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Found a mahoosive dog!!!

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ChocDee Tue 10-Apr-18 10:47:00

So this is turning into a spring time tradition on our little hill top farm but this year we are determined NOT to keep the stray like previous years.

He is from what we can tell a young Great Dane and I found him roaming up by the barn together with a chum. His chum did not want to say hello and ran off; but George was more than willing to be my special friend.

We are desperately trying to locate his owner. The pound will hopefully come out to us sometime today (they are only about 5 minute drive away) with their micro chip reader to see whether he is chipped.

A friend of ours is a passionate Great Dane owner and she is ON it and hopefully she will be able to find some foster carer for him in the interim and a forever home.

My gripe is this.... WHY would you get a LARGE giant breed dog and then not bother training it? I have a horrid feeling that George has been dumped by the side of the road because he is so unruly. He is clueless. Utterly clueless. Big, strong and clueless and that is not a great combination when you are talking Great Dane is it?
I am adding a pic of him and my DH. Just a gentle little nudge and a romp...

Efferlunt Tue 10-Apr-18 10:48:58

Wow check out the size of him! I don’t have anything to add other that I’m glad he’s found you and you can help him on his way.

NatashaRomanov Tue 10-Apr-18 10:51:51

He is gorgeous. Poor George.
I hope his friend will be ok.

Hoppinggreen Tue 10-Apr-18 10:53:57

He’s lovely, and very lucky to have found someone to look after him until he can go home or find a new one
I love big dogs, we had a Boxer/GDane cross once

JesusTapdancingChrist Tue 10-Apr-18 10:55:22

Wow he's magnificent 😍.

The dog I mean, sorry MrChoc.

I hope your friend can come through for him. Poor George. People are c*nts.

Gilead Tue 10-Apr-18 10:55:48

Wow, he's enormous! Thank goodness he found someone friendly and caring. flowers
Hope you find a lovely forever home for him.

OdileDeCaray Tue 10-Apr-18 10:55:53

Have you checked on doglost to see if he's benn lost or stolen then dumped?

OdileDeCaray Tue 10-Apr-18 10:56:39

Can you get him scanned for a chip? Harvey's Army?

spiderlight Tue 10-Apr-18 10:57:23

Oh blimey - he's huge!!! Post him on - he might have owners looking for him or might have been stolen by someone who then realised they'd bitten off more than they could chew! Inform the police as well in case he's on their books as stolen.

OdileDeCaray Tue 10-Apr-18 10:58:24

Sorry I see you are having him scanned.

OdileDeCaray Tue 10-Apr-18 10:59:17

I'm on my phone so can't se everything too clearly

OdileDeCaray Tue 10-Apr-18 11:00:54

If he's untrained he might just have been kept in a barn and brought out to stud if used by a puppy farmer.

OdileDeCaray Tue 10-Apr-18 11:04:12

Liz here may help

OdileDeCaray Tue 10-Apr-18 11:05:24

Oops wrong link

Liz is here

ChocDee Tue 10-Apr-18 11:10:06

He is a thing of beauty that's for sure (The George). I am not in the U.K., but thank you so much for all your suggestions.

We have posted on all the local dog lost pages etc.

I do not think he has spent time being tied up - I tied him up for 5 minutes trying to get myself sorted out separating all the animals we have (cats etc) and that was a debacle. Totally clueless. He promptly fell over because he got himself into such into such a tangle and he looked frightfully confused.

He slept in the basement last night.

So I did too...

He does seem a lot happier for it though. Yesterday he was drooling a LOT and today not at all. Still has the cloth ears though!

blurryeyedbeast Tue 10-Apr-18 11:12:10

Aww you're a good person OP. He's beautiful. If he's young and friendly he'll be trainable. Hate irresponsible people. Hopefully he has an owner looking for him.

GorgeousJaws Tue 10-Apr-18 11:15:57

Jesus, how big?!
Aww good on you OP smile

picklemepopcorn Tue 10-Apr-18 11:17:52

I wish random Great Danes would visit me. Sigh. He's adorable.

ChocDee Tue 10-Apr-18 11:43:21

I know right?!!

But I'm afraid this lady is still yearning for an elusive upgrade; but we are definitely slowly getting there in regard to size!

I want a pony. DH says no. He wanted a cat. I said no. We got a cat from a rescue. I named her Pony (marriage is about compromise).

Then, next spring I was happily burning dinner and had to open the kitchen window and in came cat number two. I jokingly said "oh, look there's Donkey!" and we set about trying to locate her owners failed and then rehome her and failed at that as well and now she lives with us and she is still named Donkey. It really suits her and she looks like a transvestite.

But my neighbour had a stray pony turn up and they never found the owner and they kept her. So it can happen! And I am very very nearly at the right size now!

I picked up another stray last year as well but we managed to locate the owner for him as he had a micro chip. I named him Goose which was cool. A bit sad really; he was on his second home and the owner asked if we wanted to keep him as soon as she arrived... but we have 2 dogs already and that's enough.

Zaphodsotherhead Tue 10-Apr-18 11:52:11

Do you have sheep? Could someone be worried that they are going to get prosecuted for sheep worrying, and therefore not want to come forward?

It's an awful time of year here with the sheep lambing and being put outside, I'm keeping a very close eye on my dogs, just in case...

ChocDee Tue 10-Apr-18 11:58:29

Good thinking and a valid point! But no sheep here. Sadly people around here do not value the greatness of sheep. I feed them lamb and they have never tasted it before. Heathens I tell you!

Hmmm... when DH retires in a few months maybe we will get some?

I used to be a mother of a sheep. She turned into a psychopath so I have skills!

ChocDee Tue 10-Apr-18 12:34:10

Well, George does now know any of your more traditional commands that's for sure; but...

He sure does know how to pull my husband's trousers down to his ankles. He has done it twice now much to my husband's surprise and consternation and chilly draft to his buttocks. George is far too polite to do it to me. He obviously knows how to treat a lady he has slept with!

Fredathetortoise Tue 10-Apr-18 12:38:15

I think you've discovered why his previous owners didn't want him! Sudden de-trousering is not a useful or desirable skill in a dog gringringrin

Haberpop Tue 10-Apr-18 12:38:17

It really suits her and she looks like a transvestite.

Thank you for that, it has been a crap couple of weeks and that made me laugh out loud. (How does a cat look like a transvestite btw)

George is fab and your household sounds delightful, slightly mad but delightful nonetheless.

Aprilmightmemynewname Tue 10-Apr-18 12:41:07

Op 2 ddogs is a nominal amount.
(says mad ddog woman with 4blush)

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