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What is your salary?

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sunshineshitsndagiggle Sat 21-Apr-18 22:12:41

Pure nosiness and thinking about the future and possibilities. What is your salary and what do you do? If you don't like the question/are offended by it please don't bother commenting, just move on bye!

sunshineshitsndagiggle Sat 21-Apr-18 22:13:39

I don't work (going back into education soon) and have a young baby before anyone asks!

shanefolan29 Sat 21-Apr-18 22:16:13

i earn round 26k a year which equates to 1550 net a month, i do extra tuition which tops me up around 400- 240 a month depending on how much i do.

sunshineshitsndagiggle Sat 21-Apr-18 22:17:56

@shanefolan29 what do you do?

Krapom Sat 21-Apr-18 22:19:02

£51,000. Senior Leadership.

C0untDucku1a Sat 21-Apr-18 22:19:32

WHat do you want tomdo?
What skills do you have?
What salary do you want to achieve and in what time frame?

Littlechocola Sat 21-Apr-18 22:20:31

Nurse. Not enough.

SoleBizzz Sat 21-Apr-18 22:24:25

24/7 Carer. £10 a day.

sunshineshitsndagiggle Sat 21-Apr-18 22:25:40

Who's tomdo? £10 a day? Is that being on the dole?

SoleBizzz Sat 21-Apr-18 22:27:01

Doley carers allowance. Carers save the government £129 billion per year.

sunshineshitsndagiggle Sat 21-Apr-18 22:27:02

Oh sorry missed the carer bit thought it said career. Oops. That's really awful.

MyDcAreMarvel Sat 21-Apr-18 22:27:07

£10 a day is carers allowance for 6.4 days .

sunshineshitsndagiggle Sat 21-Apr-18 22:27:19

Oh sorry missed the carer bit thought it said career. Oops. That's really awful.

Bigspottyape Sat 21-Apr-18 22:27:57

Nurse 32k equates to 1900 a month

feeona123 Sat 21-Apr-18 22:28:03


KatyaZamolodchikova Sat 21-Apr-18 22:28:28

£32,000 senior HR role. I live oop north. I’m level 5 qualified with 5+ years experience and work in the charity sector

converseandjeans Sat 21-Apr-18 22:28:49

Approx £22,000 PT teacher 60% timetable.

sunshineshitsndagiggle Sat 21-Apr-18 22:29:22

That's can you survive on it? I'm on the dole at the moment and it's fairly hard but I have enough with my rent covered. But we have more that £10 a day.

thisishard2 Sat 21-Apr-18 22:29:50

It’s carer’s allowance.

sparkleandsunshine Sat 21-Apr-18 22:30:06

Pharmacy dispenser, £8.15 per hour

QOD Sat 21-Apr-18 22:30:31

Call centre 🐓 £26 000 for 25 hrs a week. No weekends


notmypropername Sat 21-Apr-18 22:30:38

Very specialised nurse practitioner, £83k. 4K a month after tax

Reddruff Sat 21-Apr-18 22:32:07

Classroom assistant. Full time. £10,800 a year.

The pay is a fucking disgrace tbh.

Mama05070704 Sat 21-Apr-18 22:32:21

£44k, Operations Manager in London.

Ankhesenamun Sat 21-Apr-18 22:32:24

£115k pa, pharma company, director level

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