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UK snacks for US visit

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Mbear Mon 19-Mar-18 20:32:50

I’ll see if this makes sense... DM has an American friend, she and her family spent a good 6-8 years in this country (about 25 yrs ago) before going back to the states. My DM and DS are going over this summer to visit and wanted to send some British snacks for the friends DD and her DC. They are familiar with some as the friend takes stuff back when she visits here.
On the requested list are flakes, hula hoops, skips, double deckers. I’m trying to think of other things to add but am getting stuck on whether they have a US version already - hob nobs, ritz crackers etc. Please can you add to my shopping list!

Fekko Mon 19-Mar-18 20:34:28

I usually get asked for Mars, topic and marathon bars, jazzies and specific flavoured crisps. Marmite rice cakes (neigh).

Mbear Mon 19-Mar-18 20:41:02

Oooooo jazzies is a good one - I hadn’t thought of them and I love them! Thanks!

Chienrouge Mon 19-Mar-18 20:42:12

What’s a Jazzie?! I feel like I’m missing out on a treat!
Apologies I have nothing useful to add blush

Pastaagain78 Mon 19-Mar-18 20:42:43


Fekko Mon 19-Mar-18 20:42:51

Chocolate drop with 00s and 000s on top.

Chienrouge Mon 19-Mar-18 20:43:32

Ah ok, I didn’t know that’s what they were called.
I don’t like them!

CherieBabySpliffUp Mon 19-Mar-18 20:43:39

Jazzies are chocolate buttons with hundreds and thousands

lljkk Mon 19-Mar-18 20:44:23

Jaffa cakes. Never heard of them b4 came to UK.

WooWooWitchetyWoo Mon 19-Mar-18 20:44:51

They have jazzies but they don't call them that I don't think.

Dairy milk always used to be the thing but maybe not now it's changed.

Laska5772 Mon 19-Mar-18 20:44:51

Kit Kats (of course)
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles
Polo mints

Chienrouge Mon 19-Mar-18 20:45:19

Second Jaffa cakes.

Laska5772 Mon 19-Mar-18 20:45:20

Jelly babies!!

ValeEden Mon 19-Mar-18 20:45:51

Digestive biscuits. As far as I know they are not available over there.
Liquorice allsorts too.

Mbear Mon 19-Mar-18 20:45:57

You don’t like jazzies? So, so wrong!

Frazzles it good and now I’m thinking monster munch as well grin

WooWooWitchetyWoo Mon 19-Mar-18 20:46:05

I did know one family who went doolally when they discovered the delight of cheese and onion Ringos, but that's very specific!

Laska5772 Mon 19-Mar-18 20:46:22

Cadburys creme eggs
Mint Aero

Mbear Mon 19-Mar-18 20:48:22

Digestives - I wondered if they were too similar to Graham crackers? Jaffa cakes and kit kats added to the list thank you.

I wondered about the change in taste of dairy milk, but def not taking the bars of dairy milk just flakes and the double deckers I think it should be ok.

PeterRabbitEatingHisCarrot Mon 19-Mar-18 20:48:36

Jaffa cakes, Discos crisps, pink wafers, custard creams, Tunnocks tea cakes, Freddos, curly whirlys, jelly tots.

Mbear Mon 19-Mar-18 20:50:21

I know one of them loves walkers salt and vinegar, so c+o ringos not so far fetched. Mint aero is a good one, not thunder struck on creme eggs - but maybe cos I’m not so keen on them. Will think on them.

Mbear Mon 19-Mar-18 20:51:00

Can you still get disco crisps? Haven’t seen them in years!

AdventureBegins Mon 19-Mar-18 20:52:36

I get asked for
Wispa Gold
Walkers Crisps -cheese and onion
Jaffa Cakes

and I always ask them to bring Peanut Butter M&Ms

Mynxie Mon 19-Mar-18 20:54:14

My American nephews always ask for wine gums, jelly babies, flakes and double deckers. What is it about the flakes and double deckers that make them so popular over there I wonder?

BuffyFan Mon 19-Mar-18 20:54:33

When we lived abroad the requests we're always for Cadbury chocolate (particularly wispas), marmite, monster munch, custard creams and bourbons, dolly mixtures, and (this one's my mother's) primula cheese spread in a tubehmm

Chrys2017 Mon 19-Mar-18 20:54:59

They have Ritz crackers, Dairy Milk, liquorice allsorts, Cadbury's creme eggs, digestive biscuits (a.k.a. graham crackers) and pink wafers in the US.

They don't have Daim bars, liquorice toffees, pork scratchings, cheese and onion crisps or Hob Nobs.

If your friends were here 25 years ago they might even have fond recollections of real butterscotch. Callard and Bowser doesn't exist any more, but a company called Champion and Reeves has apparently acquired the original recipe.

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