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Hello please - imminent GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation

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2018name Mon 23-Apr-18 15:29:25

Can anyone please help? A friend has asked me to help her out on her small business and the implications of the GDRP. Talk about leave it late - I am no data protection expert and have found the literature available on this very complicated to understand. Can anyone please point me in the direction of something understandable and which can be applied to a small business? She runs a small furniture, crafts and furnishings business so at first look one might not think gdrp would be that relevant but she has a mailing list of about 5,000 people that she does use both for emailing and mail shots. This has been built over the last 10 years of trading made up of people who have signed up on her website at some point (though system not sophisticated enough to know when they signed up) or whose details have been collected when they bought items. Are there any guides somewhere that small business owners can actually understand? Thanks very much.

ShotsFired Mon 23-Apr-18 15:32:54

Googling GDPR for small business has lots of hits with checklists and videos and whatnot, e.g.

That would be your best bet I imagine.

itallhappensforareason Mon 23-Apr-18 15:34:39

Is this any help?

MargoLovebutter Mon 23-Apr-18 15:35:40

As ShotsFired said the ICO stuff is great, that's what we are referring endlessly to where I work:

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