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Pope Francis Dublin

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Truthstar Wed 21-Mar-18 23:15:26

Posting here for traffic.
Anyone going?

Maybe83 Wed 21-Mar-18 23:18:38

Just discussing it with my husband. Me yes him no.

sleepyjane Wed 21-Mar-18 23:19:44

He's going to Dublin, when?

Maybe83 Wed 21-Mar-18 23:24:18

August if this year.

Contesse Wed 21-Mar-18 23:27:06

Tuam babies, abused 12 year olds having to seek abortions abroad, decades of rapist paeodophile priests? For a start. That's what he stands for.


Truthstar Wed 21-Mar-18 23:28:23

The question wasnt if you agree with the pope or the church. I asked who is going. But thanks for your input

Antigonads Wed 21-Mar-18 23:28:55

I'm not sure all that can be laid at his door.

prideofaberdeen Wed 21-Mar-18 23:35:05

AIBU not the best place to post about this, is suspect...

Contesse Wed 21-Mar-18 23:35:43

The Tim Minchin Pope song sums it up most eloquently. It's very sweary if you're easily offended though.

He heads an institution which is 'that' and imo deserves no accolade from anyone.

packofbaloobas Wed 21-Mar-18 23:36:12


RideOn Wed 21-Mar-18 23:39:53

Unfortunately I’ve committed to go away that weekend, so will miss it.

MayFayner Wed 21-Mar-18 23:42:46

So you just want a thread full of "yes" and "no" with no one giving any context for their decision? And you chose AIBU "for traffic"?

Right, ok.

No. smile

theymademejoin Wed 21-Mar-18 23:44:44

@Antigonads - given his comments about the victims of Barros in Chile, I think it's a case of "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose"

boxthefox Wed 21-Mar-18 23:51:37

My mam lives close to the Pheeno where the big open Mass will take place. We all lived there for the last fella's visit - JP2 . All our relatives from Ireland and UK bunked down in the house and it was great fun. So I heard.

They took their fold up chairs and picnic bags of food and drink to sustain them! But I didn't go, I went to Spain for two weeks with my mates instead. Age given away now.....

No I will not partake myself. I will be on holliers somewhere else. it is end of August remember. Better things to do really. And the hypocrisy of it all would make me sick too. But there is a "day out" and curiosity thing about it too, so whatever people decide is fine by me.

maras2 Wed 21-Mar-18 23:52:11

I'm going and my atheist DH is coming with me.
We saw Pope John Paul 2 in our home city in 1982.
The atmosphere was amazing.

Chocywockydodahhhhhh Wed 21-Mar-18 23:57:18

Wonder if he is going to apologise to the women who were in the Magdalen laundarys? Shouldn’t think so

Truthstar Thu 22-Mar-18 00:09:28

.maras u need to get tickets. Actual tickets 💭

boxthefox Thu 22-Mar-18 00:12:39

Tickets! for the Pheeno Mass? What fresh hell is this!

But I suppose security is paramount now, but still, tickets! Jaysis. Sorry.

Pomegranatemolasses Thu 22-Mar-18 00:19:51

I am amazed that some Irish women are supporting him, given the Catholic Church’s view on what constitutes a family.

Contesse Thu 22-Mar-18 00:27:34

I am both amazed and saddened that some people are content to ignore the mammoth historical abuse for the sake of 'ah sure a day out, be grand.'
Educate yourselves and get fucking angry.

Thespidersankles Thu 22-Mar-18 00:31:58

I agree with you 100%, Contesse. It's sickening to think of all the taxpayers' money being spent on this visit while many victims of the laundries and clerical child abuse are still waiting for damages awarded to them. Hideous hypocrisy.

OkPedro Thu 22-Mar-18 00:34:17

Brain washing at its best

Clearly those of you going to see the pope didn't feel the force of the Catholic Church

If you had you wouldn't piss on the pope if he was on fire

He is the head of the Catholic Church so yes you can lay the blame at his feet

boxthefox Thu 22-Mar-18 00:36:44

It is happening. People will go. In true Irish fashion all the ills will be forgotten for the day and great craic will be had. It is what it is.

I will not be attending anything to do with it though.

MrsRyanGosling15 Thu 22-Mar-18 00:45:28

Yes hopefully. They whole family wants to go so all 52 of us will be day tripping to Dublin. We meet Pope Benidict in the Vatican, had our marriage blessed and prayers with him. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Any idea how you can get to the mass?

DramaAlpaca Thu 22-Mar-18 00:50:00

You couldn't pay me to go, frankly.

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