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MN has helped me through everything - please help me finish my degree

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NoMindsEye Mon 19-Mar-18 22:08:06

Original thread:

This dissertation was brought to you by mumsnet:

As you guys have raised to me, there's a fundamental flaw with how the lab guys put on my study. It's my own fault too; I just assumed they would randomise. I'm thick. But I've worked my arse off to get 60 responses over the weekend (I'm really hoping to get 100) and now they're all pointless, and I've had to start my study again. My supervisor said the existing data is really no good. I've worked so hard on it, and am so passionate about the subject, and I don't want to have to draw shit conclusions because of terrible methodology.

If you've signed up for the last one, it'll be easy to repeat it now with your account details. If not, it's a bit of a faff. Look at my other thread for details. Takes about 15 mins all in all.

But honestly I'm having such a nightmare of a time atm with escaping an extremely abusive relationship with my toddler DDs dad, the court cases, the debt, the anxiety etc etc that I've been trying my best not to drop out - and this is close to pushing me over the edge; I've written my letter to drop out 100 times tonight. But when I started uni I was 21 with a 5 month old and was homeless, I grew up with substance misuse issues etc etc - I've achieved so much and I know I would regret it if I dropped out with a month or so to go.

Honestly, the only reason I've detailed all this is because I'm hoping to get some Mumsnet love behind me to get me to my 100 responses so I can complete my degree and go on to build a great life for my DD. My dissertation is worth a third of my entire degree grade, so it really will make a huge difference.

Please complete my study; please bump this post - I feel like this is literally the make or break for me. I can't give up now.

PS; MNHQ - I know I've put this in chat and it shouldn't really be. But If you check you will see I am a longtime MNer since I was 20yo - the MN vipers have helped me through the shittiest times, and my dissertation was inspired by MN (see my other thread). Nevertheless, if I'm reported, please send my thread over to NFP surveys, instead of deleting. I'm just truly desperate for the traffic. This latest setback has knocked me for six.

Anybody that takes the time to reply (and especially repeat the study), just know that you are making such a big impact on my MH, and my life right now. Sorry if this whole post is ridiculously soppy! My other post is much more professional. But I'm desperate now blush

NoMindsEye Mon 19-Mar-18 22:13:06

Sorry for the random underlining! Also, please make sure you use the latest link; not the one in the old thread. I'm depending on you all thanksthanks

Ilovelearning Mon 19-Mar-18 22:33:31

Just hang in there, you're nearly finished. I'm a 2nd year and couldn't believe someone would drop out so close to finishing, but like you I have come so close to jacking it all in this week through illness and stress. I'm currently on 2 hours sleep in the last 36 hours through stress, I got more sleep when I had 2 under three's many years ago. I'll have a look at the link now and I'm sure a lot more will tomorrow. Good luck.

BringOnTheScience Mon 19-Mar-18 22:43:48

I've just gone through the Sign Up process ... now got a whole list of studies to choose from. Which one is yours please?

You WILL get there!smile

TheFullMonty Mon 19-Mar-18 22:44:53

Hi Op, I’ve made an account but it keeps taking me to a long list of experiments. Please can you walk us through how to get to yours. smile

LewisFan Mon 19-Mar-18 22:44:55

I signed up but no email yet....

Daisymay2 Mon 19-Mar-18 22:52:17

Don't give up- please. Tear up the quitting letters.
You can do it.
I'll do it again.

NoMindsEye Mon 19-Mar-18 22:53:23

Exit the page, then click onto my link and sign in again, and it should take you straight to my study.

Thanks everyone ❤️

NoMindsEye Mon 19-Mar-18 22:55:40

Also, good luck learning. We've got this thanks

whereiscaroline Mon 19-Mar-18 23:00:46

I'm trying to do it but it just takes me back to the main page with all the studies. If you let me know which one is yours then I'll do it before I go to sleep...

CecilyBlue Mon 19-Mar-18 23:02:17

I've created an account but when I exit and click on the link again and sign in, it doesn't take me to your study, it still has a drop down list to choose from.

NoMindsEye Mon 19-Mar-18 23:02:50

Mine is called memory and imagery, but if you exit out of the browser and click back on my main link, it should take you straight there. That's what I've been telling my colleagues to do, and it's been working AFAIK.

Daisymay2 Mon 19-Mar-18 23:03:38

Sorry but the link just takes us to a listof studies and I cant identify yours. What is it called?

NoMindsEye Mon 19-Mar-18 23:06:28

Try and do the above. I know it's faffy. I do appreciate it so much thanks

Mumtothenipper Mon 19-Mar-18 23:07:11

I'm trying to do this. Have relogged in a couple of times but still seeing the long list of studies... which study is yours?

Mumtothenipper Mon 19-Mar-18 23:08:45

Ok, cross post. I've found it, I'm going in!

whereiscaroline Mon 19-Mar-18 23:17:28

All done. I enjoyed it! Good luck OP.

Rollerbird Mon 19-Mar-18 23:19:52

The video wont play (on my phone)

Mumtothenipper Mon 19-Mar-18 23:20:11

All done. Hope it helps. Interesting questions. Found myself wondering about your theories. Good luck. Will look out for an update. :-)

TonicClonicAndTheWaves Mon 19-Mar-18 23:24:21

Done - v interesting questions, would love to hear your conclusions!

LewisFan Mon 19-Mar-18 23:24:22

Aha, done it. I enjoyed that grin

NoMindsEye Mon 19-Mar-18 23:26:16

Ah! I'm so happy!

Thank you SO much!

NoMindsEye Mon 19-Mar-18 23:27:23

Sorry yes, only possible on a computer. Maybe I should have c&p'd my original post. So annoying. If you could go straight in without logging in, on a phone, I reckon I could get my 100 in no time. Unfortunately it's more tricky sad

LewisFan Mon 19-Mar-18 23:32:27

I did mine on phone (android) - it worked fine, so do give it a go....

NoMindsEye Mon 19-Mar-18 23:36:30

9 so far! In an hour! You guys are amazing. Feeling so much more positive already.

Get ready for loads more shameless bumps over the next few days blushsmile

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