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Bloody hell! Kate’s 8m pregnant and still looks as slim as I’d love to be!

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MrsGrindah Thu 22-Mar-18 20:37:50

Photos today in skinny jeans etc... I’d need to lose stones before I’d look as good as that.I like her... just makes me feel like a huge fat lump!

Frith1975 Thu 22-Mar-18 20:44:14


PanPanPanPing Thu 22-Mar-18 20:45:34

Duchess of Cambridge, Frith!

Frith1975 Thu 22-Mar-18 20:46:21

I presume she’s not the one married to Charles?!

MrsGrindah Thu 22-Mar-18 20:47:24


PanPanPanPing Thu 22-Mar-18 20:48:01

No, she's married to Prince William - Charles's elder son.

Frith1975 Thu 22-Mar-18 20:48:09

What’s that one called? Isn’t she a Duchess?

LivLemler Thu 22-Mar-18 20:48:33

I also finished for maternity leave today. I hate her. grin

Queentitansgo Thu 22-Mar-18 20:49:17

I thought the same. Her bump is smaller than my non pregnant belly.

MrsGrindah Thu 22-Mar-18 20:49:40

Frith......where have you been?!

Frith1975 Thu 22-Mar-18 20:50:41

Not wherever they live!

HelenaDove Thu 22-Mar-18 20:50:49

She will have access to the best food and care.

PanPanPanPing Thu 22-Mar-18 20:51:19

Mind you, there was an absolute howler in the Daily Mail (sorry!) last weekend (?) with photos of various women at the Cheltenham Festival (big horse racing do) wearing real fur hats and coats. There was one photo of the Duchess of Cornwall (Prince Charles's wife) wearing a fur hat and the caption underneath stated that it was the Duchess of Cambridge!!

PanPanPanPing Thu 22-Mar-18 20:52:45

Frith. Prince Charle's wife is the Duchess of Cornwall. Prince William's wife is the Duchess of Cambridge.

LittleBearPad Thu 22-Mar-18 20:54:53

Frith is clearly living under a rock. I’m with you OP.

bassackwards Thu 22-Mar-18 20:55:32

If she's suffering from HG like she did in her previous two pregnancies that could explain her slimness and I doubt you'd wish to be in her shoes

JaneEyre70 Thu 22-Mar-18 21:00:25

She's been uber slim in both previous pregnancies but had good sized babies. It helps that she's very tall and has a long torso. She looks fab, I'm filled with envy that she can even get her feet in a pair of heels. I've not done so since 1993...... blush.

Frith1975 Thu 22-Mar-18 21:03:15

@Littlebear I was confused because the OP said she liked her. I don’t know how she knows her.

starlightmeteorite Thu 22-Mar-18 21:05:44

Her oufit was very flattering and the jacket hung so as to hide her jump. Some of the dresses she has worn recently have shown her to have a perfectly normal 8 month bump.

She looks slim as she has slim legs.

OneFineDaye Thu 22-Mar-18 21:07:14

Well this is the nicest thread about Duchess Kate i've ever seen on MN and its truly a breath of fresh air. smile

Astrid2 Thu 22-Mar-18 21:08:50

Some people are just all bump. I am 39 weeks and have only but on 5kg. Legs, arms and face still normal size. It's just luck I think, I haven't been trying!

SandyShoresMissingShoes Thu 22-Mar-18 21:12:00

I put on 1st with each pregnancy. My first weighed 7lb 7 and my 2nd 6lb 13. All full term and healthy.
You don't have to end up like a whale.

dingdongdigeridoo Thu 22-Mar-18 21:12:12

Yes the walking in heels is a miracle while pregnant. I haven’t worn anything except trainers for weeks.

HadronCollider Thu 22-Mar-18 21:25:35

Link please?

ThatItIs Thu 22-Mar-18 21:26:01

I put on 1st with each pregnancy. My first weighed 7lb 7 and my 2nd 6lb 13. All full term and healthy
You don't have to end up like a whale

hmm It not a good thing to put on too much weight when you are pregnant but it’s not unusual. I think calling people who do gain a lot 'whales' is nasty.

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