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Would you be embarrassed if it was you I'd spotted?

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Singingtherapy Mon 19-Mar-18 18:07:26

I was in a town roughly 6 miles from home today, picking up a dress which I'd had shortened. The shop was next door to a cafe so I thought I'd go and grab a coffee before picking up the dress. As soon as I walked in I saw someone I know fairly well but not a close friend, on her own and being served a huge all day breakfast of egg, bacon, sausage, beans, toast and chips. She called me over and we chatted for a bit. But later I started thinking about it and hoping she didn't feel 'caught out'. How would you feel? I'm interested to know if it's just my insecurity (I'm a bit fat). I would actually die inside being spotted sitting alone eating that.

LadyTesticlee Mon 19-Mar-18 18:09:13

wtf....not at all.

i think you have serious issues around food. try therapy.

formerbabe Mon 19-Mar-18 18:09:14

You are being ridiculous!

Wolfiefan Mon 19-Mar-18 18:09:25

I might be annoyed you'd stopped me tucking in and spoilt my quiet treat. Embarrassed? For being seen eating? No.

AnotherEmma Mon 19-Mar-18 18:09:25

Nope wouldn’t be embarrassed. I might laugh about and say ha, you caught me pigging out! But nope no shame in eating out alone.

You're projecting I think.

LadyTesticlee Mon 19-Mar-18 18:10:03

die inside being spotted eating a big plate alone? are you anorexic? this is really odd.

C0untDucku1a Mon 19-Mar-18 18:10:33

SHE was i a cafe eating her breakfast. Why is that something to be embarrassed about?

Nicknacky Mon 19-Mar-18 18:10:57

This is a total non issue. I wouldn’t feel like I had been “caught” at all. She’s eating. That’s all.

It’s clearly an issue for you if you feel like you would “die” to be seen eating that, but that’s not a normal reaction.

C0untDucku1a Mon 19-Mar-18 18:11:02

Ive been out for tapas alone. I wonder if people were warching me judging me for eating?

AmethystRaven Mon 19-Mar-18 18:11:12

If she called you over I guess she was ok with it?

Fekko Mon 19-Mar-18 18:11:15

Only if she was a friend from weight watchers!

Agustarella Mon 19-Mar-18 18:11:44

No, even when I was fat (especially when I was fat!) I wouldn't have cared.

SparklyMagpie Mon 19-Mar-18 18:12:20

I'd be more concerned she'd ask for a plate to share,but then I'm a mean bitch who never wants to share my food

Know what I'm currently craving right about now

AfterSchoolWorry Mon 19-Mar-18 18:12:28



ChodeofChodeHall Mon 19-Mar-18 18:12:47

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

PuppyMonkey Mon 19-Mar-18 18:13:56

How could she have felt caught out when SHE called YOU over? confused

If it had been me, I would have probably hidden as I hate seeing people I know in public places like cafes and buses etc. Not because I’d feel caught out but because I’m an antisocial old twit. grin

Singingtherapy Mon 19-Mar-18 18:14:22

Good. I'm genuinely interested. Yes I do have a history of anorexia and bulimia which I've worked hard at overcoming. My issues obviously cloud my judgement of what's normal.

ChodeofChodeHall Mon 19-Mar-18 18:15:30

Oh. Sorry for laughing at you.

WhyBeDennyDifferent Mon 19-Mar-18 18:15:41

No I wouldn’t be embarrassed at all.

SadieHH Mon 19-Mar-18 18:16:04

I would have felt caught out but I’m very overweight and very conscious of it and hate eating with people. But I’m pretty sure that someone without my hangups wouldn’t have given a toss.

WhyBeDennyDifferent Mon 19-Mar-18 18:16:17

I tell you what though, I wouldn’t be calling you over to chat while I’m eating unless I was very comfortable with you. I hate eating in front of people.

Wolfiefan Mon 19-Mar-18 18:17:17

I think it has here. You see her consuming so many calories as something she should feel guilty about and ashamed of.
It wouldn't be healthy to do this every day. I sometimes do it as a brunch. I couldn't eat a full breakfast and then a massive lunch!

overnightangel Mon 19-Mar-18 18:20:39

There’s a lot of nonsense posted on here but feeling the need to post about someone enjoying their breakfast is bonkers. Seriously.

Thisnamechanger Mon 19-Mar-18 18:22:07

I hate this idea women aren't supposed to enjoy a hearty meal, it's depressing sad

I'm pretty sure no one sees a man tucking in and thinks he ought to be ashamed of himself.

LadyTesticlee Mon 19-Mar-18 18:25:21

if it was a man itd be oh yeah manly portion good appetite man's man worked hard built an appetite.
but women or girls? must appear to exist on thin air or eat like bird. fuck that.

it's so illogical op thats why i thought it must be eating disorder/ mental illness thinking. sounds like the old demons are still lurking. hope you continue to deal better.

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