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LyndaSnellsFeet Wed 21-Mar-18 09:23:15

I have got some kind of fluey virus and can barely walk to the bathroom without feeling like I'm going to keel over. My fridge has just broken (thanks fridge). My neighbour is going to buy me some groceries - what can I get to last me a couple of days which is a) good for feeling like shit and b) doesn't need to go in the fridge? Bearing in mind I haven't got a garden so I can't keep anything outside to keep cool.

My brain isn't working!

Speedy85 Wed 21-Mar-18 09:24:04

Tins of soup?

LyndaSnellsFeet Wed 21-Mar-18 09:29:32

yep I've popped in heinz tinned tomatoes
also hot cross buns

TillyVonMilly Wed 21-Mar-18 09:32:52

Beans,bread, tuna, mayo potatoes so beans on toast and jacket potato with a filling of tuna mayo
Hope you feel better soon

Seeline Wed 21-Mar-18 09:33:40

Bread for toast and jam/marmite/honey

Frozen ready meals if you're on the mend but can't be bothered to cook

LyndaSnellsFeet Wed 21-Mar-18 09:33:56

oh thank you jacket potato is a great shout

LyndaSnellsFeet Wed 21-Mar-18 09:37:29

no freezer either sadly thats also on the blink

TillyVonMilly Wed 21-Mar-18 09:41:03

Tinned rice pudding
Heinz do chilli beans in a tin, quite spicy and good in a jacket pot

LyndaSnellsFeet Wed 21-Mar-18 09:42:43

lush i love tinned rice pud

TillyVonMilly Wed 21-Mar-18 09:44:46

And tinned custard grin

TillyVonMilly Wed 21-Mar-18 09:45:09

With bananas

Speedy85 Wed 21-Mar-18 09:59:44

Uncle Ben’s rice. The flavoured ones are nice.

Sophiewofiex Wed 21-Mar-18 10:07:07

Tinned chilli con carne with rice or jacket or pasta
Tinned hot dogs and some batches.
Breads cereals
Tinned meatballs and spaghetti
Anything tinned! Get better soon x

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