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Two vegetarian quiches

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PaperdollCartoon Thu 22-Mar-18 10:15:37

Posting here as gets much more traffic than the food board.

Need to make two different vegetarian quiches for Easter - what two should I make? Hoping to cover what be nice for the largest range of people rather than just relying on what I would choose.

Thanks in advance!

Decasanova Thu 22-Mar-18 10:18:17

onlyonaTuesday Thu 22-Mar-18 10:37:48

I would make a cheese and tomato or onion one and a pesto and roast red pepper one 😋

Hotteacoldheart Thu 22-Mar-18 10:38:59

Cheese and tom, agree.

Roasted veg with feta maybe?

NewNameADayKeepsSpiesAway Thu 22-Mar-18 10:42:08

One roast veg - so courgettes, peppers, onions, tomatoes and maybe asparagus because you can arrange that artfully on top to look pretty - with a basic cheddar custard.

And the second a smidge more adventurous, maybe butternut squash and feta with chilli.

Mmmm, I fancy quiche now.

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 22-Mar-18 10:44:58

Broccoli and blue cheese
Roast veg and pesto

PaperdollCartoon Thu 22-Mar-18 10:52:59

Some good ideas! I think probably one more plain and another more adventurous

formerbabe Thu 22-Mar-18 10:59:56

Roasted vegetables and feta

Broccoli and stilton

BitOutOfPractice Thu 22-Mar-18 11:01:45

<wants quiche>

pencilhoarder Thu 22-Mar-18 11:07:59

My DC call it egg pie and aren't that keen, so watching suggestions here with interest smile

butteriesplease Thu 22-Mar-18 11:23:16

whatever you do, don't put feta or goats cheese in. I'm veggie and hate goats cheese and feta and it's all that's bloody on offer sometimes.

anyway, roasted veg is nice, with 'normal' cheese!

SpidersWithBellsOn Thu 22-Mar-18 11:24:41

Broccoli and stilton
Sundried tomato, mozzarella and pesto
Cheesy mushroom (pre-cook shrooms before adding to custard!)

MayInStTropez Thu 22-Mar-18 11:28:02

Artichoke & Parmesan
Cheese & tomatoe
Cheese & onion

thefudgeling Thu 22-Mar-18 11:28:24

Spinach and cheese. Lush.

Lollypop27 Thu 22-Mar-18 11:29:55

Cheese and caramelised onion
Roasted veg and cheese

Good food website I think has a cauliflower cheese quiche and it’s delicious

AdaColeman Thu 22-Mar-18 11:33:59

Cheese and leek.
Cheese and asparagus.
Cheese, red pepper, tomato and olive.

Crispbutty Thu 22-Mar-18 11:35:56

Peppers olives and red onion

PinkHeart5914 Thu 22-Mar-18 11:37:17

Three cheese
Asparagus & cheese

theunsure Thu 22-Mar-18 11:40:13

Definitely mushroom for me - it is my favourite!

I had a cauliflower and brocolli cheese one recently (was a Higgidy one I think) which was yummy.

I'm also a big fan of roast veg.

DameFanny Thu 22-Mar-18 11:44:06

Roast red pepper with broccoli and blue cheese. Use yoghurt instead of cream to lighten the custard and not smother the flavours. Sprinkle of thyme and black pepper.

Now I want quiche.

bastardkitty Thu 22-Mar-18 11:46:16

I love mushroom quiche. Also caramelized red onions. Yum yum.

lostherenow Thu 22-Mar-18 12:15:07

If you use pesto just make sure its vegetarian as lots of nice shop bought pesto isn't!

Scarydinosaurs Thu 22-Mar-18 12:18:30

Delia has a lovely goats cheese recipe on her website, and you crumble goats cheese into the pastry so you have cheesey pastry too.

lostherenow Thu 22-Mar-18 12:20:10

I'm ill and I now really want someone to come and make me a home made vegetarian quiche. Please?

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