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Has anyone done a 30 day squat challenge?

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upsiedayz Tue 20-Mar-18 18:39:39

Is it worth me getting off my arse to do it?

upsiedayz Wed 21-Mar-18 06:46:16

That's made my decision then grin

VeganCatLover Wed 21-Mar-18 07:00:39

No I'm interested though? Do we start small?

SnowiestMountain Wed 21-Mar-18 07:07:44

I did it! I'm certainly not any thinner of fitter for doing so but I was surprised how many I could do after a few days!

achangeisgonnacome Wed 21-Mar-18 07:11:36

I'll give it a go with you. When did you want to start?

user1471459936 Wed 21-Mar-18 07:18:28

I did and completely fucked my knees. My physio said never to do these challenges. I'm (usually) quite fit.

mouse26 Wed 21-Mar-18 07:41:15

I did, dp said my bum was definitely firmer and shapelier, but like a pp, my knees were knackered and I stopped 3 weeks in

BitchQueen90 Wed 21-Mar-18 07:54:19

Squat challenges are a waste of time. You need to be doing weighted squats to actually notice a difference. Doing squats without any weights won't make any difference. You shouldn't be doing squats every day either - if you're doing them properly you physically won't be able to as you'll be too sore. 2 or 3 times a week is recommended.

Look up what qualified trainers have to say about squat challenges, they all say what I've said here.

upsiedayz Wed 21-Mar-18 14:40:58

I have weights so could add those but yes, it'd be too much to do daily- the challenge starts on 50 and builds up to 250 a day. I really was looking for a fast track to get back the half-decent leg/bum muscles that I had pre DC. I would do high intensity but I don't have the room downstairs and would wake the DC up if I did it upstairs. Work full time so can only really do when kids asleep.

MrsJamin Wed 21-Mar-18 14:45:47

Its better to do squats with weights as part of a varied strength training programme. I as the DC to get on my back and you can really feel it! Ten squats with a ten Yr old on your back feels a lot more productive than loads without resistance!

ChardonnaysPrettySister Wed 21-Mar-18 14:46:31

250 a day?

No way.

Squats are one of those things that look easy but almost no one does them properly.

Look up Lotte Berk if you want a good bum, or Callanetics. It’s ancient but it works.

SluttyButty Wed 21-Mar-18 15:00:11

My dd is doing a weighted squat challenge. She came down complaining the other day after upping her squats. But she’s pleased with the results.

BitchQueen90 Wed 21-Mar-18 15:06:11

There is no fast track to getting decent leg/bum muscles - they're one of the hardest body parts to sculpt and take months. Doing hundreds of squats a day with little or no weight won't do anything apart from knackering you out. Heavy weights with lower reps and good form 2/3 times a week is the best way.

I'm not qualified but I've been weight training for 4 years and this is what I was told by PTs.

upsiedayz Wed 21-Mar-18 15:18:44

I was hoping that "muscle memory" was going to help me at least partly. Perhaps not. Thaks I'll check out those suggestions @chardonnays. I'm happy to do heavy weights 2/3 times a week but I (weirdly) find daily exercise is easier for me to stick to so that's why I thought of the challenge. I suppose I could do arms on the other days.

upsiedayz Wed 21-Mar-18 15:19:36

I'm all or nothing!

LemonBreeland Wed 21-Mar-18 15:21:05

I am doing a 30 day fitness challenge app. I am doing a butt one atm and it includes some squats but does other exercises too. I prefer that to hundreds of squats.

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