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RIP Avicii

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Elusiveone Sat 21-Apr-18 00:13:16

Saddend by the news Avicii a swedish music dj has died at just 28 years old. Cause of death unknown currently. Had some great music sad

teddycat Sat 21-Apr-18 00:13:37

So sad

K80E Sat 21-Apr-18 00:15:10


QuitMoaning Sat 21-Apr-18 00:15:44

Oh no!

HappyLollipop Sat 21-Apr-18 00:18:15

I can't believe it, 28 is no age at all, I'll be listening to his music tonight sad may he R.I.P flowers

Elusiveone Sat 21-Apr-18 00:19:11

Just so so sad and only three days ago he was nominated for a award according to hes fb page

furlinedsheepskinjacket Sat 21-Apr-18 00:22:54

v sad news

apparently struggled with alcoholism

SemperIdem Sat 21-Apr-18 00:29:28

28 is tragically young. How very sad 😔

IntelligentYetIndecisive Sat 21-Apr-18 00:35:01

First heard the BBC Radio report at about 1500.

Couldn't believe it, but repeated on ITV evening news. ☹

IntelligentYetIndecisive Sat 21-Apr-18 00:36:58

BBC clicky link here

BBC video here


dontbesillyhenry Sat 21-Apr-18 00:40:35

Very sad. He was an amazing talent in his industry and so young

user764329056 Sat 21-Apr-18 00:45:03

So sad, so young

Trumpdump Sat 21-Apr-18 00:57:58

Very tragic. I feel awful for the family as it must have been such a shock sad

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