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Can you go to A&E for severe dental problems

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Toothtroubles Fri 20-Apr-18 02:32:47

I've been sat up for the past 8hrs with what i supsect is pericoronitis my whole side of my face is swollen and my jaw is clamped shut. I can only just open my lips enough to drink water and i haven't eaten in 12hrs apart from a smoothie to keep me going sad Im unemployed atm and Husband is the main provider but we don't have the money for an emergency dentists (£150) plus treatment and i can't get an NHS space and we aren't entitled to benefits im at a loss what we can do to get my teeth sorted and im contemplating just turning up at my local A&E as the hospital does have a dentist department ive been to before about my wisdom teeth but i don't know if they can admit me ?
Can someone please advise what to do

greendale17 Fri 20-Apr-18 02:34:23

In those circumstances yes absolutely go to A&E.

Toothtroubles Fri 20-Apr-18 02:36:24

They won't kick me out or not help me ? Im scared they'll say they can't do anything and im wasting there time

Dvg Fri 20-Apr-18 02:40:23

If you can't even eat then it's an a&e job. smile

feathermucker Fri 20-Apr-18 02:40:33

Honestly, go.

Toothtroubles Fri 20-Apr-18 02:44:57

Thank you flowers so close to tears with the pain its nothing like ive ever felt before !! They could offer to pull all my teeth without anesthesia right now and id jump at the chance just to be rid of this agony

LadyB49 Fri 20-Apr-18 02:45:39

We have an emergency NHS service for evenings and weekends. You just turn up and take your a nominal fee of about £10. I attended once and sat weeping while waiting and almost kissed his feet when he administered the freezing agent. Drilled the tooth, temporary dressing and back to my own dentist.for follow up.

LadyB49 Fri 20-Apr-18 02:48:46

Id go to a & e. You may have an abcess and they could start you on an antibiotic. If it's an access a dentist would do any treatment if required, until the abcess is cleared up.

Toothtroubles Fri 20-Apr-18 02:58:10

I don't currently have my own dentist as we're new to this area and non will accept us as NHS and we can't afford the private fees. Husband is taking me to A&E now hopefully i can at least get pain relief and antibiotics till a dentist can see me

Toothtroubles Fri 20-Apr-18 03:00:11

Ive had an abcess previously and this pain is 1000x worse than that was but on my old xrays at my previous dentist it showed i have two wisdom teeth that are growing sideways into the back of my teeth with gum tissue over them which is why i suspect its a percoronitis

BabychamSocialist Fri 20-Apr-18 03:09:50

Absolutely go to A&E with this. If you can't even eat, it's definitely severe enough. I don't know what they'd do, but I imagine they can help. My wisdom teeth came in sideways as well and it was no fun!

Bowerbird5 Fri 20-Apr-18 03:13:17

Impacted wisdom teeth are very painful. I had to have mine out. I feel for you. Nothing is like tooth ache. I say go too.

Toothtroubles Fri 20-Apr-18 03:46:02

At A&E now just sat waiting to be seen

Pannalash Fri 20-Apr-18 03:57:15

Hope you feel better soon op.

Toothtroubles Fri 20-Apr-18 04:20:33

Its a 6hr wait to be seen so we'll be here a while yet sad I've asked if i can have an ice pack or something for the jaw pain

donajimena Fri 20-Apr-18 04:38:08

Bless you OP I hope you get sorted soon x

DaisyDando Fri 20-Apr-18 04:42:37

I hope they treat you soon, tooth pain is like no other.

blueskyinmarch Fri 20-Apr-18 05:43:33

That sounds horrific. I hope you get seen soon.

Toothtroubles Fri 20-Apr-18 05:45:29

Still waiting to be seen but i think something just popped in my mouth envy

iMatter Fri 20-Apr-18 05:58:20

6 hour wait? Oh no, that's hideous.

I hope they are able to help you thanks

abbsisspartacus Fri 20-Apr-18 06:10:19

I've got an abscess it burst and the relief was fantastic antibiotics started working and it's so less painful now

LadyB49 Fri 20-Apr-18 06:21:12

Are you still waiting to be seen?

OddestSock Fri 20-Apr-18 06:21:21

oh goodness, I hope you get sorted soon. dental pain is horrendous, you poor thing sad

Toothtroubles Fri 20-Apr-18 06:24:01

Still waiting to be seen its packed full of people

SD1978 Fri 20-Apr-18 06:24:42

Unfortunately dental emergencies will have a significant wait in ED. No dental specialists (usually) attaches to A&E. Hopefully they can point you in a useful direction x

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