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Would you do this?

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Swallowfalls Sun 22-Apr-18 21:26:13

There's a local homeless man we see a fair bit of, he sits outside our local supermarket and we often buy extra food and chat to him. He seems nice, no obvious drug/alcohol problems, very open about how he ended up homeless and devoted to his dog which goes a long way with me, he feeds the dog before he even thinks about himself.

So DH saw him today and he was asking if he knew to any work locally, gardening/DIY type stuff as he really wants to get on his feet. DH has big plans for our garden this summer and is now asking how I would feel if he offered this man a few days work helping him.

My gut instinct is to say yes but a family member who was here when DH mentioned it seemed to think we were taking some sort of massive risk by doing so and I just want to check the general consensus?

DoryNow Mon 23-Apr-18 03:33:47

I think it's a lovely thing to do, as long as you're sensible about how the deal works out in the detail. Might be just the leg up he needs.

tiddlyipom Mon 23-Apr-18 05:09:56

I would do it.
I think it's a really nice thing for you to do and a good opportunity for him, perhaps it will help him to get back on his feet in the long run?
My sister did something similar, a year later, the guy she had helped came up to her in the street to thank her - he had a home and a job, was so great to hear.

JeNeSuisPasVotreMiel Mon 23-Apr-18 05:59:06

I would do it.
We need a bit more trust and kindness in the world.

abbsisspartacus Mon 23-Apr-18 06:09:25

I would want a background check first but I'm a right suspicious mare

Awrite Mon 23-Apr-18 06:15:44

From what you've written, I would go for it too.

12PurpleSnails Mon 23-Apr-18 06:23:34

I would give him some work. Some people just need a chance to turn things around

RickOShay Mon 23-Apr-18 07:24:39

Yes definitely. Seems like good timing grin

OdileDeCaray Mon 23-Apr-18 07:59:42

I hope he isn't the one that sits outside my local m&s with his dog and made up sob story because he actually does have a home to go back to after conning people that he's homeless.

I also think it's horribly cruel to keep a dog under those conditions if he actually is homelesss.

If you do employ him are you going to be paying him in cash or food vouchers? Can you be sure that once given a days wage that he won't be at risk of having that taken off him if word gets around he was working? Or that it doesn't get spent on drugs?

It's nice to want to help but I think you need to be cautious about him knowing where you live.

Cautionary tale here

MyOtherProfile Mon 23-Apr-18 08:02:31

I would contact your local homeless shelter and speak to them about him. They will probably know him and whether it would be madness or kind to proceed.

Shampaincharly Mon 23-Apr-18 08:20:33

I would not do it.

KirstenRaymonde Mon 23-Apr-18 08:21:54

@OdileDeCaray a dog is often the only comfort homeless people have, they look after them better than themselves

OdileDeCaray Mon 23-Apr-18 08:24:00


Not all of them and a dog should not be made to sleep outside. They should be surrendered so the dog can have a proper home.

Ohyesiam Mon 23-Apr-18 09:43:02

I would be really clear about the boundaries before I started. So weather he has access to the loo, that you won’t/ will be expecting to feed him, that you will/ wont be up for lending money, if he does/not have any drug alcohol problems.
If that sits well with you, and you have a good gut reaction to his responses, then go ahead.
You could be offering him a life changing chance, and there’s nothing wrong with putting your mind at rest.

ShotsFired Mon 23-Apr-18 09:50:50

@MyOtherProfile I would contact your local homeless shelter and speak to them about him. They will probably know him and whether it would be madness or kind to proceed.

This x 100. I volunteer with a homeless charity and they know all the locals by sight and their histories/issues. They know which ones travel in to beg (we live in a naice town) and which ones are the dealers and which ones will be able to manage cash in hand (which is not a glib thing, many service users struggle with unexpected cash - drink/sniff/smoke it etc)

Trying to do good (meant kindly) on a 121 basis sometimes has repercussions for the more structured support they are getting.

Swallowfalls Mon 23-Apr-18 10:38:58

Thanks for all responses, some good advice. I actually know a couple of people at the local homeless service so that's a good shout, will ask about him. Subject to that I think we're going to go ahead though.

I know about that case Odile, it was fairly local to us and was utterly awful so we will be aware of sensible boundaries. Can't agree with you about the dog though, he's better off with the person he loves (and who puts the dogs needs before his own) than stuck in kennels waiting for a home that never comes, he's a staff so more likely to end up pts than rehomed.

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