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Anyone follow Father of Daughters on Instagram?

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NapQueen Fri 20-Apr-18 22:01:04

Only started following him after the Instamums thread to see what all the fuss was about. Found him relatively interesting.

His Instagram Story tonight though!? Driving round the streets in the car, neither small child strapped into their carseats. What the fuck? The kids dont even look 2 years old.

OdileDeCaray Fri 20-Apr-18 22:04:40

I can't see that story but there is another video where children are wearing seat belts?

He appears to be a complete £&@£ though.

NapQueen Fri 20-Apr-18 22:05:53

Currently on now. Been to the tip neither belted
Figured ah they are parked up. Next sjot driving round town girls leaning over practically out of their seats. No belts.

nomorespaghetti Fri 20-Apr-18 22:09:34

Yes i saw that, made my blood boil. Driving while filming and kids not strapped in. So irresponsible, not to mention illegal. He'll literally do anything, including putting his kids in danger, to pander to his fanbase. Moronic.

nomorespaghetti Fri 20-Apr-18 22:11:46

And isn't he doing a collaborating with some car company at the moment? I wonder what they'd think to this kind of behaviour...

EB123 Fri 20-Apr-18 22:12:25

I have just gone to look and yes no belts but driving around. I can't believe he is that stupid.

NapQueen Fri 20-Apr-18 22:15:42

Not sure what his wifes stance is on seatbelts but if I knew dh had done this he would never be taking the kids out in the car again.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Fri 20-Apr-18 22:16:48

This is unsuprising

Be prepared to be called a vile jealous bully who should mind your own business/unfollow and never mention again blah blsh blah blah

Meanwhile in the real the vast majority of the sensible world, I agree it is totally irresponsible

OverTheMountain42 Fri 20-Apr-18 22:17:40

I wondered whether they had their arms out of the straps but it doesn't even seem it was just a case of that (not that that's ok either). Completely shocking. They are Renault car seats, not a good advert for them.

LilQueenie Fri 20-Apr-18 22:18:46

I cant find it. did he take it down?

NapQueen Fri 20-Apr-18 22:19:53

They are too young for forward facing high backed boosters anyways so should even be in the ones that just uses the main belt. They ought to be a prper harness. Bit even an adult belt would be safer than nothing at all.

nomorespaghetti Fri 20-Apr-18 22:20:01

No it's still there, the second one

EB123 Fri 20-Apr-18 22:20:37

It's on IG stories LilQueenie

NapQueen Fri 20-Apr-18 22:20:39

Still there. Its in his story rather than his main feed of pics.

ObiJuanKenobi Fri 20-Apr-18 22:21:58

They're older than my twins who have just turned two and also in front facing car seats so I don't think that's an issue but yes children must be strapped in securely!! That's not good at all.

MerryDeath Fri 20-Apr-18 22:22:26

shock bloody hell if that were my H that would be the last time he took my children anywhere

PeonyTruffle Fri 20-Apr-18 22:26:09

Filming whilst driving around non strapped in toddlers
Absolutely not on

I used to follow a woman who frequently had her 2yr old in a car seat in the passenger seat. The child was never strapped in. Ever. And she used to film them with stupid dog filters whilst driving. Had to unfollow as was making me ragey.
Other people had commented to say that was dangerous but she wouldn’t be told

NapQueen Fri 20-Apr-18 22:27:22

I assumed he had the phone in some sort of holder as it was very still.

GinaLinetti99 Fri 20-Apr-18 22:38:02

Wasn't he supplied the car by Renault as part of an ad campaign? Sure they would be shocked by seeing this...

NapQueen Fri 20-Apr-18 22:39:34

I agree.

Ruffeddi Fri 20-Apr-18 22:45:44

I can't see it. Are the stories the little circular icons at the top?

I used to really enjoy this earlier posts. In recent months he's become all about the advertising. Fake, set up and needy. Multiple advertising in all his posts.....yawn.

SunnySkiesSleepsintheMorning Fri 20-Apr-18 22:46:48

I try not to judge parenting but this is shitty and dangerous.

SpringSprangSprung Fri 20-Apr-18 22:54:27

Yep, only heard of him through these threads - absolute proof of how mediocrity sells these days. Over-scripted, badly-written and so, so trite. When did having 4 children make you special. I am one of 7, my parents didn't turn us into a circus, they both worked full time and taught us to do the same. I just want to know if they have begged their new floors yet #shameless #vulgar

Amanduh Fri 20-Apr-18 22:58:03

His wife has just posted her usual anti mumsnet tripe as usual re the trans debate, we’re all vipers remember

MiserablePissWeasel Fri 20-Apr-18 23:00:42

It's gone now? Can't see it.

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