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If you had to get Richard Branson a present, £25 budget, what would you get?

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NapQueen Thu 22-Mar-18 21:08:24

Im not actually buying for RB. But I am buying for a man who needs nothing. Isnt materialistic. Isnt in wont of anything.

In all the years of gift buying the one thing he uses regularly is a tshirt with a slogan on which whilst lovely (little local pop up printers, great quality tshirt) isnt something I can repeat year on year.

I feel like the only way to seek help is to pose it as the conundrum it feels like.

So what would you buy Richard Branson with £25?

hugoagogo Thu 22-Mar-18 21:11:02

I am buying everyone I know Keep Cups! Bit under budget

DamsonGin Thu 22-Mar-18 21:12:12

Tickets for a comedy night.

moreismore Thu 22-Mar-18 21:12:27

With things like this I always think it’s best to take something relatively ordinary and inexpensive and get the best possible version of it... so £25 worth of luxury chocolates for example. Or £25 worth of really fancy soap. Etc etc

hugoagogo Thu 22-Mar-18 21:13:19

Ooh loving the RT D2 one grin

OutsideContextProblem Thu 22-Mar-18 21:13:57

A beautiful book (or two). The British Library bookshop is a good place to look for great/quirky editions

ButtertubsPass Thu 22-Mar-18 21:15:52

Bamboo or merino socks.

KirstenRaymonde Thu 22-Mar-18 21:15:54

Sounds like DPs Dad. We usually buy him tools (under specific request)

Keep Cup is actually a really good idea.

On Not On The High Street you can get puzzles of maps showing where you met your DH/DW or similar, something personalised like that could be a good idea

ImperfectTents Thu 22-Mar-18 21:16:21

I'd buy him a kick up the arse for all the hideous train trips I endured in the late 1990s .

hesterton Thu 22-Mar-18 21:16:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Spudlet Thu 22-Mar-18 21:16:42

Does he like any films, books etc? Places like Last Exit to Nowhere have lots of cool t-shirts with quirky slogans - I got DH one for the Penrith Tearooms (from Withnail
and I). He also has one for Quint's Shark Fishing (Jaws), Dapper Dan Pomade (O Brother Where Art Thou), one that references Starship Troopers, one from The Thing... as you may be able to tell, DH is a flaming nightmare to buy for, but I can usually find a suitable film reference t-shirt as he is a massive film nerd.

Petalflowers Thu 22-Mar-18 21:19:33

How old is he? Is he sporty? Bookish?

Maybe a biography/autobiography of favourite sportsman, businessman, comedian etc.

Bottle of whiskey, port, sherry etc

NapQueen Thu 22-Mar-18 21:20:05

He is a man of simple pleasures. Not a big film buff - will watch a movie on a recommendation but never heard him rave about any.

He wouldnt use a pen enough as he does a manual job and only writes when he does the Sudoku on his lunchbreak.

Brownies chocs etc all good as at least he will use them before they expire.

ohwhataday Thu 22-Mar-18 21:20:35

I book about something he's interested in, possibly slightly obscure. Bee-keeping, fungi or Amazon tribes type of thing.

A fruit tree?

StealthPolarBear Thu 22-Mar-18 21:20:37

Love the beano idea

NapQueen Thu 22-Mar-18 21:20:46

Not a reader

Likes lagers and ales but no spirits.

He will be 54.

shoofly Thu 22-Mar-18 21:21:11

I'd make brownies, my brownies are bloody awesome or if they liked beer or if they liked gin

elastamum Thu 22-Mar-18 21:21:12

Reusable water bottle.

hesterton Thu 22-Mar-18 21:21:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tethersend Thu 22-Mar-18 21:21:29

£25 worth of scratchcards.

Littlechocola Thu 22-Mar-18 21:26:19

I like him already.

A nice toiletry bag or an arran sweater?

MistyMinge Thu 22-Mar-18 21:27:08

A nice bottle of red/port, some tasty cheese, crackers and a good chutney.

hesterton Thu 22-Mar-18 21:27:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Spudlet Thu 22-Mar-18 21:29:20

Try the Adnams shop, they have some nice things, and nice beer too. (It's another regular stop for the other impossible to buy for bloody men in my life).

ThorsMistress Thu 22-Mar-18 21:43:43

Slightly off topic but I have a keep cup and I love it grin

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