nervous about her going to either of the options she's a very clingy baby and i'd hate to think they'd be annoyed at her or left her to be upset without me there but unfortunately i have no choice but to go back to work

KatnissK Mon 23-Apr-18 18:26:42

I'm back at work soon and we have gone for a childminder since she offers term-time contracts (I'm a teacher), earlier starts (I need to drop off at 7.30am) and is generally more flexible with hours (useful for parents' evenings etc.). So I guess mainly financial reasons. I do also like that DS will get to know her well and not have to deal with new staff etc. although I accept the flipside of this is that when she is ill or if she falls pregnant then we will have to find alternative arrangements.

wendz86 Mon 23-Apr-18 18:45:02

I’ve used both and they both have positives and negatives . Overall I prefer the childminder I’m using currently as my daughters are both really happy with her and she is very flexible which is great for my needs .

wendz86 Mon 23-Apr-18 18:45:44

Also she cost the same for one child all day and one child before and after school as it would have just got nursery for youngest .

Sirzy Mon 23-Apr-18 18:47:12

Visit both locally and decide from there.

Personally for me when I visited it was obvious that nursery was best for our needs but that doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone

thismeansnothing Mon 23-Apr-18 18:54:58

I couldn't get a childminder for love nor money. I contacted near 20 at the time and I'd have needed 2-3 to cover my full time work and some needed to be picked up by 5 so not practical. DD went to nursery. Yes more expensive but we used childcare vouchers. We got our free hours when she was three and they annualised them for us rather than saying she had to do certain sessions. Opening hours were better 7:30am-6pm and all meals/nappies were provided. They did extra activities like forest school, music classes, and the odd 'class trip'. And on the whole for my DD nursery was a fab environment for her where she thrived. She's now in infants and continues to love school/learning

BoxsetsAndPopcorn Mon 23-Apr-18 19:04:39

Nursery for me, I like knowing where my children were and that there was more than one adult around. There was cover in place for staff sickness, holidays etc.

I didn't look at childminders as know they tend to do a lot of school runs, shopping, bits of housework, have visitors etc. It wasn't what I wanted,

pontiouspilates Mon 23-Apr-18 19:04:59

My work takes me to lots of different nurseries, some are really lovely, but there are a lot of McNursery type places out there that I would have hated for my DCs. We used a lovely childminder and I was happy that they had a real 'home from home' type experience.

12PurpleSnails Mon 23-Apr-18 19:08:56

My work has a nursery on site, my daughter goes there and she loves it.

MollyDaydream Mon 23-Apr-18 19:12:59

I've used both and I've worked as both.

Personally I would always choose a childminder for a baby unless you have a baby who is pretty bombproof.

jacobsgirl Mon 23-Apr-18 19:25:15

I could've written this my wee one is the same age

It's so difficult !

RiddleyW Mon 23-Apr-18 19:34:17

Like a PP I tried to get a childminder and couldn’t. And we only needed two days 9-6!

So it had to be nursery and he seems to have thrived there. It cost an absolute fortune though, £95 a day before he got his 15 hours

Claire90ftm Mon 23-Apr-18 19:39:14

The only way your DD is going to become better at being away from you and being less clingy, is if she mixes with other children. While it may be tempting to keep her at home, she is going to find it so much harder when she has to go to school. This was she will be able to mingle with her peers and make friends. It will be good for her. And I know you're worried about her being left while she's crying, but nurseries aren't bad places. They are run by people who have a ton of experience with children who are a bit anxious. It will also be good for you to try to lessen your anxiety. So I say, wholeheartedly, nursery all the way.

mangomama91 Mon 23-Apr-18 19:55:17

I agree that you need to visit both kind of settings and find what's best for your child.

We chose nursery for our children.
Our reasons were;

I drop them off to nursery, I know they'll be at nursery. I know sometimes they go on walks etc. And some parents like that Childminders go out on day trips etc but for me this was a preference of mine.

More than one adult.

More likely to be around more children their age.

More adults also means more attention to their routine, like sleep. I was worried about my youngest and going to sleep somewhere else.

Costs were pretty similar for me. The cm I looked at had a min of 6 hours a day so it worked out cheaper to go to nursery, plus nursery has cooked meal included.

When the childminder was off sick or wanted to have holidays then I would still pay but not have any child care. You obviously wouldn't get that at nursery.

Good luck in making your decision smile

YoloSwaggins Mon 23-Apr-18 20:02:26

Anecdotal evidence but I had both as a kid and much preferred the nursery.

My CM was horrible, kids got beaten up under her care and if her own children attacked us, she would just say "play nicely" and do nothing. If we hit back, she would tell our parents.

One year she said she was 22 (she was actually 40ish) and being little, I believed her. The next year she said she was 21, so I called her up on it, and she told my mum I was rude.

Also she spent most of the holidays running errands and taking us to see her family, so it was never fun. Whereas nursery seemed to have a lot more structured activities, playtime and different carers.

IveGotNoClothes Mon 23-Apr-18 20:04:42

After having my ds with a childminder and now in a nursery, I would hands down always choose nursery.

Whilst with CM, I got messed around left right and centre! The amount of let downs left me a sobbing mess every night before he was due to go to them (I had PND before you think I'm weird!)

He's now been with nursery since November, absolutely loves it. Admittedly he's lost out in any bank holidays and snow days but other than that, I've not been told they can't have him due to sickness/doc apps or any other reasons.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Mon 23-Apr-18 20:07:07

Do these threads always have to turn in to opportunities to slag off childminders?

Figgygal Mon 23-Apr-18 20:08:49

Had a childminder the tv was on constantly there was no evidence of any eyfs and we fell out very badly in the end which wrenched my child from her home after 2.5years and he cried for months at missing her family. It was too intimate a relationship for me and dc then thrived at nursery dc2 now at same nursery from 12 months and loved it too but it's small with not too many kids. I'd go nursery now also due to not having to worry about sickness or holidays meaning cm not available

Peabody25 Mon 23-Apr-18 20:09:23

We've only ever used a nursery for our DS, and it's definitely suited us. There's a lot more children the same age as him, and a lot he'll be going to school with.

There's also a good number of staff, so holidays are fine, and the nursery only ever closes on bank holidays, rather than us having to take holidays when a childminder does.

They're also really flexible if we wanted to change sessions, if they have some notice.

They have a brilliant variety of toys and activities they do, with a good outdoor setting in a modern building, and we just really liked it.

Cakeycakecake Mon 23-Apr-18 20:23:12

Ok so I’ve experienced both- kind of.
I’ve worked in an ofsted rated excellent nursery, and am this week settling my ds (2) with a childminder.

Nursery is great if you want structure, meal plans, to know that overall the same things will be on offer (the nursery now has access to everything so kids can choose their own experiences)

I’ve opted for a childminder over a nursery for ds because I feel like it’s a more settled homey environment. I took ds for a visit and he ran straight off and settled himself. The childminder has pets- which initially made me go hmmm but seeing ds interact with the animals was amazing and the childminder has it very controlled so when the animals have had enough they can leave.
I also very much liked her communication book, which shows how many nappies, how much to eat and what activities the child enjoyed each session. Lots of things that in a nursery there wasn’t time to do.
So I am very much on the childminder side. I feel confident and happy knowing my child will thrive in that environment and with that carer.

Stretchoutandwait Mon 23-Apr-18 20:25:45

Over the years we have used two different nurseries and two different childminders. All have been great.

Originally we used Nursery as we thought it would be more reliable and preferred having more than one adult around. However we ended up using a CM for after school care for DS1. She’s a brilliant CM and also a lot cheaper than Nursery, so we ended up moving DS2 there as well.

Where we live, nursery is about £50 per day and our CM is £30 per day. I also think that if you can get a really good CM it can be a better setting for a baby/younger toddler.

marshmy Mon 23-Apr-18 20:40:16

it seems like the majority prefer nursery, my worry is just that she'll be overlooked but you're all right nursery employees are obviously in the job for a reason so would look after her. it definitely would be good for her to be less clingy to me, she'd be going 3 days a week and my mum would have her the other 2 days, i'd be needing her to go from 8-5:45 is that possible with nursery's? and what are the general prices for those hours per day? i'm getting sad just thinking of leaving her and it's not happening for another 2 months!

Sierra259 Mon 23-Apr-18 20:41:11

It depends on what the childminders and nurseries local to you are like and what suits your child and your requirements better. DC1 went to a great nursery. After the usual couple of weeks of tears at drop off, they loved it. We would have been happy to send DC2 there but it wouldn't have worked when DC1 went to school, so we went with a CM for them, who is also fab!

Main pros of nursery are slightly longer hours often available, no issues with having to cover CM sickness/holidays (not a criticism of CM's, these are facts of life but not an issue with a nursery), often more structured EYFS.

Pros of CM - often a bit more flexible with hours (e.g no late pick up fees if it's a genuine one-off/rare thing, nurseries will charge immediately), more individual attention for child, often cheaper hourly rate than a nursery, just feels a bit more personal!

I would investigate all your local options and just see which fits best for you and your DD.

Sirzy Mon 23-Apr-18 20:43:55

In 2 months time? Not wishing to worry you but I would get seriously searching because you may find your options limited by availability anyway

Sierra259 Mon 23-Apr-18 20:44:27

Another pro of having a CM for DC2 is that she does school drop off and the option of days in the holidays for DC1 too.

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