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Clingy 2 year old DS

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Digestivescusturds Mon 23-Apr-18 09:19:00

I love him dearly but I haven’t had a moment of peace for the past 2 years and 7 months. He goes to nursery 4 days a week and has a tantrum every morning when I drop him off. He insists on being in my lap or carried by me all the time. Getting him to sleep in his own bed is a nightmare. I feel like I’m only making things worse by giving in so easily, he probably realises he’ll get what he wants by crying and stamping his feet a little.

FlibbertyGiblets Mon 23-Apr-18 09:22:20

I'm inclined to say he's expressing a need for closeness for whatever reason.

lornathewizzard Mon 23-Apr-18 09:25:54

I mean this gently OP but i think you need to be a bit harder with him. At 2.7 he should be able to understand a little that he needs to walk or sit on his own etc. How is his communication/understanding? What happens if you tell him no?

And I don’t mean cut him off completely, my 3.5 year old still loves to sit on my knee but she is fairly independent otherwise

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