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What would £7 million get you where you live?

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Cumberlover76 Sat 21-Apr-18 07:50:33

I know it's been done before but I am stunned by how little you get in London for the money when buying houses. Saw this castle for sale near me for offers over £7,000,000. It's stunning and you get land, houses etc. I was curious as to what I could get for my (fantasy) £7 mil in London, and there's a 2 bed flat for a similar price. 2 beds?! Crazy. You wouldn't need the gated road if you had your own peninsula!

Which would you buy? What can you get in your area for a similar price?

acornsandnuts Sat 21-Apr-18 08:09:01

6mlllion is the most expensive around here but it does get you a country estate.

FowlisWester Sat 21-Apr-18 08:13:08

The entire village

TroysMammy Sat 21-Apr-18 08:13:10

Around £1.5 million here, maybe a farm with lots of land would be a bit more but not many properties at that price. £7 million would probably buy a few streets or a small village.

BossWitch Sat 21-Apr-18 08:17:04

Couldn't get close to 7mil. This was the most expensive after the one acorn linked to. Don't actually like it much though!


Cumberlover76 Sat 21-Apr-18 08:17:21

acorns that's more like It! Nice and I'd get change for my £7 mil!

FourFriedChickensDryWhiteToast Sat 21-Apr-18 08:17:42

a mansion with many acres if such a thing existed. even then there would be plenty of change tbh.

PussCatTheGoldfish Sat 21-Apr-18 08:19:24

The most expensive thing listed for Suffolk on Rightmove is 591 acres of farmland at 5 million. There's no house there, just the land.

The most expensive house rather than farm is this one near the sea:

Oliversmumsarmy Sat 21-Apr-18 08:20:11

A nice 5 bed house.

ProseccoPoppy Sat 21-Apr-18 08:20:52

This - which is gorgeous and v close to Bath.

PussCatTheGoldfish Sat 21-Apr-18 08:21:03

I love the castle OP!

uggmum Sat 21-Apr-18 08:22:51

I could probably buy the whole town where I live 😂

Cornishclio Sat 21-Apr-18 08:22:53

Ince Castle is near me too so 7 million would buy that

OdileDeCaray Sat 21-Apr-18 08:22:56

Nothing for 7 million. This is the highest at £2,650,00.00

JustAnotherNameChangeObviously Sat 21-Apr-18 08:23:57

Probably the entire county.

BumpowderSneezeonAndSnot Sat 21-Apr-18 08:24:52

Nothing above 1.2million here and they're all beautiful 6 bedroom detatched farmhouses in rolling countryside

Slartybartfast Sat 21-Apr-18 08:25:02

this is 5 bedrooms shock

not sure i even know how to write 7 million

Northumberlandlass Sat 21-Apr-18 08:25:22

Near Hexham....just over £3 million

That’s the most expensive... haven’t looked at farms/ land though!

Slartybartfast Sat 21-Apr-18 08:27:07

or this 3 bedroom flat

FaithEverPresent Sat 21-Apr-18 08:28:11

I’d get several nice places instead of one massive place. I’d stay where I am but have a bigger house (nice village location) as I have family nearby but I’d buy elsewhere too. I’d love a place in the Lakes. This Place is rather nice. I’d get somewhere in Devon near family too. This would do. Then I could bit and bob around as I fancied it!

BumpowderSneezeonAndSnot Sat 21-Apr-18 08:28:32

I want to be rich <stamps foot> I don't even want a sprawling mansion just a lovely family sized English country cottage with a garden i can fill with roses and room for a small orchard and maybe a stream at the bottom of the garden.
Even they go for silly money now

summeraupair Sat 21-Apr-18 08:31:15

I was just about to post the exact same house as @acornsandnuts - dream house and I'd get change!

Tattybear16 Sat 21-Apr-18 08:38:00

A big fat smile on my face when my ex husband realises what he could have had. Oh just the thought of that has made me giggle as I wave (give a finger salute) to him as I drive past in my Aston Martin. Money is not supposed to be the answer to happiness but I’d like to give it a try just to see if it’s true. I think you could probably buy a small island somewhere, rather than spend £7 million on a house. I may just get a lottery ticket tonight now.

Mrsemcgregor Sat 21-Apr-18 08:39:20

The most expensive near me is only 1/2 the budget, it’s pretty damn lovely though

BarbaraOcumbungles Sat 21-Apr-18 08:40:24

Anything I wanted and the ability to give up work.

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