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What do you work as?...

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DD2017 Mon 23-Apr-18 12:38:31

I'm 7 months into maternity leave and have the prospect of redundancy which I find out in a few weeks. I'll have 9 months pay so a few more months to find work.
Considering going part time and applying for benefits for the first time until LO goes to school...

What do you work as?
Ideas please for 16-20hrs a week..
Interesting or not / leave work at work / prospect for development in a few years / homeworking?

BluePony Mon 23-Apr-18 13:25:28

Are you asking what our jobs are?smile

DD2017 Mon 23-Apr-18 14:31:19

Yep... what's your job and do you like it?

LifeBeginsAtGin Mon 23-Apr-18 14:56:45

What benefits are you expecting?

DD2017 Mon 23-Apr-18 15:06:29

Hoping for a little CTC or WTC to help with childcare costs once redundancy payment runs out...

Looking for a little inspiration on the job front and a chat along the way...

SporkInTheToaster Mon 23-Apr-18 15:15:03

I’m a nurse.

It isn’t easy. Stressful. Shit money. Difficult to maintain a work life balance if you are in a shift working environment. Constant requirement to update skills & knowledge (which can be great but can also be stressful). Politics-a-gogo. However, I love my colleagues and most of the time I love my work and my patients. I get a sense of satisfaction from the job and feel like I contribute to society in a positive way. As a career, nursing has almost endless opportunities both at home and abroad, so is positive from that point of view. In a sense, it is a ‘job for life’ (if you want one of those!).

BluePony Mon 23-Apr-18 15:16:36

Waitress; it's okay but obviously money isn't great smile

DD2017 Mon 23-Apr-18 15:22:34

Hats off to you being a nurse! Something I really admire and could never do on account of me fainting at the sight of blood.. such a wimp!

I was a waitress many moons ago and loved it!! Not sure I'd keep up now haha

Zaphodsotherhead Mon 23-Apr-18 15:25:54

I work in a local supermarket.

16 hour contract, but quite frequently working 30+ hours a week. But the 16 hour contract means I am ineligible for any benefits (no dependent children), so on weeks when I do work a limited number of hours, there's very little money coming in (am single).

Plus have to be flexible as quite frequently get called in on days off or to extend a shift, which wouldn't be practical with children (although I can say 'no', I suppose, but it's frowned upon).

In my downtime I'm an author. Have you thought about writing a book, at all? (every other bugger does). There's not a lot of money in that either, by the way.

InvisibleToEveryone Mon 23-Apr-18 15:26:06

Work in a junior school kitchen, means I can school drop off and pick ups.
And get school holidays with the kids.

Raven88 Mon 23-Apr-18 15:26:19

I'm a support worker for people with complex needs. I love my job. It's a challenging job but it's also really fun.

JenBarber Mon 23-Apr-18 15:28:37

Care assistant.

Used to love it, lately not so much.

amusedbush Mon 23-Apr-18 15:32:52

I'm a university administrator, specifically course admin. There are a million different areas on the administrative side of Higher Education but I like the predictable, cyclical nature of course support. I also like the students and getting to know them, seeing them progress and grow over four years.

sheddooropen Mon 23-Apr-18 15:33:57

Currently recovering from back surgery and now looking for work, no one likes employing people who have been off with back issues :;

DD2017 Mon 23-Apr-18 15:54:18

Ooh yes I'd thought about writing children's books or the age old 'my life story' but I'm not so great at writing... I hear amazon will publish you on e-format?

That's rubbish with the back problems... it's either health or age discrimination... I suppose we'll tackle that once me master the sex discrimination one!!

runningtogetskinny Mon 23-Apr-18 15:57:00

Residential social worker/child care worker with challenging teenagers. I've done a few jobs in this type of field. Long shifts with sleep overs so no good if a lone parent without child care support, however, shifts can work better for childcare depending on your situation, when my daughter was little I was often at work when she was in bed and free during the day to take her to toddler groups etc. Pay is okay, can be incredibly stressful but it's never boring!

Ollivander84 Mon 23-Apr-18 16:00:57

shed - as a positive story, I had spinal surgery last year and got accepted for two jobs I applied for smile

alwaysstressed Mon 23-Apr-18 16:01:17

Im a veterinary nurse and I love it

sheddooropen Mon 23-Apr-18 16:04:30

Ah that’s encouraging at least! My last position only lasted a week as they never said I had to drive all over the country as part of the role and I could only drive for like an hour as I wasn’t that confident at driving (the job was a desk job that shouldn't involve any driving) so I am quite worried about applying

Zaphodsotherhead Mon 23-Apr-18 16:37:58

Amazon will (self) publish anything you want to write.

What they won't do is edit it or make it readable.

Trust me, OP, writing books is NOT the way to make your fortune!

DownHereInTheHorridHouse Mon 23-Apr-18 16:40:16

I'm a ghostwriter - Zap is right in that everyone thinks they can write a book. My waiting list proves they can't wink. I like my job very much indeed, but it is one of those that people often say they 'quite fancy' without having a clue what it involves.

DD2017 Mon 23-Apr-18 19:53:00

Hats off to residential - tough work!!
Same issue with being a vet as a nurse blush..

Anyone have their dream job?

PepperSteaks Mon 23-Apr-18 20:23:46

I have my dream job as a primary school teacher. I work three days and have days at home with the baby. It’s a really good balance.

fixyourgardengate Mon 23-Apr-18 20:35:15

I'm a Postie. Started as an xmas temp when my mat leave finished with ds. Actually realised I was pregnant again the day I started blush. I work fixed hours/days 25 hours per week (Wed-Sat 7.45 - 14.00) which was useful when they were younger as dh worked mon-fri so we only needed childcare for 3 days a week. Both at school now so fits in well with pick up. I probably do closer to 35 hours most weeks (60 in the run up to Xmas). I can't see myself doing this forever, but its fab whilst the kids are young as I can actually be around after school. Great way of dropping any baby weight too wink

StillMedusa Mon 23-Apr-18 20:35:49

Traffic Warden here smile
Mostly independent working, lots of exercise, lovely last week in the sun, probably not so much this week. Most people are surprisingly nice (Inc me!!) and half the time I'm a tourist guide!
Got a cheer when I put a ticket on a Maserati today grin

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