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What's the pettiest work drama you've ever been involved with?

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IntrinsicFieldSubtractor Sun 15-Apr-18 00:35:38

One of my (male) colleagues has an unrequited crush on another colleague whom he's best friends with - or rather was best friends with, before all this happened. It's very obviously unrequited, as a) she's an open lesbian and b) she's been in a relationship and lived with another woman for several years. A few weeks ago she announced that her partner had proposed to her, and the male colleague is so incensed about it that he's no longer speaking to her, or even looking at her as far as is possible. Everyone else in our department has obviously taken her side, as he's being completely unreasonable, so for a while he wasn't talking to us either.

He's since changed tactics and started coming to talk to us all the time on the flimsiest of pretexts, but only when it means he can stand directly in her line of sight. Presumably the idea is that the sight of him will cause her to regret the loss of his friendship so much that she'll immediately cancel her engagement, or something along those lines. This has been going on for weeks confused

To make matters worse, through sheer coincidence they both live in different flats in the same apartment complex (both bought their flats before starting work at our company so didn't know each other at the time). Luckily they both drive to work so she doesn't have to worry about bumping into him while waiting for the bus...

Make me feel better about my workplace, please - can anyone beat this for sheer ridiculousness?

RJnomore1 Sun 15-Apr-18 00:40:05


One colleague left prawns defrosting in the kitchen.

Someone opened them and are a few.

Fingers weee pointed at a colleague who had recently been made bankrupt and this could not afford prawns but loved them and wa overcome.

The director became involved. Sending prawn related emails.

It was the biggest pile of steaming shite I have ever seen.

MillieMoon94 Sun 15-Apr-18 00:42:22

Used to work in an all female staff gift shop. Assistant manager and new member of staff took an instant dislike to each other for no reason that anyone else could see. CD broke so we were only able to play music through the USB port which assistant manager (very controlling) took charge of. After a few weeks of this, the new member of staff brought her own USB in and insisted on playing that, and after much arguing they eventually agreed to take turns. Turns out they had almost identical music taste, so we never actually knew which one was playing. Then one day the assistant manager’s USB wouldn’t play and we found the port had been stuffed with blue tack, so assistant manager blamed new member of staff. The next day the manager watched the CCTV and found the assistant manager sabotaging her OWN USB in order to get new member of staff into trouble. It was so weird and pathetic.

HeddaGarbled Sun 15-Apr-18 00:43:36

This was back in the day before files were kept on computers: managers' meeting spent a considerable time arguing about what colour folder was to be allocated to different categories of file. Once the decision had been made, and after the meeting, one colleague continued to lobby for his own choice of folder colour at every opportunity.

IntoTheFloodAgain Sun 15-Apr-18 00:47:12

sabotaging her OWN USB


HeddaGarbled Sun 15-Apr-18 00:48:01

And another: senior team had photos on notice board. Someone drew moustache and glasses in green pen on photo of bullying manager. Desks were searched for green pens.

ThoseBastardQuiches Sun 15-Apr-18 01:05:01

I'm sorry I've had to name change for this because it became office legend, and then company legend.

So our team (around 20 including office staff and management) were pretty good at throwing a buffet for any occasion.

As usual with any office affair you'd have ten people who would contribute their fair share, five who'd forget and probably five who'd bring a packet of crisps and then gorge themselves on everything else.

We had a colleague who was famous - within our team - for doing the bare minimum and also being rather tight. She was the big I am with her big house (not that she ever went on and on and on about it!) but tight as a ducks arse

It came to an office occasion and she's signed up to bring quiche. And she did, she brought a lovely one, she hid it at the back of the fridge under a load of other stuff and then made sure she put the buffet out. She kept it hidden in the fridge.

At the end of the working day she commented that no one had had any quiche so she would take it home,

Unfortunately for her It had been discovered by the rest of the team and she excitedly took home an empty box....
Whoops Liz!

ValleyClouds Sun 15-Apr-18 01:06:02

In my first job after graduating, there was a woman who was obsessed with HER chair. The admin workers had their own room and every time I walked in I walked into a dead frosty silence.

I thought maybe I had done something but nope after asking around, the office manager had imposed the silence because someone had taken her chair and no one would own up

In a volunteer job I used to have the Lead Volunteer was a compulsive liar and it led to some absolute madness.

She rang me in hysterics one day claiming the police had visited the shop in a dispute over the ownership of a CD player between our store and another.

She also claimed her godfather had torched the car of a previous volunteer because he called her a lesbian

There was no evidence for these claims on either occasion and multiple other absolute nonsense just like this until we all quit bar her

TheCraicDealer Sun 15-Apr-18 01:11:34

An ex colleague, who had gotten rather too used to having the office to herself before I started, once went off on me because I didn't bring her dirty mug out to the kitchen. It didn't go well when I asked "what's this really about, because you can't seriously be getting this annoyed about mugs". Turns out she could.

She also complained I typed too loudly to the boss and asked him to intervene. Said boss (who is now a very dear friend) told her to wise up, thankfully. She was mostly a nice enough woman but she had her moments.

Mayday01 Sun 15-Apr-18 01:11:50

I worked in a relatively stable quiet office about a hundred miles from HQ. No one gave much of a thought to HQ, we didnt even know their names half the time.
We had an email a few years ago from senior management team after they'd held their version of a shit has hit the fan COBRA meeting. To cut a long story short, it comprised about 4 A4 pages whining about how everyone was saying nasty things about them 'whispering in back rooms'.
Then followed an email exchange which was basically school type alluding to some juicy gossip no one had a clue about, until we gave up trying to convince any of them we can't gossip about people we know nothing about!
Then followed a flurry of policies about people keeping their traps shut confused
This came after a new manager who came in determined on her first day in the job to sniff out some work conspiracy and how she was gonna get to the bottom of it to bemused staff. She exhausted herself for months trying to find out 'what is going on here!', snooping through drawers, getting us into 1:1 confidential meetings, looking through phones etc etc.
What hot conspiracy she thought she would find in a quiet rural admin office, I have no idea.

IntrinsicFieldSubtractor Sun 15-Apr-18 01:15:10

MillieMoon that is hilarious! What happened to the assistant manager?

RJ that reminds me of one at my friend's workplace - every department got given a tin of chocolates at Christmas, and a neighbouring department decided they were going to play a prank on hers by stealing theirs. They hid the chocolates in one of their drawers and replaced the empty tin along with a post-it saying 'Enjoyed your chocolates, yum yum!' The idea was that as soon as anyone noticed the chocolates were gone they would own up to it and return them.

Unfortunately, the next day a couple of my friend's colleagues decided that they were hungry at 7am, half an hour before any of the chocolate thieves arrived at work. Hell was raised, managers and managers' managers were brought in and a storm was rained down on the whole office before the culprits arrived mid-chaos and rather bemusedly confessed. Luckily the managers and managers' managers had a sense of humour, so nothing bad came of it besides a lot of sniggering behind the plaintiffs' backs.

ValleyClouds Sun 15-Apr-18 01:27:54

I also worked for a guy whose strength was that he was super nice and super inclusive believed in giving everyone "a voice"

Subsequently every meeting was a talking shop and nothing got achieved

After I left I'd still be included on numerous tedious emails that I still got years later and never read.

Eventually I blocked the main culprit but somehow they kept coming. I opened one finally to work out how to unsubscribe and it was THE email to open.

The guy i had worked for had moved on and been replaced

The email was a diatribe about how shit his replacement was and why, it had been sent to all, including the replacement

It was gold to watch

IntrinsicFieldSubtractor Sun 15-Apr-18 08:56:08

Oh gosh Valley, was sending to everyone accidental? Surely everyone knows by now that you don't bitch about your coworkers over email for this exact reason and because the IT guys are always nosy gits

Scribblegirl Sun 15-Apr-18 09:06:28

At an old job, we had those fancy taps in the kitchen which push out boiling water automatically in each kitchen. My team was split between two kitchens. A few people who used kitchen A were convinced that the water temperature coming out of their tap was colder than the water coming out in Kitchen B. They got hold of a thermometer and did an experiment which concluded theirs was 1.5 degrees cooler than the other kitchen. They then complained until, at great cost, engineers came out to rectify the disparity hmm

twinone Sun 15-Apr-18 09:19:50

All boys school. Male PE teacher was living with a yr11's mum. Yr11 boy used to wear kit bearing teacher's name, it was no secret.
Christmas do. Said PE teacher decided to have extra marital relations with the head's married PA. Thought this act went unnoticed. It didn't.
Both extricated themselves from their relationships and moved in with each other. Both maintained nothing was going on prior to them ending their relationships.
When yr11 boy left, his friend's wrote all over PE teachers car that he was a cunt and other such niceties.
They wrote on his number plate with permanent marker. It stayed on despite his scrubbing. He eventually put new plates on.
They deserved each other grin.
I did feel sorry for the boy and his mum angry

cliffdiver Sun 15-Apr-18 09:20:09

The day after the EU referendum we received an email from the CEO:

'Due to the uncertainties caused by brexit, <company> will no longer be able to provide free milk, please pay £1 per month to <secretary>'

Staff members were OUTRAGED, some declaring it was the final straw and threatened to quit!

JingsMahBucket Sun 15-Apr-18 09:25:05

cliffdiver that was so petty of the company! They were just looking for a reason to impose that £1 milk fee! 😂

cliffdiver Sun 15-Apr-18 09:30:04

jings yep! And it was only a small company c.20 people, so it wasn't as if the milk bill was huge!

NeedForBlossom Sun 15-Apr-18 09:38:37

At my place of work there are a few different places you can park (on site).

For some reason known only to themselves, a senior manager with too much time on their hands decided these areas would become official zones, everyone would be allocated a zone with a sticker displayed in each car.

No-one took a blind bit of notice and everyone carried on parking where they always have... grin

sonjadog Sun 15-Apr-18 09:41:24

A couple of people at my work, one married, one not, were having a fling. How did we find out? One of them managed to copy in the entire department in their email to the other about their latest assignation. Cue many emails and rushing around offices for damage control. And then another email came. From a third colleague who was also having a fling with the married one of the first two and didn't know about the other guy... We just all sat back and watched it unfold.

NeedForBlossom Sun 15-Apr-18 09:42:39

(there were dramas when people complained about their zones though, then it was as if the hive mind decided as one to ignore the system!)

Ledkr Sun 15-Apr-18 09:47:52

The washing up grin
Horrible boss decided that we would take turns to do washing up for entire office as nobody ever did it.
I refused saying that I wouidnt do that for my family so was certainly not doing it for grown professional women.
Nobody backed me up even tho they'd all moaned privately so gave boss the chance for more bullying.
I still refused to do it tho much to her annoyance.

EastMidsGPs Sun 15-Apr-18 09:50:30

Got moved to another office. Very tight knit group of people, worked together for years and were 'controlled' by a fierce office manager.
She was on leave when I started, on her return she was incredibly frosty towards me and i didn't know why. Then the email, telling me (not asking) not to wear perfume to work. She wasn't allergic or anything, simply didn't like strong smells and so banned her staff from wearing it.

And then there was the time I was given hyacinth bulbs in bloom ... she put them on the steps outside.
Spent most of my time there being 'punished' by silence ... woman was bonkers and had been allowed to get away with controlling shit for years.

Gammeldragz Sun 15-Apr-18 09:53:20

I was 17 and working in a college tuck shop with a couple of older ladies. It wasn't very busy so they sat around eating the stock and chatting - I tidied and arranged a load of stock. They went to our boss and told her I was trying to make them look bad by doing their work for tomorrow! They made me cry they were so mean (I'd only been there a few days, I left a few days later!)

Sparklingbrook Sun 15-Apr-18 09:55:33

Open plan office, 12 people round desks with computers on each. Unfortunately people decided to bring all sorts of crappy nick nacks and had photos on the desks etc and then started to stick thing to the top of the computer screens etc. One bloke had a troll like the one pictured on top of his.

I walked in one day (I was team leader) to the bloke having a row with another employee having asked them 'Have you messed with my troll's hair?'


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