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Who's your embarrassing crush?

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flubdub Wed 18-Apr-18 20:34:22

I'm not ashamed to say I've got a few grin
The last one, being Greg Wallace off Masterchef. I don't know why. I think it's his chirpy happy face.
I used to have a thing for Jeremy Kyle confused but I soon slapped that out of myself.

Lottapianos Wed 18-Apr-18 20:40:25

I would rather shag Jeremy Kyle any day of the week than The Unbearable Wallace shock.

My potentially embarrassing crushes - Nick Clegg, Brendan Gleeson with beard, Alistair Campbell

MonsteraDeliciosa Wed 18-Apr-18 20:42:33

Alistair Campbell is lovely!
These weird or embarrassing crush threads always end up full of attractive people!

CastielIsMyAngel Wed 18-Apr-18 20:42:42

I'm finding myself rather attracted to Robert Peston. Or I was until DP asked if it was David Tennant's dad...

Lottapianos Wed 18-Apr-18 20:44:23

He is rather hot Monstera wink I tried to think of more embarrassing options but he was the best I could do!

Winchester13 Wed 18-Apr-18 20:45:04

Matt Baker, he just seems so lovely very and has a lush smile
And Domhnall Gleeson from Peter Rabbit!

flubdub Wed 18-Apr-18 20:46:24

Oh god, Nick Clegg IS an embarrassing one grin

MonsteraDeliciosa Wed 18-Apr-18 20:48:41

Domhnall Gleeson? Oh come on, he's lovely too (but his dad Brendan, mentioned above, rather less so!).

Right, I didn't want to do this but mine was the reporter John Sergeant. It was the voice!

BearSoFair Wed 18-Apr-18 20:58:03

Peter Capaldi, but it's gone on for so long I'm not even embarrassed by it anymore!

Mybabystolemysanity Wed 18-Apr-18 21:01:56

Georgio Locatelli, the chef. Those eyes... the scruffy hair and the accent... Possibly even a threesome with him and Andrew Graham Dixon. Also a tiny bit in love with John Tee and the tattooed one from Salvage Huntersblush

Moominfan Wed 18-Apr-18 21:02:34

I love and adore Charlie Brooker

dontticklethetoad Wed 18-Apr-18 21:04:18

Greg Davis.

HelloCanYouHearMe Wed 18-Apr-18 21:10:54

I'd have a go on Nick Clegg tbf blush

GertieGumboyle Wed 18-Apr-18 21:11:54

Michael Portillo.

EddieHitler Wed 18-Apr-18 21:13:45

One of mine is also Greg Davis. I don't really think it's embarrassing though, I think he's lovely.

I used to have a thing for Archie on Balamory.

NellythePink Wed 18-Apr-18 21:14:17

Steve Coogan. He is clearly a massive arsehole, but I can't help it blush

Scotstar Wed 18-Apr-18 21:17:39

Jason manford

Ricky Wilson

Ant & Dec (I know ant done bad but still love him)

There's more I'm sure

flubdub Wed 18-Apr-18 21:19:45

"Ant & Dec (I know ant done bad but still love him)"

Ah they're not embarrassing. They're both lovely.

Scotstar Wed 18-Apr-18 21:21:34

I just adore them lol

GertrudeCB Wed 18-Apr-18 21:25:15

Peter Capaldi < waves to Bear>

starsandstuff Wed 18-Apr-18 21:26:00

Charlie Brooker is not embarrassing!

Jeremy Vine - so bloody lovely
Russell Brand - so dirty
Daddy Pig - he has a wonderfully gravelly voice and an attractive can-do attitude

GertrudeCB Wed 18-Apr-18 21:26:01

Ooh, and Henrik Hanson blush

fruityb Wed 18-Apr-18 21:27:23

John Torode
Another Greg Davis
Lee Mack
Jeremy Kyle
David Mitchell (no idea what it is, possibly his brain)
Dylan Moran

CormoranStrike Wed 18-Apr-18 21:31:15

Roger Allam’s voice grin

frasier Wed 18-Apr-18 21:31:25

Hugh Laurie (as Dr House)
Richard Osman

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