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Rother Valley Railway

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robboquine Thu 22-Mar-18 22:02:10

Robertsbridge/Salehurst/East Sussex friends
Does anyone know much about Rother Valley Railway @RVRailway ? They want to rebuild the redundant railway line from Robertsbridge to Bodiam. At first glance, it does seem like a lovely idea.

HOWEVER, to do so, it will involve
-worsening parking congestion around the station
-railway crossings at Northbridge St & A21 (the traffic is bad enough as it is)
-use of environmental pollutants coal & diesel
-construction of the trainline across a floodplane with its untested flood defences.

My main objection, though, is an ETHICAL one.
RVR are trying to obtain a Compulsory Purchase Order from two local families to use their land in this endeavour. CPOs are usually used for essential infrastructure and I sympathise with residents/landowners who are subject to them but their displacement is often for the greater good. In this instance, RVR want existing arable farming land (not to mention their ecosystem disruption) to be divided without regard for the consequences to the families who own and make a livelihood from them. All for a hobby railway!! Imagine how you would feel if a portion of your home/garden/ business/livelihood was removed from you for another’s persons hobby. It’s unfair, unjust and sets a very concerning precedent.
It’s also frustrating that many of the people driving this project don’t live locally and will not be affected it’s negative consequences.

If you want to support our rural community in objecting to this morally flawed CPO, or any other issues of concern, please write to our local MP

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